Sunday, June 15, 2014

MAJ Update #2

Whooooooo Hoooooooooo!  Welcome to our second Junkie wrap-up post of the year!

Because we just finished a FABULOUS weekend at Miss Minnesota, we'd be remiss if we didn't give you a bit of insight into our weekend!  In short, it was AWESOME!  Besides witnessing the crowning of Miss Minnesota 2014 Savannah Cole (see above and below), we greatly enjoyed the hospitality and graciousness of the MN executive team as well as all of our new friends who "discovered us" during our time at the Pageant :)

It's always interesting to visit different state pageants across the county... You can get a feel for the organization itself based on the leadership team and the kind of girls who are attracted to the competition.  When it comes to Miss Minnesota - we loved the fact that it felt so authentic.  Every single person we spoke with was extremely down-to earth, very genuine and completely 'at ease' with themselves.  They're truly interested in guiding and mentoring young ladies to become the best they can be - and you don't get an 'air of pretentiousness' whatsoever.

And in case you missed it on our Facebook page - we HAD TO POST this photo of Patricia Cummings, Miss MN 1944!  YES - Ms. Cummings celebrated her 70th Anniversary of being named Miss Minnesota this week!!!  SEVENTY YEARS!!!  What an honor to be in the room when she walked in... You can tell why she won the title - she's tall, stately and still has a 'presence' about her.  Such an incredible moment to witness!!!

And of course, Miss Minnesota 2013 Rebecca Yeh was outstanding - exceptionally talented and super kind.  In short, she lived up to every expectation we have of state titleholders and is impressive to the core.

So here's to you Miss Minnesota!  Thank you for rolling out the red carpet and giving The Junkies a weekend worth celebrating!  We'll never forget it! :)

AND NOW - It's time to tabulate the results from last night!  If you missed our last post, you can check out where we currently stand by visiting this link... But - how well did The Junkies predict last night's winners???  Here's the breakdown... in no particular order... :)

Miss Minnesota - 5 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Illinois - 2 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Rhode Island - 2 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Montana - 4 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Delaware - 3 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss New Jersey - 3 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Michigan - 2 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss Pennsylvania - 3 for 5, missed the Winner
Miss Iowa - 5 for 5, listed the Winner
Miss DC - still to come tonight!

I consider this an 'ok' weekend of picks so far for us... We've done better - but, we've also done worse (lol!).  This weekend we were 8 for 9 on listing the winner - but only 29 for 45 when choosing the Top 5 (again - DC is still to come).

SOOOOOOOOO - When you add in the numbers from our previous post...  we're now 75 for 108 when picking the Top 5 finishers (69%) and 18 for 22 when listing the Winner (82%). 

AND WE'RE GOING TO DO IT ALL AGAIN THIS WEEKEND!!!  In fact, this coming weekend is the SUPER-CRAZY-ARE-YOU-KIDDING-WHY-DO-I-DO-THIS-TO-MYSELF-OVER-AND-OVER-AGAIN weekend of pageants!  We'll be crowning 14 ladies on Saturday, June 21st - which will be the largest weekend of the season!  That means we'll be posting lots of state blogs this week in preparation for FOURTEEN NEW QUEENS to come - this weekend could likely 'make us' or 'break us' when it comes to our percentages above... Here's hoping we can come out on the positive side of that equation!

As always - Thanks much for taking this journey with us!  Please remember - this whole thing is supposed to be FUN!!!  We've seen very few of these ladies compete on stage - and we've personally met even fewer of them!  That's the challenge at hand - how many states can we 'predict' simply by looking at their bios and researching how they appear 'on paper'?  So, please don't be offended if your favorite competitor isn't on our list... It doesn't mean she won't place and it doesn't mean she won't win (see above).  All it means is, we aren't perfect (again, see above). :)

OK!  Must prepare the way for 14 new states to be crowned this week!  More Blogging, More Blogging, More Blogging...

Stick Around!!!

Junkies Unite!!!


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