Monday, June 9, 2014


So - in nearly every one of these blogs, we take the time to tell you about "Miss State" and give you all the reasons why we think she's so lovely/fabulous/awesome.  But it's a heck of a lot more fun to find someone who's written a 'little ditty' about Miss State - and let them tell you about her instead!

Enter Charissa Lauren and her "Monday Muse" blog... as she talks about Miss Pennsylvania 2013, Annie Rosellini...

          "When meeting Annie, you are immediately graced with her contagious personality. Annie is one of those girls that holds an inner light and shines the moment she speaks to anyone! With a smile that sticks with you and an even bigger heart, Annie has represented our state these last few months with the utmost charm and grace."

WOWZERS!  If you're trying to win your state pageant, may we kindly suggest memorizing that paragraph?  What a ringing endorsement!  If you wanna be Miss America, that's the kind of impression you should have on each and every person you meet! :)

Annie could've easily become someone less than the delightful description above... Just before her High School graduation, she lost her father to heart disease.  But instead of getting lost in the pain, she decided to make it her mission to tell others about the dangers of heart disease.  Annie traveled the state as Miss Pennsylvania, talking to children and adults about ways to keep your heart healthy allowing you to 'stick around' longer for the ones you love.

Kudos Annie!  Junkies think you're lovely/fabulous/awesome. :)

Who could possibly fill Annie's shoes in 2014?  GOOD QUESTION!  Pennsylvania is LOADED with potential this year - lots of experience - and this level of competition means PA could be a player in the near future!  Pay Attention!  Anyone can win this thing!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Caroline Collins - 2nd runner up '13, 1st runner up PA OT '10, NAM PA Teen '10
Kaitlynne Kline - PA OT '11
Jocelyn Gruber - PA OT '09
Cassie Cerulli - Top 11 '13 and '12, 2nd runner up PA OT '10
Holly Harrar - Top 15 PA Teen USA '11 and '12, NAM PA Jr. Teen '08
Alex Taylor-Dietz - Top 11 '13, 1st runner up PA Teen USA '12, '13 and '14
Jessica McCullough - OT and State competitor at TN, 1st time at PA
Laura Traub - Top 11 '13
Francesca Rusio - Top 11 '13
Melessie Clark - Non-finalist Talent and Interview '13, Prelim Talent '13
Bryn Harvey - Prelim Talent '10 and '11, Top 10 '11




  1. Jocelyn Gruber was MPOT in 2010 not 2009... I was there! She is one of my really good friends! :)

  2. Oh and she was also Top 10 at the Miss America Outstanding Teen! :)