Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Miss Washington DC

Ashley Boalch showed up at Miss DC as her first ever pageant… and she won!  Yes - just like Miss Maine (highlighted yesterday), Ashely walked on the Miss America stage participating in her second pageant in her entire life... it still boggles our minds!!!   

Ashley won the non-finalist interview award at Miss America this year – as no surprise to us!  She’s extremely articulate and represents herself as a strong, capable, competent young woman.  She’s one of these gals you should look up in 10 years to see what company she's running!

DC History:  Our very first Miss America Margaret Gorman '21 and Venus Ramey in '44.

Best Junkie Research Tool:  The Miss DC site has large headshots of all the contestants along with their platform, talent and age!  You can also vote for your favorite contestant as 'the people's choice'.  Lots of states are jumping on this bandwagon --- Oklahoma announced they raised $19,000 based on $1 per vote!  WOW!!!  The Miss DC link can be found here...

Who to Watch:

Allyn Rose - former Miss Maryland USA '11, National Championship Roller Skater, beautiful, wants to be a constitutional attorney

Helen Hua - flute player, Top 10 previously in Massachusetts, second time at DC

Jachele Velez - Top 10 in New Jersey '11, prelim gown, swimsuit and interview winner, ANTSO Jr Teen 05

Melissa Youssef - competed previously in California, 2nd time at DC, previous state interview winner future attorney as well.

All the Best to Miss DC!!!  The Junkies Love Our Nation's Capital!!! :)


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