Thursday, June 5, 2014


You never know how or when ones Miss America journey is going to start...

Laura Harmon, Miss North Dakota 2013 decided to try pageants when one of her Kappa Alpha Theta sorority sisters heard her sing.  The rest is history :)

Although it took Laura 4 attempts to win the state crown, she gained valuable experience that will will remain with her throughout the rest of her life.  "I've learned a lot about perseverance and personal growth," said Harmon. "I've discovered who I want to be."

In addition to growing and maturing into Miss North Dakota, Laura reminds everyone - your win isn't the end of the road - it's just the beginning!
          “Winning a pageant is easy.  Wanting to win a job and wanting to win a crown are two very different things”

And who will be the next woman to wear the North Dakota crown???  Well - it could be interesting... There are lots and lots of girls with potential - and plenty with experience... 

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Megan McDougall - 2nd runner up '12, 1st runner up in '13, prelim interview and SS '13
Jacky Arness - 2nd runner up '13, ND DYW (Jr. Miss) '11 - Top 10 and interview winner
Annika Vernon - National Young Woman of Distinction by the Girl Scouts, Top 10 '13
Faye Stromburg - Top 10 '13, prelim talent '13
Kacie Chatwood - Top 10 13, high score instrumental talent '13
Cally Musland - Top 10 '09 and '13, prelim interview award '13
Carlie Meehan - Top 10 '13
Alyssa Ralston - related to Miss ND '09 Katie Ralston



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