Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miss California

Noelle Freeman, Miss California 2011 may have single handily showed the pageant world what a Miss America contestant is made of.  Why?  Because Noelle is a social media Junkie!  This girl knows how to Tweet, Tag and Tout (and not necessarily in that order!)...and every one of those verbs not only made her visible, but also made her different than every other contestant.  From her hilarious tweets...
"Did your mother not teach you that the gym 
is NOT an appropriate place to ask girls out?  #tragic"

To her personally edited videos...

To her creative web photos...

Noelle brought a new dimension to Miss America this year and we LOVED IT!!!

We also spotted Noelle from the get-go... and her Top 5 finish was no surprise to us (for the record, the Junkies picked 4 out of the Top 5 before the 2012 Finals began... (check out our Junkies blogpost here...).  Finishing as the 4th runner up, Noelle shined on stage and had that Sexy-Cool-Charisma that seems to ooze out of California girls shortly after birth!

 Photo by ED Brown Photography

I imagine we'll see Noelle working her way into an on-camera gig sometime in the future! :)

California History:  California is the ONLY STATE in the past 6 years to have at least a semi-finalist ALL 6 years! WOW!  In fact, since 1995, they've gone 12 for 17!!!  Not too shabby!!!  They've also had 6 Miss Americas, but none since Debra Maffett in 83 (Fay Lanphier in 25, Rosemary LaPlance in 41, Jean Bartel in 43, Marilyn Buferd in 46, and Lee Meriwether in 55).  California is hungry for another Miss America - this might be their year!

Best Junkie Research Tool:   Complete Bio's including interesting facts and scholastic ambitions are located on the Miss CA website here... but if you just want to see headshots and names, just go here...

Who to Watch:
There are 58 contestants trying to become Miss California this year!  You realize, that means it's harder to be Miss California than it is to be Miss America!  No wonder they've been on such a winning streak as of late! :)  Ok - well - given the fact that our research team has no time to research 58 girls, here's what we've come up with...

Leah Cecil - 1st runner up in '11, Miss Sweetheart Non-Finalist Talent Award, plays the Harp 2nd time at Miss CA

Crystal Lee - CA OT in 08, Miss Chinatown USA 2010, prelim evening gown in '11

Sara Choi - Violin player, 4th runner up in 08, Harvard Grad and her apartment recently caught fire!  Talk about a story to tell in interview!

Marina Inserra - Prelim Swimsuit in '10, vocal performance major, sings in the same a cappella group that Miss CA Ariana Afsar is a part of

Carly Valdes - great vocalist, strong swimsuit, excellent local prep team, 2nd time at Miss CA

Ruth Braum - Top 10 at Miss TX in 10, TX Talent winner in 09, Electric Guitar player for Talent and has played with Montley Crue's Tommy Lee

WOW - Serious Talent this year in California!  Who will the Winner be??? Hmmmmm....

All the Best, Ladies!!! :)


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