Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Amy Crain celebrated her birthday on the same day as the Miss America finals... That's quite a journey from the road she was on in High School...

Amy was bullied.  Badly.  What started as online messages, escalated into threatening voice mails, then verbal confrontations and finally, Amy was beaten in a physical attack.  Ultimately, she and her family chose to move and Amy attended a different high school which allowed her to have a 'normal' Senior year.

Naturally, Amy's platform centers around bullying awareness and prevention.  In fact, she created a "Bullying Awareness Week" in Northwest and Central Arkansas and has shared her message with hundreds of students in every corner of the state.  If Amy's family would've known their daughter would be competing on the Miss America stage on her birthday - and that she'd be selected as a Top 15 finalist - I'm certain it would've made her bullying days easier... But that's not how life works.  And because Amy has known 'ugly days', we know that her 'happy days' like those at Miss America, are that much sweeter now.  Kudos for 'going through' the mess Amy... And for using your experience to help others. :)

And now - The state of Arkansas gives out A LOT of awards at their pageant... Which is fabulous - but it really forces us to do our homework!  Nearly EVERY GIRL competing has won something if they've ever been to Miss AR before.  Therefore, we've done our best - but because only 1 of the Top 5 is back this year, this one could go A LOT of different ways...

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Lauren Howell - 4th runner up '13 - overall SS winner '13, Top 15 and Prelim SS '12
Mary Lacy Thompson - Prelim Talent and Top 15 '12
Abby Lindsey - 2nd runner up '13 - overall interview award '13, Alpha Talent '12
Klancy Johnson - Top 10 '13, Prelim SS '13
Jennifer Ulloa - Top 10 '13 - Newcomer Award
Riley Snell - Top 10 '13 - Newcomer Award
Kendreka Myles - Overall Alpha Talent Winner '13
Mackenzie Moore - 2nd runner up  OT '08, Overall Talent Winner,
Bailey Moses - 1st runner up OT '11, Overall Talent Winner
Ashton Campbell - AR OT '11

Also Keep and Eye On:
Samantha Hudon - Top 15 '13
Elle Johnson - 1st runner up  AR OT '12
Ashley Walthall - Prelim Talent '11, Top 15 '12



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