Thursday, June 21, 2012

Miss Louisiana

Miss Louisiana 2011 Hope Anderson might of been a bit of a surprise to some people, but we saw her from the get-go!  Super tall, dark hair, and oh... turns out the men in her family (father, uncles) used to vacation/hunt near the Junkies hometown !!!

This dress was stunning on-stage... her Top 10 finish was well deserved! Hope also received the Miracle Maker Award, given to the 3 contestants who raised the most money for Children's Miracle Network... Hope raised $40,000!!! :)

Louisiana History:  Out of all the states who've never had a Miss America, Louisiana is our pick for getting one the soonest!  Sooooooooooooo many 1st runner ups, it's not even funny!  Patricia Brant (the ventriloquist in '85), Ericka Schwartz in '97, Faith Jenkins in '01 and Jennifer Dupont in '04.  If the Saints can pull out a Super Bowl victory, we're thinking Louisiana can find a Miss America in the next few years!!! :)

Best Junkie Research Tool:  Hands Down... This video is worth the 28 minutes.  If you want to know who will will Louisiana, just take notes while you watch... then see if your picks match our below. :)

Who to Watch:

Carly McCord - 1st runner up in '11, her first year at Miss LA

Mallory Cox - 3rd runner up in '11, piano player, Prelim Talent Winner

Lauren Vizza - 4th runner up in '11, and 3rd runner up in '10

Kassy Sanchez - Honebee Festival Queen... 1st time at LA (we think)

Megan Dupre - strong presence, 2nd time at Miss LA

Aja Majkrzak - violin player, former talent winner and 4th runner up at Miss Minnesota

Miss Louisiana will be webcast this year!!!  Looking forward to the first round of Prelims Tonight!!!



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