Monday, June 11, 2012

Miss Wisconsin

 Your reigning Miss America Laura Kaeppeler, is from the great state of Wisconsin!!!  Which, as we all know means (c’mon Junkies… you know you wanna... so go ahead and say it with me…)… “If the winner is unable to fulfill her duties, the 1st runner up shall take her place.”  And let me say, Wisconsin’s 1st runner up is an outstanding choice!

It takes a special girl to agree to ‘take over the crown’ for only a few months before a new state queen is crowned.  Lots of times you get the 3rd or 4th runner up, or even the girl who finished in 6th place - because the Top 5 are prepared to return, hoping to win, so they can compete for Miss America themselves. Raeanna Johnson was 1st runner up to Laura and by all accounts, you can see that Wisconsin got lucky with both Laura and Reanna in the same year!

Raeanna had just moved to Texas when she watched Laura Kaeppeler be crowned on national television.  After considering her options, she decided to return to Wisconsin and take over the title.  Kudos to Raeanna!!!  If you don't know much about Raeanna, enjoy this video of her --- she's delightful!!! :)

Wisconsin History:  Besides Laura Kaeppeler, Terrry Meeuwsen was named Miss America in 1973 and now is a host on The 700 Club.  There's an interview with both Wisconsinites at this link here...

Best Junkie Research Tool:  We’re guessing that the volunteers in Wisconsin feel like life never stops!  From last year’s state pageant, they spent time preparing Laura for Miss America… then, after she won, they’ve spent time preparing for her Homecoming and several appearances in the Badger state!  Now, they’re about to crown a new queen!  That’s a lot of work to do by people who don’t get paid to do it!  The fact that they’ve been able to keep a strong website despite all this, speaks well of the program.  Check it out here... find it at the 20:10 mark.

Who to Watch:

Tonya Popowski - Miss WI OT in '05, Top 10 in '10 and '11

Desiree Geffers - 2nd runner up in '11, 3rd runner up in '10, 5th time at Miss WI

Katie Williams - 4th runner up in '10, Top 10 in '11, 4th time at Miss WI

Elizabeth Kramer - vocalist, 4th runner up in '11, Top 10 in '10

Mary O'Connell - Top 10 in '11, strong talent 

All the Best to everyone at Miss Wisconsin!!!  Junkies Love Ya!!! :)


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