Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miss California

Noelle Freeman, Miss California 2011 may have single handily showed the pageant world what a Miss America contestant is made of.  Why?  Because Noelle is a social media Junkie!  This girl knows how to Tweet, Tag and Tout (and not necessarily in that order!)...and every one of those verbs not only made her visible, but also made her different than every other contestant.  From her hilarious tweets...
"Did your mother not teach you that the gym 
is NOT an appropriate place to ask girls out?  #tragic"

To her personally edited videos...

To her creative web photos...

Noelle brought a new dimension to Miss America this year and we LOVED IT!!!

We also spotted Noelle from the get-go... and her Top 5 finish was no surprise to us (for the record, the Junkies picked 4 out of the Top 5 before the 2012 Finals began... (check out our Junkies blogpost here...).  Finishing as the 4th runner up, Noelle shined on stage and had that Sexy-Cool-Charisma that seems to ooze out of California girls shortly after birth!

 Photo by ED Brown Photography

I imagine we'll see Noelle working her way into an on-camera gig sometime in the future! :)

California History:  California is the ONLY STATE in the past 6 years to have at least a semi-finalist ALL 6 years! WOW!  In fact, since 1995, they've gone 12 for 17!!!  Not too shabby!!!  They've also had 6 Miss Americas, but none since Debra Maffett in 83 (Fay Lanphier in 25, Rosemary LaPlance in 41, Jean Bartel in 43, Marilyn Buferd in 46, and Lee Meriwether in 55).  California is hungry for another Miss America - this might be their year!

Best Junkie Research Tool:   Complete Bio's including interesting facts and scholastic ambitions are located on the Miss CA website here... but if you just want to see headshots and names, just go here...

Who to Watch:
There are 58 contestants trying to become Miss California this year!  You realize, that means it's harder to be Miss California than it is to be Miss America!  No wonder they've been on such a winning streak as of late! :)  Ok - well - given the fact that our research team has no time to research 58 girls, here's what we've come up with...

Leah Cecil - 1st runner up in '11, Miss Sweetheart Non-Finalist Talent Award, plays the Harp 2nd time at Miss CA

Crystal Lee - CA OT in 08, Miss Chinatown USA 2010, prelim evening gown in '11

Sara Choi - Violin player, 4th runner up in 08, Harvard Grad and her apartment recently caught fire!  Talk about a story to tell in interview!

Marina Inserra - Prelim Swimsuit in '10, vocal performance major, sings in the same a cappella group that Miss CA Ariana Afsar is a part of

Carly Valdes - great vocalist, strong swimsuit, excellent local prep team, 2nd time at Miss CA

Ruth Braum - Top 10 at Miss TX in 10, TX Talent winner in 09, Electric Guitar player for Talent and has played with Montley Crue's Tommy Lee

WOW - Serious Talent this year in California!  Who will the Winner be??? Hmmmmm....

All the Best, Ladies!!! :)


Monday, June 25, 2012

Miss West Virgina

Spenser Wempe... besides having a great name, Miss West Virginia 2011 was a knockout!  The girl has so many different 'looks' about her... which is why we're guessing people like Jenn Cady chose to use her as their model for various shoots...

SERIOUSLY!  Spense Wempe knows how to pose and how to give a photographer something to work with! :)  We're gonna miss her and her beautiful face! :)

Spenser is also passionate about her platform, the Wounded Warrior Project and brought a great deal of attention to her cause.  She was also a Duke of Edinburgh award recipient.  Although only 19, she's obviously, more than just a pretty face. :) 

Miss West Virginia History:   Having never produced a Miss America, West Virginia had their best placement when Ella Kessel was named the 2nd runner up at Miss America 1965 (and went on to become the First Lady of West Virginia in 1989).

Best Junkie Research Tool:  The West Virginia website has all the 2012 head-shots here... :)

Who to Watch: 
Gabrielle Ash -2nd runner up and prelim swimsuit in 10,  4th time at Miss VW 

Kaitlin Gates - WV OT in 06, 2nd runner up WV Teen USA 08, 4th runner up WV Teen USA 10 

Whitney Johnson - 2nd runner up WV Teen USA 10 

Holly Hunsberger - Top 10 in 11, WV OT in 09, 3rd time at Miss WV 

Katie Wright - Former WV Teen International - great headshot

All the Best to Everyone at Miss West Virginia!!!  Junkies Love the Mountain State!!! :)


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Miss Wyoming

Catherine Brown, Miss Wyoming 2011 was a cheerleader on the University of Wyoming Cheer Squad... and we haven't seen a single photo of her without her big, beautiful smile across her face!

Third blonde from the left... Catherine is here with Miss Virginia, Miss Utah and Miss South Dakota at Bucca diBeppo in Vegas during Miss America Week...

Catherine also received the Duke of Edinburgh Award with several other Miss America sisters seen here... :)

Wyoming History: Wyoming had a 1st runner up back in 48, and in 75, 76 and 78 they had 3 non-finalist talent awards in 4 years... but no Miss America to date. 

Best Junkie Research Tool: Well... the girls are listed on the Miss America site here... But honestly, we also found this photo to help us with our choices...

photo by dgoldenwyo

Who to Watch: Only 8 girls will be competing for Miss Wyoming this year (up from only 6 girls lasty year)... seems hardly fair to name 4 of them to watch (that's like naming 15 girls when they have a total of 30 competing!).  Here's what we know...

Lexie Madden - former WY Jr. Miss 09, piano player

Chelsea Price - WY OT in '10,

Marissa McIntyre - piano player, tall and in the same sorority house as Lexie Madden and another contestant, Rebecca Podio.  Hoping the whole house comes to cheer on these ladies at the finals tonight!!! :)

Wishing everyone a wonderful evening in Sheridan, Wyoming!  All the Best!!! :)


Friday, June 22, 2012

The Junkies in North Carolina!!! :)

Here's a Taste of the Junkies' Time in North Carolina... Lovin' Every Minute of it!! :)

An Amazing Production Team here at Miss North Carolina!!! :)
 75th Anniversary!!! :)

 North Carolina's Precious Princess, Olivia with mom Courtney!!! :)

A couple of Junkies before the show!

Your new Miss North Carolina's Outstanding Teen, Alexandra Badgett!!!

The 75th Anniversary Gala, Governor's Brunch and Crowning of
Miss North Carolina 2012 still to come!!!



Thursday, June 21, 2012

Miss New Mexico

Sarina Turnbull, the reigning Miss New Mexico also has her crowning moment on the web... You can find it here... http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/15625941.  Start watching at the 54:36 mark for final crowning...

Honest Humility is one of our favorite characteristics in a state queen... and we greatly appreciate that about Sarina... :)

Miss New Mexico History: No Miss America from New Mexcio in the 90 year history.... and unfortunately, never a Top 5 finish as well... Nicole Miner was a Top 7 finalist in '10.

Best Junkie Research Tool: All the head-shots can be found here... but I'm afraid it doesn't list Talent...

Who to Watch:

Candice Bennatt - After 3 years and a 4th runner up finish at Miss Texas, she's now competing in Miss NM.  Ballet Dancer, prelim swimsuit winner in TX

Carin Malm - 1st runner up in '10, 1st runner up NM OT '07, 2nd runner up National Sweet Teen

Stephanie Chavez - 2nd time at Miss NM, great headshot

Alexis Duprey - Miss NM Teen USA 09

Prelims start tonight!!!  Yay for The Land of Enchantment!!!  All the Best to Miss New Mexico!!! :)


Miss Arizona

Every once in a while, you experience a 'ba BOOM' moment at the Miss America pageant... For the record, it usually happens for us during the swimsuit competition... and for us... it happened this year when Jennifer Sedler, Miss Arizona 2011 took the stage...

I wish you could've been there... it was like a Victoria's Secret supermodel was walking on stage... Sassy and Confident... we knew she wasn't far behind Miss New York, Kaitlin Monte who won the prelim swimsuit award that night...

Jennifer's talent was original and FUN!  Plus - how many girls can do this on stage when you're 5'10 (Junkie Confession... we're just guessing on her height - we can't find any info that says exactly how tall she really is...).

In addition - the Junkies were able to find out the inside scoop on Miss America week from Jennifer's newsletter    Super grateful for the way she kept everyone informed all year! If you missed them, check them out here... :)

Miss Arizona History: Two Miss Americas have come from the state of Arizona... Jacque Mercer in 49 and Vonda Van Dyke in 65.

Best Junkie Research Tool: The Miss Arizona website has all the contestant head-shots here... Big Photos Too! :)

Who to Watch:

Tiffany Hilburn - 3rd runner up in '11, 3rd time at Miss AZ

Katelyn Niemiec - twirler, Top 10 in '11, Miss AZ OT in '09

Danielle McBurnett - Top 10 in '10, piano player - was in a snowmobile accident in March, but will compete!

Andrea Malinski - 2nd time at Miss AZ, switched talent from Jazz Dance to Piano

The Junkies Love Arizona!!!  All the best to Everyone Competing!!! :)


Miss Louisiana

Miss Louisiana 2011 Hope Anderson might of been a bit of a surprise to some people, but we saw her from the get-go!  Super tall, dark hair, and oh... turns out the men in her family (father, uncles) used to vacation/hunt near the Junkies hometown !!!

This dress was stunning on-stage... her Top 10 finish was well deserved! Hope also received the Miracle Maker Award, given to the 3 contestants who raised the most money for Children's Miracle Network... Hope raised $40,000!!! :)

Louisiana History:  Out of all the states who've never had a Miss America, Louisiana is our pick for getting one the soonest!  Sooooooooooooo many 1st runner ups, it's not even funny!  Patricia Brant (the ventriloquist in '85), Ericka Schwartz in '97, Faith Jenkins in '01 and Jennifer Dupont in '04.  If the Saints can pull out a Super Bowl victory, we're thinking Louisiana can find a Miss America in the next few years!!! :)

Best Junkie Research Tool:  Hands Down... This video is worth the 28 minutes.  If you want to know who will will Louisiana, just take notes while you watch... then see if your picks match our below. :)

Who to Watch:

Carly McCord - 1st runner up in '11, her first year at Miss LA

Mallory Cox - 3rd runner up in '11, piano player, Prelim Talent Winner

Lauren Vizza - 4th runner up in '11, and 3rd runner up in '10

Kassy Sanchez - Honebee Festival Queen... 1st time at LA (we think)

Megan Dupre - strong presence, 2nd time at Miss LA

Aja Majkrzak - violin player, former talent winner and 4th runner up at Miss Minnesota

Miss Louisiana will be webcast this year!!!  Looking forward to the first round of Prelims Tonight!!!



Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Miss Indiana

The pride of Goshen, Indiana... Jackie Jerlecki, Miss Indiana 2011 is beautiful, talented and in her spare time, she talks to frogs...

Photo by Nicole Mehl...

Well ok... that's not quite the whole story... Jackie was at an appearance and was participating in a frog jumping contest.  On her Facebook page, Jackie said she was trying to offer some 'encouraging words to Walter'... but to no avail.  Obviously, the frog must've been deaf to begin with.

We loved watching Jackie all year long... and we're guessing Indiana was pretty happy with their 2011 queen too! :)
Miss Indiana History:  The one and only Miss America from Indiana was Katie Stam, Miss America 2009.  Katie was also "America's Choice" on the show.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  The Miss Indiana Organization keeps a strong Facebook and Twitter presence... Their competition order can be seen here... But full headshots of the girls can be seen here... :)

Who to Watch:

Caroline Holcomb - 1st runner up in 09 and 11, 5th time at Miss IN

MerriBeth Cox - 3rd runner up in '11, Illinois OT in 07, baton twirler

Rachael Bazzel - ANTSO Teen in 05, 4th runner up in 10, Top 10 in 11

Victoria McKee - 4th runner up in 09 and 11

 PRELIMS START TONIGHT for Miss Indiana!!!  All the Best to Everyone!!!


Miss Ohio

Ellen Bryan... not only did she have an unusual platform to promote at Miss America ("When Lightening Roars, Go Indoors"... based on her own sister being struck by lightening 12 years ago)... Ellen decided to do something we've not ever seen a Miss State even pretend to attempt!

She decided to ride her bike across the state of Ohio, visiting 6 different Children's Miracle Network hospitals and raising money along the way!  Yup!  27 days, 45 cites and 850 miles across the Buckeye State in the name of CMN! In case you missed it, the official webpage with all the details is here... :)

Ellen's platform work earned her a Quality of Life finalist award at Miss America... Well Deserved!!!

Ohio History:  Technically, Ohio has 6 Miss Americas --- but one of them was crowned twice!  Mary Campbell in '22 and '23 (the only Miss America to hold such a distinction), Marily Meseke in '38, Jacquelyn Mayer in '68, Laurel Schafer '72, and Susan Perkins in '78...So 5 different women from Ohio have been crowned Miss America a total of 6 times. :)  Ohio's been in a bit of slump... once upon a time you could count them in as always having a strong competitor, but it's been 18 years since they've had a runner up (Lea Mack 2nd runner up in 94).

Best Junkie Research Tool: Here's the link to the Miss Ohio contestant page...

Items of Note:  This is simply our observation... Ohio seems to want to crown "good girls" who love the program, will represent the state of Ohio well and continue to give back.  They don't seem to take chances on girls who might perform well at Miss America or 'stand out' specifically for any reason.  Almost as if they'd prefer to have a great "Miss Ohio" instead of a chance at Miss America.

Who to Watch: 
Alyssa Brumbaugh - 1st runner up in '11, prelim swimsuit winner, 2nd time at Miss OH

Meggie Whitman - 3rd runner up in '11, prelim swimsuit winner, musical theater major, 3rd time at Miss OH

Jenna Fowls - Top 10 in '11 and prelim talent winner

Cayla Hellwarth - Top 10 in '11, prelim talent winner as well

Tera Coleman - Top 10 in '10, law student, should have a strong interview

Junkies Love O - HI - O !!! :)  All the Best, Ladies!!! :)


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Miss South Dakota

Anna Simpson, Miss South Dakota 2011 wins our vote for most original training opportunity with a mentor!  Check out this nation-wide story that NBC's 'Today Show' did featuring Anna and her piano teacher!

Now THAT'S a benefit to technology we never envisioned!!!  What an amazing way to train with one of the best mentors available!  Big Kudos to Anna and the Miss South Dakota team for finding a way to hone your craft without regards to the miles in between!!!

Anna Simpson was also wonderful at updating her Facebook page with new photos almost every week of her reign! There were plenty to choose from, but we've always loved this 'artsy' pic of her at center ice, about to 'drop the puck' during a Rapid City Rush Hockey game (kinda like throwing the opening pitch at a baseball game!).

Miss South Dakota History: Having never produced a Miss America, SD did come stinking close one time... Irene O'Connor was the 1st runner up to Yolanda Betzebe in 1950.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  All headshots can be found here on the Miss South Dakota website...

Who to Watch: Actually - this is interesting... 12 girls competed last year... of the 11 who were eligible to come back this year (12 minus current queen Anna Simpson), 7 are back! 

Veterans Include:
Calista Kirby - she & Anna were double prelim winners last year, and Calista finished as the 1st runner up
Heather Johnson - 2nd runner up in '11
Brittanie Vernard - 3rd runner up in '11
Autumn Simunek - 4th runner up in '11

Rookies Include:
Jade Possail - she's an athlete and she's got that 'cute and spunky' thing going for her
Tessa Dee - she's done A LOT of work on her platform and was even featured in FourPoints Magazine

If I name any more names, I'm gonna end up telling you about every girl in the contest (lol)!

Best of Luck Ladies!!!  Make this year one to remember in South Dakota!!! :)


Miss Georgia

Miss Georgia, Michaela Grace Lackey went to Miss America channeling her inner 'Audrey Hepburn'...

Taken by Matt Boyd Photography, this photo quickly became our favorite of the entire year (and for the record, Matt Boyd Photography takes some pretty amazing pictures/headshots of lots and lots of pageant girls!).  Michaela was also the first GA Outstanding Teen to win the Miss Georgia title (one of the nine girls who competed for Miss America 2012 which we wrote about here...).

Michaela was also the 3rd consecutive winner from Marietta/Cobb County to win the state title!  Now that's quite a winning streak! 

Georgia History:  One Miss America comes from Georgia, Neva Langley in '53... and at least four 1st runner ups to Miss America including Jody Shattluck '57,  Kara Martin '93, Monica Pang '05 and Chasity Harmon '08.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  Headshots can all be seen here...

Items of Note:  This is another 'WIDE OPEN' pageant where anyone can win!  Lots of beautiful girls, lots of veterans and a fair amount of girls who could 'come outta nowhere' to win this year!

Who to Watch: Veterans
Briana Jewett - 1st runner up '09 (originally 2nd runner up, but Winner gave up crown and everyone moved up one position), 4th runner up in '11
Stephanie Burkhalter - Prelim Swimsuit and Gown in '11, and Miss Cobb County this year
Leighton Jordan - Top 15 in '11, very 'even' in all areas of competition
Abby Killough - 4th year at Miss GA, Semi-finalist twice
Lauren Edmonds - GA OT in 06, Top 10 in '10
Carly Mathis - 2nd time at Miss GA, Top 12 in '11

Rookies to Watch (well ok. not all rookies - but girls who haven't yet made the cut... this could be their year)
Jazmine Scroggins
Charlene Bibeau
Shelby McLeod
Annie Wilson 

Who will take the Miss Georgia Crown this year???  Stay Tuned... Prelims begin Wednesday with the Finals on Saturday!  All the Best from the Junkie Nation!!! :)


Monday, June 18, 2012

Miss Tennessee

Hellooooooooooooooooo Miss Tennessee 2011, Erin Hatley!!!

Although the photo with the mug was taken nearly a year ago (shortly after Erin won the crown), we love it!  The mug, the ring, the smile, the hair... it's soooooooooooo Miss Tennessee!!! :)

If you don't know anything about Miss Tennessee, at least know this much... Tennessee ALWAYS crowns GORGEOUS girl!!!  And because it's that way year after year, you begin to wonder if they always crown the most beautiful girl in the state pageant simply on looks alone!  But then - if you take a closer look at all the Miss Tennessee contestants, you'd see that it's not hard to crown a gorgeous girl when you have this many beautiful women to choose from!  Check out their Facebook page here... we dare you to tell us who the ugliest girl is in this bunch ('cause who could tell???)

Tennessee History: Barbara Walker in '47 and Kellye Cash in 87 (yes - the grandniece of Johnny Cash in case you never knew!)

Best Junkie Research Tool: Tennessee keeps a very up to date Facebook page for the organization, and a separate page for the queen and has a strong Twitter presence.  Plus here's the website... in case you wanted to see each of the girls head-shots all on one page.  

Who to Watch:  Wow - the better question is... who not to watch???  With the help of some info sent to the Junkie Nation, in addition to our own research, here's what we can tell you!

Chandler Lawson - 2008 Tennessee's Junior Miss, was Miss TN Top 10 in 2009, 1st RU & Tennessee's Sweetheart in 2011
Kyndall Convington - 4th runner up in '11, strong vocalist, last placement in her prelim group
Kristen Mosley - piano, former AL Junior Miss, finished in the top 10 at AJM, first time at Miss TN
Hannah Disterdick - daughter of Miss Tennessee 1982 Desiree Daniels, TN Junior Miss in 07
Cyrena Wages - 1st runner up in 09 and prelim talent winner
Sara Mitchell and Brooke Stegeman won swimsuit prelims in 2011 & 2010 respectively and are in the same group this year

These girls all finished as Semi-Finalists in '11
Camilla Baton
Leah Beth Bolton
Ivy Depew

Also, rumor has it Sam Haskell will be in attendance Friday and Saturday night... And Laura Kaeppeler will be there starting with Prelims on Wednesday! :)

All the best to everyone at Miss Tennessee!!!  Looking forward to your next Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Winner!!! :)


Miss Maryland

Miss Maryland 2011, Carlie Colella's crowning moment happens to be on You Tube... tears and all... and yes, that's Susan Powell, Miss America 1981 emceeing the event! :)

It was Carlie's first trip to Miss Maryland and she certainly made the most of it!

Interestingly enough... all of Carlie's runner ups are back for the crown this year... along with 3 other ladies who were Miss Maryland Outstanding Teens!  Given that background, this might be the most competitive Miss Maryland we've seen in recent history!  So - let's get to it!

Maryland History:  They've never produced a Miss America, but Maryland is actually a strong pageant state with Miss USA and several other types of pageants.  If this state can tap into that experience, you could see a surge from them!  We'll always remember Marina Harrison Miss Maryland 2003 who was 3rd runner up to Ericka Dunlap, Miss America 2004 (Marina was also a Miss Maryland USA 2005 and placed in the Top 10).

Best Junkie Research Tool:  Besides this photo above (which is pretty good), the Miss America site has all the headshots of each contestant here..

Who to Watch:  As we said, there are 4, count 'em 4 former State Winners of MAO Teen competing for the Miss Maryland Title this weekend!

Joanna Guy - MD OT 08, 3rd runner up to Taylor Fitch MAOTeen 2009
Hannah Mollerick - MD OT in '06, 4th runner up in '10 and '11, National Sweetheart contestant in '10
Mary Teal Mulligan - MD OT in '10
Stephanie Meadowcraft - MD OT in '09, Miss MD International in '09, Delaware Teen America in '06

Others to watch include:
Jessica Bermuez - 1st runner up in '11,
Stephanie Kelman - 2nd runner up in '11, Top 10 in 10, 3rd time at Miss MD
Danna Thomas - 3rd runner up in '11, Maryland Teen America in '06
Lauren Kolozski - Top 10 in '11

You never know who's going to win in states like this!  Could be anyone's crown to take home!  Good Luck To All!!!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Miss North Carolina

From the very get-go, Miss North Carolina 2011 Hailey Best was on our 'list to watch' at Miss America.  She's been on stage half her life, she's incredibly photogenic, and she was very active with her platform. Then, when we saw her in hot pink heels at 'Phantom of the Opera' at Miss America, we knew we'd chosen correctly (Phantom Photo Here!).

Hailey was a Top 15 finalist at Miss America, many thought she might win preliminary talent the night Betty Thompson's Irish Dance won instead, and she was a Duke of Edinburgh Award recipient.  In fact, this is a fabulous photo of her and Laura Kaeppeler in Birmingham during the awards ceremonies...

Miss North Carolina History: NC has had 1 Miss America, Maria Beale Fletcher in '62.  We saw Maria in Vegas as she was honored on her 50th anniversary and let me say, she was radiant!  A great reminder that Miss America can/will endure as long as we continue crowning qualified, capable and competent young women!  In addition to one Miss America, we'll always remember NC as having back-to-back 1st runner up finishes in '98 and '99 (Michelle Warren to Kate Shindle and Kelli Bradshaw to Nicole Johnson).

Best Junkie Research Tool:  Check out these videos by a local news outlet (who's broadcasting the Saturday night finals)... Just click here and you can see  the girls who are comfortable on camera (aka, most likely to be comfortable in the interview room).  You can also see all the contestants on the Miss NC Facebook page here...

Items of Note:  THE JUNKIES ARE HEADED TO NORTH CAROLINA and couldn't be more excited to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Miss North Carolina!  We can't wait to bring you the inside scoop and be there live to see Miss NC 2012 crowned!  The Junkies are PUMPED to say the least!!! :)

Who to Watch:  Even though we're headed to Miss NC, we'd like to make it clear that we've never met any of the contestants before... this list is solely based on our own research!

Maddisson Shephard - 2nd runner up in' 11, prelim Talent winner

Mary Catherine Tucker - 4th runner up in '11,

Kensley Leonard - probably our favorite video, former OT contestant, Watermelon Festival Queen

Sarah Southard - Top 10 in '09, 3rd time at Miss NC, sister to Miss NC 09 Katherine Southard

Brianna Hester - NC OT in 07, Top 10 last year, definitely stands out due to her bangs :)

Also to watch:
Malloy Honeycutt - Top 10 in '09 and prelim swimsuit,
Bindhu Pamarathi - Top 5 in '10
Amanda Sowards - To 10 in '09 and prelim swimsuit winner,  3rd time at Miss NC

Prelims for Miss NC begin MONDAY NIGHT (which is honesty why we had to get this blog done!)... Mon-Wed prelims, Thursday Teen Finals, Friday 75th Anniversary Gala, Saturday Miss NC Finals!  Whooooooooooooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! :)


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Miss Montana

Miss Montana, Veronika Ohlinger was one of 9 contestants at Miss America 2012 who had previously been named a State MAO Teen. :)

This photo was taken at the Miss America's Outstanding Teen competition in Orlando in August of 2011, prior to the Miss America competition in January of 2012.  We also did a blog post about it (invoking farm systems) that you could read here... back before Miss America.  The above photo is of (from left to right) Idaho, Minnesota, New Jersey, Texas, Kentucky, Montana, Nebraska, Georgia and North Dakota.

In my humble opinion, Miss America is salivating at the thought of crowning a former MAO State Teen with the title of Miss America 2013.  Again, in my humble opinion, I think states would be wise to crown a former Teen State Winner as their Miss Contestant - if she's got the goods, this could be the year!

In addition to being a MAOTeen (from West Virginia), Veronika was originally named the 1st runner up in Montana before Taryn Chuter resigned due to a knee injury that required surgery.  Luckily, Veronika was able to take over the crown about 6-7 weeks after the Miss Montana pageant - allowing her to essentially 'BE' the queen all year long. :)

Montana History:  Another state on the list that's never had a Miss America...

Best Junkie Research Tool: You can find all your favorite contestant information here... -- plus, you can also vote for your favorite contestant!

Who to Watch:

Jill Sharp - 4th runner up in 2010, prelim talent winner

Cortney Bury - 4th runner up in 2011, prelim swimsuit, funky hair, plays the double bass

Alysse Charlesworth - Miss Montana OT in 2009, tap dancer

Junkie Love to Miss Montana!!!  Wishing all the best to all the contestants!!! :)


Miss New Jersey

Katharyn Nicolle, Miss New Jersey 2011 was a beautiful representative at Miss America this year! If there was a 'Miss Photogenic' award, she'd be our pick!!! :)

Plus - we also love 'her love' of shoes - as evidenced by her own blog!  Check out these pretty pink babies! ;)  The Junkies firmly believe that good taste in shoes will take you far!

Katharyn was also a Miss NJ Outstanding Teen... which we'll talk about in our next blog (so stay tuned).

Items to Note:  The ever-fabulous Dena Blizzard (Miss NJ '94) will once again emcee the Miss New Jersey pageant... Dena is a comedian who also has been seen emceeing the prelims of the Miss America pageant.  Feel free to check out her full bio here... One of our favorite moments at Miss America 2012 was when Dena and Kris Jenner were sharing the stage, talking about spanx and Kardashian wigs (I'm sure you had to be there... but the photos can also be seen here...)

Item of Note #2:  While we don't normally take time to discuss judges in State Competitions, we wanted to note that Miss Oklahoma 86 Mignon Merchant is one of the judges at Miss NJ this year.  She was also Miss OK USA in 83 and a Non-Finalist Talent award winner at MA with her comedy routine.  We found a great article where she speaks candidly about her pageant background here... Well worth the read! :)  The Junkies saw her at Miss OK last weekend in the role of 'David Letterman' on stage in Tulsa and she was a Hoot!  We're guessing there's bound to be stories about her and Dena before the weekend is through!  Makes us wish we would've picked NJ to watch this year!!!

New Jersey History: Betty Cooper in 37 and Suzette Charles (the infamous 1st runner up to Vanessa Williams) in '84

Best Junkie Research Tool:  The Miss New Jersey website has everything you need right here...

Who to Watch:  Truthfully - New Jersey could be won by any number of contestants this year... so without listing 9 different girls, here's our best picks...

Lindsey Petrosh - former NJ OT - lovely vocalist

Vanessa Baez - 3rd runner up twice ('10 and '11), Top 10 twice ('09 and '08), 5th time at NJ

Cierra Kaylor-Jones - Prelim Talent and photogenic award in '11

Anna Negron - 4th runner up in '11, Prelim Swimsuit

Lauren Talvacchio - musical theater major, 3rd or 4th time at NJ

All the Best to Everyone at Miss New Jersey!  Never been the same since Atlantic City birthed the Junkies' Obsession with Miss America!!! :)


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Miss Washington DC

Ashley Boalch showed up at Miss DC as her first ever pageant… and she won!  Yes - just like Miss Maine (highlighted yesterday), Ashely walked on the Miss America stage participating in her second pageant in her entire life... it still boggles our minds!!!   

Ashley won the non-finalist interview award at Miss America this year – as no surprise to us!  She’s extremely articulate and represents herself as a strong, capable, competent young woman.  She’s one of these gals you should look up in 10 years to see what company she's running!

DC History:  Our very first Miss America Margaret Gorman '21 and Venus Ramey in '44.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  The Miss DC site has large headshots of all the contestants along with their platform, talent and age!  You can also vote for your favorite contestant as 'the people's choice'.  Lots of states are jumping on this bandwagon --- Oklahoma announced they raised $19,000 based on $1 per vote!  WOW!!!  The Miss DC link can be found here...

Who to Watch:

Allyn Rose - former Miss Maryland USA '11, National Championship Roller Skater, beautiful, wants to be a constitutional attorney

Helen Hua - flute player, Top 10 previously in Massachusetts, second time at DC

Jachele Velez - Top 10 in New Jersey '11, prelim gown, swimsuit and interview winner, ANTSO Jr Teen 05

Melissa Youssef - competed previously in California, 2nd time at DC, previous state interview winner future attorney as well.

All the Best to Miss DC!!!  The Junkies Love Our Nation's Capital!!! :)


Miss Maine

Miss Maine is already up and rolling... or should I say, up and 'bowling'...

Yes, we found this photo on the Miss Maine Facebook page with a caption that said it was a great event to have the contestants 'let their hair down' and get to know each other.

Julia Furtado, Miss Maine 2011, arrived at Miss Maine having never competed in a pageant before... and subsequently WON!  Meaning, Miss America was her second pageant ever (seriously - we still have a hard time comprehending the craziness of that statement).  Julia was one of the winners of the Duke of Edinburgh Award - and really looked radiant on-state during Miss America all week!

Maine History:  Maine has never produced a Miss America... but had back-to-back non-finalist Talent Award winners in '03 and '04.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  All the contestants can be found here at the Miss Maine site...

Who to Watch:  

Kacie Ferraro - former Rhode Island OT and Miss New Hampshire contestant.  Super smart girl - now teaching in Maine

Marisa Butler - 1st runner up at Miss Maine Teen USA

Molly Bouchard - Miss Jr. Maine Teenager, Maine's Junior Miss/Distinguished Young Woman/whatever theyre calling it now '08

Gillian Ramsdale - the girl is going to do a basketball routine for her talent - and we're 'hooping' to see pictures! (bad joke... sorry)...

All the best to everyone at Miss Maine!!!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miss Michigan

 Miss Michigan 2011, Elizabeth Wertenberger, is a walking miracle.  Diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 13, she was told she’s probably never walk again and would have to move around via a wheelchair for the rest of her life.  Well, if you saw her Miss America video, you know the story… not only is she walking, she’s a tumbler as well!

Miss Michigan also had a very ‘fashion forward’ look about her at Miss America… from her trendy haircut to her out-of-the-box evening gown, Elizabeth certainly had a ‘look’ you remember even when she was off stage.  We know it's that sense of style and drive to 'prove her naysayers wrong' that will continue to bring her success in life!

Michigan History:  Michigan has had 5 Miss Americas... Patricia Donnelly in '39, Nancy Flemming in '61, Pam Eldred in '70, Kaye Lani Rae Rafko in '88 and Kirsten Haglund in '08 (if you never saw it, google Kirsten's evening gown from '08 --- it's stunning and started the beaded 'illusion dress' trend!)

Best Junkie Research Tool:  The Miss Michigan site has all the headshots located here...

Who to Watch:

Kelly Oles - 1st runner up in '11, 3rd runner up in '10, prelim talent winner

Elizabeth Hawthorn - 3rd runner up in '11, MI Teen USA in '08, community service award winner in '11

Emily Kieliszewski - 2nd runner up in '11, 3rd time at Miss MI

Interesting item to note... Sydney and Cameron Learman - Sisters who are both competing for the Miss Michigan title this year... Enjoy their story here... :)

The Junkies are "Smitten with the Mitten"!!!  All the best to the new Miss Michigan!!! :)


Miss Minnesota

Natalie Davis, Miss Minnesota 2011 is such a gem.  She has that classic blonde ‘Sweedish Beauty’ about her (coming from Minnesooooo-ta, ya know) and can sing like a bird!  Her evening gown at Miss America was one of our favorites of the entire competition… the blue color was perfect on her skin and she looked a million miles long in it!   

In fact, Natalie has tons of Miss America photos here, on her blog... 

Natalie is certainly not the only one, but she's one of the best contestants who have kept a blog and updated it fairly regularly throughout her reign.  We love her latest posts… a whole series entitled, “Miss Minnesota 101” which consist of everything from ‘What to pack for pageant week’ and her 'Favorite Products’!!!  Obviously, such posts aren’t limited to only Minnesota – if you’d like to see them for yourself, just check them out here...

Minnesota History:  3 Miss Americas are from Minnesota... BeBe Shopp in '48, Dorthy Benham in '77 and Gretchen Carlson from Fox News was crowned Miss America 1989, and was the last violinist to take the title.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  The Miss Minnesota website is super clean and easy to navigate... find all the 2012 contestant info here...

Who to Watch:

Samantha Phillipi - 2nd runner up in 10 and 11, prelim swimsuit winner

Siri Freeh - beautiful, 1st runner up and prelim talent winner in '10, did not compete in '11

Rebecca Yeh - violin player (ala Gretchen Carlson), young but smart! 

Prelims for Miss Minnesota 2012 begin Thursday!  Best of Luck Ladies!!!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Miss Alaska

Miss Alaska... What can you say about the state whose most famous contestant, didn't even win the crown (Sarah Palin, 1st runner up and Miss Congeniality at Miss Alaska 1984).  Well, just because it's not considered a 'pageant state', that doesn't mean the Junkies will pass up the chance to bring you what we know about Miss Alaska!  We admit it's not much... but here's what we know! :)

Photo courtesy of Apogee Studios

Katy Lovegreen was another Irish Dancer at Miss America, making 3 in one year (OK, DE and AK).

Items to Note: There are 13 ladies competing for Miss Alaska this year... which is the same number in states like Nebraska and Iowa...

Alaska History:  Nobody from Alaska has been crowned Miss America... in fact, they've only placed in the Top 10 once --- Jamie Tinker in '98

Best Junkie Research Tool: There are photos from last year's court on the Miss Alaska page here... but for a list of the current contestants, you'll need to go to the Miss America site here...

Who to Watch: 

Sarah Joy Temple - Alaska USA '10, younger sister Veronica was AK OT in '09

Julia Marstall - 1st runner up '11

Tiffany Hancock - 4th runner up in '11

All the Best to Everyone competing for Miss Alaska 2012!!!  Junkies Love the Last Frontier!!! :)


Miss Wisconsin

 Your reigning Miss America Laura Kaeppeler, is from the great state of Wisconsin!!!  Which, as we all know means (c’mon Junkies… you know you wanna... so go ahead and say it with me…)… “If the winner is unable to fulfill her duties, the 1st runner up shall take her place.”  And let me say, Wisconsin’s 1st runner up is an outstanding choice!

It takes a special girl to agree to ‘take over the crown’ for only a few months before a new state queen is crowned.  Lots of times you get the 3rd or 4th runner up, or even the girl who finished in 6th place - because the Top 5 are prepared to return, hoping to win, so they can compete for Miss America themselves. Raeanna Johnson was 1st runner up to Laura and by all accounts, you can see that Wisconsin got lucky with both Laura and Reanna in the same year!

Raeanna had just moved to Texas when she watched Laura Kaeppeler be crowned on national television.  After considering her options, she decided to return to Wisconsin and take over the title.  Kudos to Raeanna!!!  If you don't know much about Raeanna, enjoy this video of her --- she's delightful!!! :)

Wisconsin History:  Besides Laura Kaeppeler, Terrry Meeuwsen was named Miss America in 1973 and now is a host on The 700 Club.  There's an interview with both Wisconsinites at this link here...

Best Junkie Research Tool:  We’re guessing that the volunteers in Wisconsin feel like life never stops!  From last year’s state pageant, they spent time preparing Laura for Miss America… then, after she won, they’ve spent time preparing for her Homecoming and several appearances in the Badger state!  Now, they’re about to crown a new queen!  That’s a lot of work to do by people who don’t get paid to do it!  The fact that they’ve been able to keep a strong website despite all this, speaks well of the program.  Check it out here... find it at the 20:10 mark.

Who to Watch:

Tonya Popowski - Miss WI OT in '05, Top 10 in '10 and '11

Desiree Geffers - 2nd runner up in '11, 3rd runner up in '10, 5th time at Miss WI

Katie Williams - 4th runner up in '10, Top 10 in '11, 4th time at Miss WI

Elizabeth Kramer - vocalist, 4th runner up in '11, Top 10 in '10

Mary O'Connell - Top 10 in '11, strong talent 

All the Best to everyone at Miss Wisconsin!!!  Junkies Love Ya!!! :)


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Miss New York

Kaitlyn Monte is your classic, over-achieving, go-getter of a girl!  She graduated college at the age of 19, she's been performing with the USO as a Liberty Bell, was 1st runner up at Miss Sweetheart in 2008 and she finished as a preliminary swimsuit winner and 2nd runner up at Miss America.  Probably a first born child as well (lol!) :)

Miss New York has come a long way in a short time... There's a sort of 'momentum' that's created when you have girls from the same state finishing strong in successive years.  A girl who makes Top 10 helps the girl she crowns with her insight and 'what i wish i would've known' commentary, and the new girl finishes in the Top 5.  We've seen it happen again and again in state after state.  RARELY does a state come out of NOWHERE to win the crown... chances are, that state was at least a semi-finalist within a couple years of the state who wins it all.  Given this info, we wouldn't be surprised if Miss New York finishes with a Miss America sometime in the next 3 years. :)

Miss New York History:  New York has had 3 Miss Americas... Bess Myerson in 45, Tawny Godin in '76 and the infamous Vanessa Williams in '84.

Items of Note:  Miss New York head-shots are always, ALWAYS the best!  Why?  Hello - it's NYC!  Most of these girls have on-stage performance aspirations (be that acting, modeling or Broadway).  You get good head-shots as a product of the environment!

Best Junkie Research Tool:  Miss NY '10 Claire Buffie has created a video series with each contestant called "What Do You Stand For?"  Don't bother googling "Miss NY"... you won't find it... Start with this link here... and then you can see group 2, 3 and 4 on the right hand side.  Group 5 hasn't been released yet - so you can't see all the contestants on video, but we'll take what we can!

Who to Watch:

Maria DeSantis - Miss Americas Outstanding Teen (National Winner) in 07...Opera Singer

Mallorie Hagen - 1st runner up in '11, tap dancer, 2nd time at Miss NY

Hannah Wright - 2nd runner up in '11, ballet dancer, 3rd time at Miss NY

Desiree Wiley -  3rd runner up in '11, lyrical dancer, 2nd time at Miss NY

Acacia Courtney - Connecticut MAOT contestant, interview winner, really long and tall :)

Shannon Oliver - extremely well spoken, 3rd runner up at Miss Virgina '11

Whooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooo for the Empire State!  Good Luck Miss New York 2012!!! :)


Miss Delaware

Maria Cahill is a hoot!  Ok, so we don't know her personally at all, but from the outside looking in, she's confident, witty and quirky!  We have a feeling she's always been this way... from her love of Big Mac's to supporting her siblings sporting events, Maria's twitter account is alive and active with updates on who she is and how she lives!  We love it! :)

Maria was given a non-finalist talent award for her Irish Step Dancing routine at Miss America... and we think she should've received an award for 'wearing the heaviest dress' in evening gown!  Check out the full beading on this puppy!!!  I can't imagine how much that thing must've weighed!!!

Delaware History:  Never had a Miss America... but Maria follows in a long line of Delaware contestants who've finished with a preliminary talent or non-finalist talent award... Not bad considering Miss America was only Maria's 5th pageant ever!

Best Junkie Research Tool:  Headshots and details of the girls can be found here at the Miss Delaware site... Everyone has the same background, so we're guessing these were taken during a recent orientation weekend specifically for the website. :)

Items of Note:  Although Miss Delaware is always exciting - a true Miss America Junkie doesn't exist without knowledge of Mr. Delaware 2008. Chris Saltalamacchio was given the title in a male pageant designed to be a fund-rasier for Miss Delaware and the name just stuck!  He's a pageant/dress consultant, entertainer, emcee and reality TV dude as well (as seen on Jersey Couture earlier this season!).  Check out his tweets as well and soon, you'll be hooked too :)

Who to Watch:

Steffi Holmes - 2nd runner up in '11, 1st runner up in '10, 3rd time to Miss Delaware, opera singer

Erin Magnin - 3rd runner up in 11, 3rd time to Miss Delaware, vocalist

Chelsea Betts - Delaware's Outstanding Teen in '07, 4th runner up in '10, 3rd time to Miss Delaware

Alyssa Murray - 4th runner up in '11, 2nd time to Miss Delaware

Others to watch:
Becky Albini - Outstanding Teen contestant in Connecticut
Alix Gardner - Her talent is a comedic routine!
Tierra Fair - Did you get that?  Her name is Tierra (Tiara?) 

All the Best to everyone at Miss Delaware!!!  Can't wait to see who the winner is on June 16!!! :)


Miss Utah

Because the Junkies didn't make it to the first night of preliminary competition at Miss America this year, I'm afraid we missed something spectacular... Danica Olsen, Miss Utah in her swimsuit...

Several people who were there, told us it might've been the best swimsuit body they've EVER seen on the Miss America stage since moving to Vegas.  Danica didn't have a 6-pack, she had an 8-pack!  And she was blessed with broad shoulders and a perfectly proportionate body.  She was the very first swimsuit the judges saw at Miss America 2012 and obviously, they didn't like anything else better.  Wowzers!!! :)

Miss Utah History:  Two Miss Americas hail from Utah... Colleen Hutchins in '52 and Sharlene Wells in 85 (known as 'Clean Sharlene' because she was crowned the year after Vanessa Williams gave up her crown).

Items of Note:  Miss Utah is known for getting "new" and "fresh" contestants each and every year.  Very few girls come back year after year, because more often than not, Utah crowns a rookie.  Also, it's a bit of a down year for Miss Utah... there are only 44 girls competing for the crown this year (ONLY - lol!)

Best Research Tool:  The Miss Utah site has oodles of pictures, including last year's preliminary winners (which oddly enough, 3 dancers won all 3 talent prelims last year).

Who to Watch:  Really tough for us to do a good job on this one... considering the fact that there are zillions of newbies... here's our best shot..

Alicia Lee - first time at Miss Utah, Jazz Dancer with lots of personality

Ciera Pekarick - 2nd runner up in 11, prelim swimsuit, will be her 3rd time at Miss Utah

Lauren Tucker - second time at Miss Utah, vocalist, won a tough local

Brooke Christensen - former Miss Utah USA competitor, a registered nurse working in neurology/trauma and intensive care

Meredith Gaufin - Miss Utah Outstanding Teen '09 where she made Top 10, harpist, first time at Miss Utah

Seriously - this might have been the hardest pageant to research out of all of our posts thus far... Apologies in advance if we don't even come close on this one!!!

Junkies LOVE Utah ---- we just don't have a clue who's going to win!?!  LOL!!! :)


Monday, June 4, 2012

Miss Colorado

Diana Dreman made history on the Miss America stage earlier this year... She is the only daughter of a Miss America to compete on the Miss America stage herself.  The year was also special to Diana and her mom, as Rebecca King Dreman (Miss America 1974) was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer more than a year ago.  Over the past year, Diana cared for her mother half the time while preparing for Miss America the other half of the time.

There's obviously a special link between moms and daughters... And while Rebecca's cancer is currently being treated with experimental procedures, Diana and Rebecca will always have this year of incredible memories and nobody can take it away from them.

Miss Colorado History:  The Rocky Mountain State has had 3 Miss Americas... Sharon Ritchie in '56, Marilyn Van Debur in '58 and Rebecca King in '74.  Colorado had a string of Top 5 finishes at Miss America 88, 89 and 90, but the only recent semi-finalist was Katie Lehman at Miss America 2010.

Items of Note:  Colorado isn't exactly what you'd call a 'pageant state'... Especially since Jon Benet Ramsey was found dead in her home in '96 (she would've been 22 this year).  Climbing 14'ers is more popular than pageants... shopping at REI is more prestigious than buying a Tony Bowls gown.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  The Miss Colorado site is fancy-dancy... Just make sure you have enough bandwidth to get all the flash graphics!  Plus their Facebook page gives you the chance to vote for your favorite contestant (along with their Talent and Platform information). 

Who to Watch:

Hanna Jo Porter - 1st runner up in 10 and in 11, prelim swimsuit, evening gown and interview winner at Miss Sweetheart where she made the Top 10.  A tap dancer, she's the favorite to win this year (although we all know, there's no guarantees)

Janelle Osborn - 3rd runner up in 11 and CO Outstanding Teen in 09, she radiates confidence on stage

Stacey Cook - 2nd runner up in 11 and a Tahitian dancer... great body

Kayla Brahn - Her 4th time at Miss CO, 4th runner up in '10

Ashley Reichert - Musical Theater major, NAM CO 1st runner up, CO Outstanding Teen contestant, Top 10 in '11

The Junkies will enjoy watching the new Miss Colorado crowned live and in person on June 16!!!  Looking forward to it!!!  Junkies Love Colorado!!! :)


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Miss Oklahoma

In the world of Miss America, there are really only a few states that consistently stand out year after year after year.  Enter Oklahoma...

In fact, since Shawntel Smith won Miss America in 1996, Miss Oklahoma has made the 'semi-finalist cut' (whatever they called the first cut that given year... Top 20, Top 15, Top 12, etc) 62.5% of the time!!!  And when it comes to Miss America AAC (After Atlantic City), there's only 1 state who has crowned 2 Miss Americas, and had 2 more Top 5 finishes... That's Oklahoma.  To use a sports analogy, they're the 'Yankees' of Miss America.

And like the Yankees, the Miss Oklahoma organization is a well oiled machine, and they are driven to succeed.  The way George Steinbrenner wants a a World Series, that's they way Miss Oklahoma wants another Miss America.  In fact, because Miss OK is so good at grooming their winner for the Miss America stage, some people believe that whoever wins Oklahoma this year will be the next Miss America, period.  Truth is, it might be harder to become Miss Oklahoma than to become Miss America!  The competition is incredibly fierce and while Oklahoma has crowned a rookie here and there, for the most part, they have a reputation for making you 'pay your dues' before you win. 

Current Queen:  The delightful Betty Thompson finished as America's Choice, a Preliminary Talent Award Winner, and the 1st runner up at Miss America 2012.  She has consistently been described as 'the sweetest contestant' by multiple girls at Miss America... convincing me that the judges could've crowned Betty or Laura - and either of them would've made an outstanding Miss America!  Personally, we have no idea how she was able to look 6 feet tall in this evening gown (she's only 5'2), but somehow she did.  Somehow, the Yankees always find a way to outshine the rest :)

Miss Oklahoma History:  With 6 Miss Americas under their belt, Oklahoma's itchin' for another which would put them atop the leader board of the most Miss Americas ever (currently tied with California).  Norma Smallwood in '26, Jane Jayroe in '67, Susan Powell in '81, Shawntel Smith in '96, Jennifer Berry in '05 and Lauren Nelson in '06 are your queens from the Sooner State.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  Trust us - we've looked high and low on a lot of girls preparing for this post.  The Miss Oklahoma website has great information including head-shots, talent, age, platform title and even the order in which they'll be competing.  It's not a video, but it's pretty close. :)

Items of Note:  The Junkies are headed to Miss Oklahoma to see the new queen crowned in person - and chose this pageant because it's Miss OK's 40th Anniversary with the Kiwanas Club of Tulsa!  The partnership between Miss OK and the Kiwanas is instrumental, as the Kiwanas provide volunteers, donors and sponsors that help make the program a success.  Plus, we're pretty sure it's going to be a reunion of former Miss Oklahomas like we've never seen before! :)

Who to Watch:  As we said, Miss Oklahoma may be the most competitive state in the union... and there are plenty of girls who could take the crown this year, including...

Damaris Pierce - 1st runner up in '11, it's her 6th time at Miss Oklahoma, her rookie year she was 4th runner up and won overall prelim talent clear back in 07.  She can sing and she could win it all this year.

Alicia Clifton - 2nd runner up in '11, it's her 3rd time at Miss OK, Miss OK Outstanding Teen '08, prelim talent winner... she can tap and she could win it all this year.

Alex Eppler - 3rd time at Miss OK, 4th runner up both times before... prelim swimsuit winner and jazz dancer

Sarah Klein - Piano, Top 10 in '11, prelim talent and newcomer talent winner in '11

Megan Johnson - Top 10 in '11, Jazz Dance, 3rd-ish time at Miss Ok (we think), has that 'Betty Thompson super-cute look about her...

Georgia Frazier - vocal, OK Outstanding Teen in '09 

Victoria Renard - former Washington Outstanding Teen and 3rd runner up, tap 

Aly Akers - 3rd time at Miss OK, baton twirler, she broke her arm? or collar bone? earlier this Spring - should be fine this week at State

Others of Interest:
Christin Fairchild - Won "Talent Day"
Veronica Wisniewski - Ballet, Top 10 in '11
Dontreka Matthews - 3rd on Talent Day, vocal
Brittney Bisel - 3rd time at Miss OK, Top 15 in '11 

We'll do our best to bring you all the inside scoop from Tulsa!  Junkies can't wait to see Miss Oklahoma!!!  All the Best!!! :)


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Miss Missouri

Man, we just loved Sydney Friar, Miss Missouri 2011.  She was so 'out of the box' different!  Seriously - who can forget her Miss America video with the mustache???  And, in case you didn't know, Sydney sang Aerosmith's 'Dream On' at Miss America in a rock-n-roll costume that would make even Adam Lambert look twice!  After 5 trips to Miss Missouri, we were very excited to see her claim the title!

Lots of people are very excited about the Miss Missouri pageant this year... in fact, the Junkies seriously thought long and hard about whether we should attend Miss Missouri or Miss Oklahoma 2012 (both are held on the same weekend)... who knows if we might be making our way to the Show Me State next year!?!

Ok!  Let's get to it!

Miss Missouri History:  One Miss America hails from Missouri --- Debbye Turner in 1990 claimed the crown after several attempts at Miss Arkansas on the drums.  In Missouri, she switched to the Marimba and the rest is history.  Debbye's mom even hand-beaded her evening gown, with the words "Miss America" in the back train of the gown!

Best Junkie Research Tool:  The Miss Missouri site is wonderful --- giving all kinds of details here! :) A total of 27 contestants vying for the crown...

Who to Watch:

Tippe Emmot - 1st runner up in '11, it'll be her 4th year at Miss MO... was also 1st runner up at Miss Sweetheart... beautiful girl and a strong ballet dancer

Mary Bauer - 2nd runner up in '11, prelim talent in '11, 4th runner up in '09 and '10, MO Outstanding Teen in '07

Amanda Williams - 3rd runner up in '11, 4th year at Miss MO, prelim swimsuit in '11

Emily Wood - prelim talent and 'most talent points' award in '11 (clogger)

Alison Hebron - sister to Miss MO 2010, Erica Hebron

In other news... Miss Missouri is one of the states who will be webcasting this year!  So if you don't live near Mexico, Missouri, you can still watch the entire show right from the comfort of your own computer screen. :)

Junkies say YAY for Missouri!!!  All the Best, Ladies!!! :)