Friday, June 1, 2012

Miss Iowa

Hello Miss Iowa!

We, along with countless others were uber-impressed with Jessica Pray, Miss Iowa 2011.  Several people thought Jessica could've been Miss America with another year or two under her belt... and several others thought it would be silly to 'hold her back' given the fact that she was so spectacular at Miss Iowa.  And then several others think she should give Miss USA a chance ('cause let's face it, she's gorgeous and she's radiant on stage) before it's all said and done!  Regardless of the would've, could've, should've and maybes in life... we know Jessica has a bright future ahead of her!

And now to Miss Iowa 2012!

This is a really down year for Iowa... there are only 12 contestants.  On the bright side, i guess that means only 1 box of donuts is necessary for the after-party! (Sorry - today is National Donut Day and I didn't get one... but there's no need to blame Miss Iowa for my lack!  That's just poor taste... I apologize).

Iowa History:  No Miss America has ever been crowned from Iowa... but they have a reputation for sending quality girls to Miss America... You either have a great Talent or amazing Interview skills. You don't just win because 'its' your turn' at Iowa.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  Honestly, I'm afraid the Iowa site is cumbersome and difficult to navigate.  We finally gave in and looked up head-shots on the Miss America site... which you can see here for yourself.

Who to Watch:  Not too hard, considering there's only a dozen, but here's who we've picked...

Mariah Cary - Yes, that's her real name... the current Miss Muscatine (which has produced several Miss Iowas), Iowa's Junior Miss in 2004, tap dancer and well spoken.  Has tourette syndrome, which is also her platform

Erika Olson - ANTSO Iowa Teen in 07, returning from '10 and '11, non-finalist interview winner last year

Jessica Baker - Baton Twirler, Iowa Outstanding Teen in 09

Pageant takes place June 7th-9th and a new queen will be crowned!

The Junkies Love Iowa!  And Donuts (lol!) :)


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