Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hey Junkies!!!


13 state finals in one evening is enough to drive any Junkie a little insane - but seeing awesome photos of 'shock and awe' like this one, always 'lighten the load' :) 

In case you're new here (and by the growing amount of followers on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, there are a number of you who just might be new here!) - This is where we predict winners, answer questions, honor outgoing queens, and essentially 'indulge' in the Miss America Junkie Addiction.  The blog allows us to expand our thoughts and offer positive commentary to the young women competing in the Miss America organization beyond cute photos and 140 characters.  However, this blog also keeps us accountable!  Our posts labeled "UPDATE" (see the full list of posts to the right)  are the summaries of The Junkies' choices verses the actual winners...

So without further adeiu... And all announced in random order (but of course...)... Here are our results from last night's 13 state competitions!!!

Miss Wisconsin - 4 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Florida - 4 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Indiana - 3 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss North Carolina - 4 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Ohio - 3 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Arkansas - 4 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Tennessee - 4 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Colorado - 4 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Georgia - 3 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Utah - 2 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Arizona - 3 for 5, missed the Winner
Miss South Dakota - 4 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Maine - Junkies listed all 5 competitors - N/A to this summary 

In addition - Junkies posted last weeks' "UPDATE" prior to the results of Miss DC - So, to keep us honest, we need to give you those results as well...

Miss DC - 3 for 5, listed the Winner
OK - So... Wowzers.  Where to Begin... Well, it looks like we went 12 for 13 listing the winners (missed AZ) - and when you tally all the numbers and consider there were 65 possible placements (13 pageants x Top 5 finishes) - we went 45 of 65!!!  Percentage-wise, that makes us 92% on picking last night's winners and 70% on picking the Top 5!!!  Awesome Night!!! :)

AND - When you add in the last 2 week's worth of totals (which you can check out at this link for Summary #1 and at this link for Summary #2) - Our GRAND TOTAL thus far is...

30 for 35 when picking the winner = 86%
120 for 173 when picking the Top 5 = 69%

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!!!  This was a "pretty darn good" weekend for us - but we certainly can't rest on our laurels... We still have 3 more weekends to go for State Pageant Season - and 16 more ladies to crown before it's all over!  Now's the time to remain steady, keep calm and double-down on our research efforts for next week!

Don't forget, Miss West Virginia is crowned this coming TUESDAY and then we'll have final results from VA, CA, PR, OR, NM, LA, SC, CT, MD and MA next weekend!!!

Until Then - We'll keep blogging... You keep reading... And here's a thought...

Do you realize we're only 12 WEEKS AWAY from crowning a new MISS AMERICA???!!!

Look Out Junkies!  The Crazy-Train just left the station - LOL!!! :)



  1. You went 4 for 5 in Wisconsin. Tara McFarland was 2nd runner up and you did not have her listed on your Wisconsin blig.

  2. Hi Gabrielle - Whoops! You're right - Wrong Tara listed for WI! We'll get it corrected - like we always say, We're not Perfect! :)

  3. Hey, none of us are! You had a lot of states that weekend!