Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Miss Virginia 2013, Desiree Williams has a bit of an unusual beginning to her pageant career... After doing some research on her pageant background, we had to laugh... and share what we discovered!

When Desiree toured Hampton University as a high school senior, she happened to see the Miss Hampton pageant.  At that point, she told her mother and her grandmother that if she were to attend Hampton, one day she would be Miss Hampton University.  Four years later, she gave it a shot.... and won!  That night, she said she called her mom and told her, "I WON!"  Her mom's reply was... "Won what?" LOL!

Miss Hampton wasn't the only thing Desiree won... She was named the first runner up to Miss Virginia in 2012 and then traveled to fabulous Hoopeston, Illinois for the National Sweetheart Pageant (If you haven't heard of Miss Sweetheart - check it out at this link here - Junkies LOVE Sweetheart!)... That's when Desi "won" again and was named Miss National Sweetheart 2012!  She then won another local, went back to Miss Virginia and won the title of Miss VA 2013.

***Junkie Trivia Time!  Who was the last Miss Sweetheart winner to go back and win her own state title?  Erica Gelhaus - Ohio, way back in '07! :)

And even though Desiree didn't win the title of Miss America, she ABSOLUTELY won the MAJ award for BEST LEGS during the Show Us Your Shoes Parade in Atlantic City!  OH BABY - Check out those LEGS!!!  NO CONTEST!!!  WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! :)

All the best to Desi as she finishes grad school debt free, thanks to her time in the Miss America program. :)

Miss Virginia 2014 is shaping up to be quite an interesting contest!  Most people think it's going to come down to the top 2 girls on our list... but don't be surprised if another name or 2 sneak in there!  This is one contest we're going to be watching closely - Anything can happen!

Oh - and if you love photos of pageant week, BOY ARE YOU IN LUCK!!!  Virginia has one of the best volunteers/supporters of Miss America in Julius Tolentino - and his photos are fabulous!  There's already several albums available including photos of the ladies in their evening gowns and their swimsuits!  You can see them at this link here!

Now - here we go! :)

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Victoria Maiden - 3rd RU '13, Prelim SS, 2nd RU '12, 4th RU at Miss Sweetheart
Courtney Garrett - 2nd RU '13, Prelim Talent, 1st RU '11, VA OT '09, Top 10 at Nationals
Addison Walker - DYW of VA '11
Savannah Lane - 4th RU '13, 1st RU VA OT '12
Delesia Watson - Miss VA NAM '09, Top 12 VA USA '11, NY contestant '13
Sara Grace Fitzsimmons - Top 10 '13
Haylee Hunt - radiates 'spunk' in her photos
Elizabeth Martin - great presence



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