Monday, June 16, 2014


A lot of state queens "live their platform"... but few of them have the story that Johna Edmonds, Miss North Carolina 2013 has...

When she was seven years old, Johna had to admit she couldn't read.  Up through the 2nd grade she simply relied on photographs inside of books to explain the story to her.  Once she admitted she couldn't read, she was teased by her classmates and embarrassed because her own mother was a 5th grade teacher.  But that experience fueled her inner-fire - and even at a young age she refused to be labeled as someone who was illiterate.  Once she learned to read, she discovered she had what she calls an "insatiable love" of books, learning and reading.  Years later, she established the "Readers to Leaders" initiative which became the foundation for her platform today.  And as Miss North Carolina, Johna spoke to countless schools across the state - and was even named a finalist for the Quality of Life award at Miss America due to the dedication of her platform. 

Obviously, Johna's biggest challenge has now become her greatest joy!  She recently accepted a position on the Board of Directors for "Communities in Schools" - a non-profit organization in North Carolina dedicated to encouraging and empowering kids to stay in school.  After finishing her reign, Johna plans to put her Accounting Degree from North Carolina State University to good use at Ernst & Young.  We know Johna's story is just beginning - and Junkies wish her all the best! :)

And now - let's talk about Miss North Carolina 2014!

In case you don't know, Junkies have a serious fondness for Miss NC... and we take waaaayyyy more time than usual when researching their contestants.  But it's easy to do - WHEN YOU HAVE VIDEOS!!!  Yes - Miss NC hosts a "viewer's choice" contest alongside Time-Warner Cable and each contestant currently has a video that you can view too!  Just click this link and you'll be directed to the Miss NC Viewer's Choice page!


OK - When it comes to the competition it is anyone's game this year!  Three OT's are competing, 2 girls are back from the Top 5 and 4 more have been in the top 10 in either '12 or '13.  That usually means points go 'all over the place' --- and it should be a tight competition!  Consistency will be key... After doing our regular research AND watching videos AND googling nearly every contestant in this year's competition - We've narrowed it down to this list...

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Beth Stovall - Top 11 '13
Brianna Hester - 4th runner up '13,  NC OT '07
TyNia Brandon - 3rd runner up '13
Kensely Leonard - Top 10 '12, great video
Victoria Huggins - Top 10 '13
Maddisson Sheppard - Top 10 '12
Kayla Hollingsworth - NC OT '10
McKenzie Faggart - NC OT '12
Cheslie Kryst - Well spoken, law student, former athlete at Univ. of South CarolinaMolly McKinney - Junkie Dark Horse



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