Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Miss Ohio

Ellen Bryan... not only did she have an unusual platform to promote at Miss America ("When Lightening Roars, Go Indoors"... based on her own sister being struck by lightening 12 years ago)... Ellen decided to do something we've not ever seen a Miss State even pretend to attempt!

She decided to ride her bike across the state of Ohio, visiting 6 different Children's Miracle Network hospitals and raising money along the way!  Yup!  27 days, 45 cites and 850 miles across the Buckeye State in the name of CMN! In case you missed it, the official webpage with all the details is here... :)

Ellen's platform work earned her a Quality of Life finalist award at Miss America... Well Deserved!!!

Ohio History:  Technically, Ohio has 6 Miss Americas --- but one of them was crowned twice!  Mary Campbell in '22 and '23 (the only Miss America to hold such a distinction), Marily Meseke in '38, Jacquelyn Mayer in '68, Laurel Schafer '72, and Susan Perkins in '78...So 5 different women from Ohio have been crowned Miss America a total of 6 times. :)  Ohio's been in a bit of slump... once upon a time you could count them in as always having a strong competitor, but it's been 18 years since they've had a runner up (Lea Mack 2nd runner up in 94).

Best Junkie Research Tool: Here's the link to the Miss Ohio contestant page...

Items of Note:  This is simply our observation... Ohio seems to want to crown "good girls" who love the program, will represent the state of Ohio well and continue to give back.  They don't seem to take chances on girls who might perform well at Miss America or 'stand out' specifically for any reason.  Almost as if they'd prefer to have a great "Miss Ohio" instead of a chance at Miss America.

Who to Watch: 
Alyssa Brumbaugh - 1st runner up in '11, prelim swimsuit winner, 2nd time at Miss OH

Meggie Whitman - 3rd runner up in '11, prelim swimsuit winner, musical theater major, 3rd time at Miss OH

Jenna Fowls - Top 10 in '11 and prelim talent winner

Cayla Hellwarth - Top 10 in '11, prelim talent winner as well

Tera Coleman - Top 10 in '10, law student, should have a strong interview

Junkies Love O - HI - O !!! :)  All the Best, Ladies!!! :)


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