Thursday, June 21, 2012

Miss New Mexico

Sarina Turnbull, the reigning Miss New Mexico also has her crowning moment on the web... You can find it here...  Start watching at the 54:36 mark for final crowning...

Honest Humility is one of our favorite characteristics in a state queen... and we greatly appreciate that about Sarina... :)

Miss New Mexico History: No Miss America from New Mexcio in the 90 year history.... and unfortunately, never a Top 5 finish as well... Nicole Miner was a Top 7 finalist in '10.

Best Junkie Research Tool: All the head-shots can be found here... but I'm afraid it doesn't list Talent...

Who to Watch:

Candice Bennatt - After 3 years and a 4th runner up finish at Miss Texas, she's now competing in Miss NM.  Ballet Dancer, prelim swimsuit winner in TX

Carin Malm - 1st runner up in '10, 1st runner up NM OT '07, 2nd runner up National Sweet Teen

Stephanie Chavez - 2nd time at Miss NM, great headshot

Alexis Duprey - Miss NM Teen USA 09

Prelims start tonight!!!  Yay for The Land of Enchantment!!!  All the Best to Miss New Mexico!!! :)


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