Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I'm sorry... but how can you NOT love Rebecca Yeh???

Especially - when you read this article from the Brainerd Dispatch.com...

"Miss Minnesota Rebecca Yeh — working on about 2 1/2 hours of sleep when she woke up Monday morning — was still on cloud nine when thinking about her experience with the Miss America pageant.  Yeh, 20, the daughter of Tim and Kathy Yeh of Nisswa, Sunday was named the fourth runner-up in the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City, N.J.
          “I am ready to come home,” Yeh said in a telephone interview with the Dispatch as she waited for her flight at the airport. Yeh said the pageant was exciting and when it was done no one could sleep. She went to bed at 5 a.m. Monday and woke up at 7:30 a.m. She had to wake up to pack all of her personal belongings and get ready to fly back home.
          “It was an amazing experience and I am so fortunate to have made it that far. I couldn’t have done anything better. I did my best with everything I was in control of.”

Seriously.  Staying up with your fellow contestants that long after the most draining 2 weeks of your life?  And to be able to say you're completely fine with the outcome after only 2 1/2 hours of sleep?  I'm pretty sure I might've started spontaneously crying from exhaustion shortly just after saying 'hello'!

Everyone could see how beautiful Becca is... and once you heard her outstanding talent, you could easily see why she was given the Preliminary Talent award for her night!  Real Junkies know the significance of Becca's journey... it was nearly a mirror image of another famous Miss MN!  In fact, 25 years earlier, Gretchen Carlson was named a Preliminary Talent winner for playing the violin as well!  Fans of Miss Minnesota hoped Becca would be following in the same footsteps as Miss America 1989 - and she came oh so close... In fact, Becca was the first Miss Minnesota to even make the Top 15 since Gretchen did in '89.  We say, BRAVO!!! :)

PS - The Junkies were at the special Miss America luncheon where Gretchen Carlson was honored for her 25th anniversary... AND SHE WORE HER EVENING GOWN!!!  It was AMAZING to see her in that fabulous Stephen Yearick gown TWENTY-FIVE YEARS LATER!!!!   Super-Duper Impressive to say the least (click on the photo to see it larger!) :)

And now - Who will follow in Rebecca Yeh's footsteps???  There is a considerable amount of interest and excitement in this year's Miss Minnesota pageant... Mainly because of the amount of veterans returning to the stage and the strength of this year's contestants!  However - we're also excited because...


We Can't Wait to see prelims on Thursday night, attend the Gala on Friday night, and witness the crowning on Saturday night!!!  The Junkies have already been welcomed with open arms by the Miss Minnesota team and we're SO EXCITED to meet you all in person!!!  YAY!!! :)

Obviously, our picks can all change once we arrive - but because we look at every state "on paper" first, we gotta do the same thing for you! :)  Here we go!!!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Chantal Wilson - MN OT 07
Savannah Cole - 1st runner up '13, Prelim Talent '13
Lauren Johnson - 1st runner up '11, 3rd runner up '10, 4th runner up '13
Emily Kallis - 3rd runner up '13
Kate Wilson - 3rd runner up ND USA, competitor at ND
Kayla Brown - ice skater - Disney on Ice performer, Top 10 '13
Bailey Wachholz - MN OT '12
Rachel Latuff - Junkie Dark Horse



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  1. I noticed usually you put who you think is going to win first in the order and on, I agree with your list except I would replace miss st paul Rachel with miss Minneapolis Julia s. I think she will be a miss for you. She has the look and I think talented, good personality. I do see Rachel possibly taking a prelim fitness award, if this happens I see her doing a lot better. Top 5 for me is chantel, bailey, Lauren, Savannah, and Emily, alternate Kayla Brown. I could see the first four taking the crown. I think Lauren will take it this year though. You picked a great year to come etc because this is the first time in years I dont really see a front runner. Prelims will reveal A LOT!!!