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Five times...

That's how many time Miss Texas 2013, Ivana Hall competed before winning the Miss Texas crown... But what's even more amazing - is that as far as we can tell - Ivana NEVER ONCE won an award during her first 4 trips to Miss Texas!  Never a runner up, never in the Top 15, never a preliminary award, never a non-finalist award...  Zip - Zilch - Nada!  But she didn't quit.  And you can tell - LOTS of people were shocked (including Ivana and several contestants on stage behind her) when she was named Miss Texas 2013 (love this photo - just click on it to see a larger version!).

And not only did Ivana win Miss Texas after not winning any awards in her previous 4 attempts, she then goes on to finish in the Top 10 at Miss America!  No doubt she had a stellar interview and we know she looked amazing on stage - Talk about "peaking" at the right time!!! :)

But Ivana's journey isn't just about her years of competition... At the age of 10, Ivana's uncle was diagnosed with AIDS.  After watching him battle and eventually losing him to the disease, Ivana decided her platform would be HIV/AIDS: Education and Resources.  Her uncle lived with the disease for 22 years before sucombing to it when she was only 17.  And as Ivana states in an article from, finding something that fits your passion at the age of 17, is a good thing. :)

          "Since you first started working with the HIV/AIDS cause, is it possible to articulate the changes it has made in you? Oh, there has been so much change in me.  I’m not the same girl as I was starting out as a 17-year-old. I have always been a very opinionated person, even for my age, but I stand firmer on my beliefs now. I don’t question myself any more. My maturity level I think is much higher than a regular 23-year-old. To be able to give myself emotionally to others is another thing. I have always thought it’s important to be a compassionate person, and no matter where I go in life, I have to keep that intact. I think that is my most important attribute."


Without question - big things are in store for Ivana Hall... Regardless of how many times she attempts to do something - We know if she wants it, she'll get it!  :)

Now - before we get to this year's predictions, we'd like to hijack this post for a little "Junkies in Training Moment"...  

Something to remember... Since 1972, Miss Texas has only missed the cut at Miss America 10 times!  Yes, you read that correctly - over the past 42 years - FOR MORE THAN 4 DECADES - Miss Texas has been named a semi-finalist 76% of the time at Miss America!!!  Do yourselves a favor and ALWAYS list TX on your top 15 list come September... :)  Got it?  Cool... This Junkies in Training moment has been brought to you by people who have way too much time on their hands... Thank God we do have a life outside of pageants. :)

OK - Now - Speaking of competition... last year, we didn't list Ivana Hall on our "Here's Who to Watch" list - but obviously, that didn't stop her from winning the title!  And truth be known, I wouldn't put it past a dark horse to come out of nowhere and win the title again!  There are 52 girls in this year's Miss Texas pageant - and this is going to be one tough competition...

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Christine Tang - 1st runner up '13, Prelim SS and Talent '13, 4th runner up '12
Callie Thompson - 4th runner up 13, Top 10 '12, TX OT '07
Katherine Dunn - 4th runner up TX USA '11 4th runner up '09
Morgan Fuller - Top 15 '13,  Prelim Talent and Alpha Talent
Madison Fuller - TX OT '10 (yup! they're sisters!)
Monique Evans - Prelim SS '13, Top 15 '12, Top 10 '11
Ameera Swaidan - Top 10 '13, Prelim SS '12
Christa Widjaja - Top 15 in '13, 2nd runner up TX OT '11
Elise Martinez - Top 10 in '12
Brittney Bennett - Top 15 in '12
Keli Kryfko - Getting lots of press for losing 100 pounds including GMA 

Others to Watch:
Isis Smalls - Younger sister of Miss IL Jade Smalls, 1st runner up to Miss America 2000, Heather French
Logan McCormick - Strong local prep team behind her - beautiful girl
Destiny Velez - 2nd RU TX OT '09, drums for talent!
Laryssa Bonacquisti - 3rd runner up TX OT '12, Int Cinderella Teen '13

Another Big Round of Applause for all the "Texas Junkies" who sent us your inside scoop - including our Junkie Research King!  Life is good when there's a King in  your corner!!! :)



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