Thursday, April 24, 2014


Whenever you start to think you're busy... Remind yourself of Miss Vermont, Jeanelle Achee's schedule the year BEFORE she was named Miss VT.  According to an online article in the Hearld of Randolph, Jeanelle juggled 2 jobs, logged over 600 hours of community service, completed her third year of nursing school and pursued a minor in global studies.  Oh - and did we mention she was also named a Truman Scholar?  Whew!  The Junkies are tired just thinking of it all!

But we shouldn't be surprised... After all, Vermont has been crowning super smart, accomplished, women for decades and Jeanelle was no exception.  We look forward to watching Jeanelle in the years ahead and watching her excel in her field of choice. :)

Now - Regarding Miss Vermont 2014 - there's a wonderful group of girls to choose from.  Different states have different preferences on what they're looking for - but in Vermont, there's no way you can win if you don't have a stellar interview.  That's what makes it a little hard for the Junkies to choose a winner - because someone's interview ability isn't typically something you can research online.  However, we've done our best - and here's what we've got!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Jackie Croft - 1st runner up '12, 2nd runner up '13
Nina Merriman - 1st runner up '13
Alayna Westcom - 4th runner up '11, scholar award in '11
Ashley Bourdeau - rookie, articulate, lovely headshot, zumba instructor


Miss Vermont 2014 collage courtesy of Miss America Class Updates!  To see a larger image, just click on the photo! :)


Wednesday, April 23, 2014



Are we really here again?  Is it really time to take another spin on the Junkie Merry-Go-Round of insanity as we predict the 53 women who will compete for the title of Miss America 2015?  I'm trying to remember why I put myself thought this... LOL!  Truth is, I think this is why I'm called a "Junkie"... It's the sickness that slowly takes over... and before you realize it... you're googling girls left and right, day and night... combing and searching for a bit of insight... :)

Could someone please do me a favor and stage an intervention next year...?

Awesome.  Thanks :)

OK - Here's the list of each and every state pageant coming up - Starting, with Miss Vermont this weekend!

In case you haven't seen this before - Here's how it works... I'll post a blog about each state and who I see as the front-runners to win the crown.  The number of girls competing a State varies dramatically - which means, there's no rule regarding how many names get listed.  If you wanna know how we choose the ladies on our "Here's Who to Watch" list, check out our explanation at our blogpost here from 2013 or our follow up post here - which explains things a little further...

Please know - I'M NOT PERFECT which means sometimes I get it right - sometimes I get it wrong... Last year, we were correct 86% of the time - Which frankly, was a little surprising even to us! :)  However - it's worthy to note that last year, we missed the very first state of the year (which happened to be New Hampshire) and strangely enough, we also missed all of the states that start with the letter "I"... Iowa, Indiana, Illinois AND Idaho!  Intriguing... Inexplicable... Incomprehensible... Inconceivable for everyone, we know... :)

One of our favorite posts of last year was telling you which states received the Top 5 hits out of all 53 states... And let's face it - if you clicked the previous 2 links, you might as well click this one too!  To see the "Top 5 of 2013" just click here...   It's pretty amazing to see where the best "Junkies" in the nation come from and which states they follow :)

So - without further adieu, we'll get started tomorrow with Miss Vermont!  Stay Tuned - Another year's worth of addiction is about to commence...


Monday, April 21, 2014

Hey Junkies! Where Ya Been???


LOL!  Good Question!  One I've been asked many times over the past several months... And I'm not sure I've had a good answer for you until now.  For those of you who thought we disappeared off the planet - My apologies.  Truth is, we've had to do some searching to uncover answers for our absence the past many months... In the end, here are three thoughts that are therapeutic to my soul and offer a few explanations...

1. Burn Out.  Within 9 months (Jan 2013 - Sept 2013), we crowned 2 Miss Americas, Junkies posted predictions on all 53 state pageants, maintained a Blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed, PLUS we traveled to both Vegas AND Atlantic City to see Mallory and Nina be crowned live.  Truth is, if this were my full time job, I could understand seasons where everything seems overwhelming... But unfortunately, I don't get paid for this gig (at least not yet!).  This is my hobby.  And I gave a lot of time, effort and energy to my hobby in a short period of time.

2.  New Job in Real Life.  After spending 15 years building my career in the same industry, I took a new position that stretched me professionally.  Doing so has meant I haven't had as much time for my hobby - and much of my energies have gone into my new position rather than into eating, sleeping and drinking Miss America Junkies all day, every day. :)

3.  Goal Achieved.  You may be asking yourself, "Goal Achieved?  What does that even mean?"  Well - if you go back through the archives of this blog, you'll find something I write over and over again.  One of the reasons I started Miss America Junkies is because I wanted to help 'change the tone' I was hearing from online pageant people.  Years ago (before social media went crazy), information regarding Miss America contestants was super difficult to find.  Even less than 5 years ago, I remember staying up into the wee hours of the night, just to find out who were the winners at our own Miss America preliminary!   There were only 2 or 3 independent websites dedicated to pageants, and very few states had their own Facebook pages - let alone updated websites with contestant information.  Conversely, young women were online in droves - which made the information gap larger than ever!  So what happened?  Well, that void of information was filled with online message boards.  A fine idea initially, until it brought out the worst in pageant followers.  Soon, all I began to see was negativity and bad-mouthing from a bunch of anonymous posters.  That's why it became my goal to bring faster, more positive attention to titleholders WITHOUT the ugly judgement that often came alongside pageant commentary.  I just thought you could still have fun, provide information quickly, and still 'be bold' in predictions without being nasty.

Since The Junkies' inception, some wonderful things have happened... First, more and more 'positive' blog and facebook groups have come into play and are gaining steam!  Miss America Class Updates and Miss America Unlimited have wonderful Facebook pages to keep fans informed (check 'em out!).  I'm floored at how many people 'live tweet' now from various state competitions - let alone Miss America!  It's a HUGE change from 5 short years ago and it's made a big difference!  In addition, because of our travels to numerous state pageants, Vegas and AC, The Junkies have personally met countless contestants and volunteers who have been quick to offer support of our philosophy and encouraged us with their positive feedback.  It seems YOU CAN have fun, make predictions and enjoy competition without being ugly.

Here's the deal... My goal was to change the tone of the internet regarding Miss America contestants.  I think that's happened.  It's not over - and we certainly aren't claiming we did it all by ourselves - but overall, I believe our involvement has helped facilitate some good things in pageant-land.  And that - is extremely rewarding. :)

So - where does that leave us now?  Well... here's what I know...

1.  We WILL be posting our beloved "Here's Who to Watch" blogs on each and every state - starting THIS WEEKEND with Miss Vermont! :)  It's a crazy under-taking, but we're committed to getting it done :)

2.  We're still considering state pageants to attend this summer... As you can imagine, traveling to these events is another large under-taking, and requires a lot of coordination from the 'real-job' and the home front.  We promise to keep each of you informed as we work towards our summer schedule.

3.  Set new goals.  I'm not quite sure exactly what this looks like just yet - but I'm excited about what the future holds!  As we grow, we'll be sure to include you on all the latest information in the land of MAJ... Again, we're so appreciative of those who have been a part of our journey thus far and we look forward to where we go from here!

In the meantime, WE STILL LOVE HEARING FROM YOU!  Whether it's interacting via Facebook, Twitter or this blog, The Junkies have developed some incredible real-life friendships and wonderful on-line relationships with people we would've never met otherwise - and we're super grateful for it!  THANK YOU for the things you do to promote The Junkies to your family, friends or people who are new to the world of pageantry.  That's how we continue to 'spread the word' of positive pageant commentary and continue to accomplish our original goal.

STAY TUNED for the MISS VERMONT blog coming up this week - and the MISS NEW HAMPSHIRE blog coming up next week!  It's about to get CRAZY!!!