Monday, June 16, 2014


Myrrhanda Jones might be the Miss America 'feel good' story of the decade...

The Junkies were first hand witnesses to the entire ordeal... We were in Atlantic City when Myrrhanda slipped and fell during her talent rehearsal, tearing her ACL and partially tearing her MCL... We spoke with "Fans of Myrrhanda" (hereby known as FOM to protect the innocent) who were staying on the same hotel floor as The Junkies right after it happened... We told you about her injury in our blogpost regarding our Thursday night preliminary picks... WE STILL PICKED HER on the list because after talking to FOM, we could tell she was tough as nails... AND - we were there when she performed and won the Prelim Talent award on Thursday night.

In all my years of pageanting, I have never, and I mean NEVER seen anything like that before!  The word 'impressive' doesn't begin to cover it!  The girl performed on the Miss America stage with an injury that forces professional athletes to the sidelines!  It's remarkable that she was able to make an appearance at all - let alone handle her routine, catch all her throws - and ultimately win the Preliminary Talent award!

Then, on the final final night, with a rhinestone-studded knee brace and newly discovered wardrobe of flats, Myrrhanda earned a spot in the Top 5 - returning to Florida with a 3rd runner up finish and scheduling surgery on her knee.  In true 'tough as nails' fashion, Myrrhanda was able to rehab her knee enough to enjoy Nina's homecoming celebration in New York slightly more than a month after her surgery.  If that doesn't tell you all you need to know about Myrrhanda, you're crazy!

And speaking of crazy - if there was any way we could be at Miss Florida this weekend, we'd make it happen in a heartbeat!  Why?  The competition is FIERCE and it should be an amazing show!  Seriously - Myrrhanda has raised the bar and Florida could have a Miss America on their hands in the next year or two... Who will it be???

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Kalen Dennis - 1st runner up '13 and '11, 2nd runner up '12 ~ and just for some perspective - here's FL's track record at Miss America during that time:
      - Miss FL '11 - Christina Janolo, Top 12
      - Miss FL '12 - Laura McKeeman, Top 15
      - Miss FL '13 - Myrrhanda Jones, 3rd runner up
Elizabeth Fechtel - FL OT '12 - National Winner MAOT '12
Brittany Wardell - 2nd runner up '09, top 10 '10
Chloe Lupo - 3rd runner up '13, and Prelim INT, 4th runner up '12 and Prelim SS
Victoria Williams - Top 10 '13 and '12, prelim SS in '12
April Zinober - Top 10 in TX '12 and '13, law student at FSU
Kelsey Beck - Top 10 MASS '13, Harvard Graduate, Mom was Miss FL

Brittany Johnson - Top 11 in '13
Alison Martin - Top 15 in '12 and '13
Victoria Cowen - Top 15 in '13, newcomer award '13
Megan Cromwell - Top 15 '13, Prelim Talent
Kalli Kearney - Top 15 '12, Non-Finalst Talent '11

HUGE PROPS to our Junkie Research King for all of his assistance - If you live in the state of Florida, GET TO ST. PETE'S THIS WEEKEND and enjoy the show!!!



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