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Are we really here again?  Is it really time to take another spin on the Junkie Merry-Go-Round of insanity as we predict the 53 women who will compete for the title of Miss America 2015?  I'm trying to remember why I put myself thought this... LOL!  Truth is, I think this is why I'm called a "Junkie"... It's the sickness that slowly takes over... and before you realize it... you're googling girls left and right, day and night... combing and searching for a bit of insight... :)

Could someone please do me a favor and stage an intervention next year...?

Awesome.  Thanks :)

OK - Here's the list of each and every state pageant coming up - Starting, with Miss Vermont this weekend!

In case you haven't seen this before - Here's how it works... I'll post a blog about each state and who I see as the front-runners to win the crown.  The number of girls competing a State varies dramatically - which means, there's no rule regarding how many names get listed.  If you wanna know how we choose the ladies on our "Here's Who to Watch" list, check out our explanation at our blogpost here from 2013 or our follow up post here - which explains things a little further...

Please know - I'M NOT PERFECT which means sometimes I get it right - sometimes I get it wrong... Last year, we were correct 86% of the time - Which frankly, was a little surprising even to us! :)  However - it's worthy to note that last year, we missed the very first state of the year (which happened to be New Hampshire) and strangely enough, we also missed all of the states that start with the letter "I"... Iowa, Indiana, Illinois AND Idaho!  Intriguing... Inexplicable... Incomprehensible... Inconceivable for everyone, we know... :)

One of our favorite posts of last year was telling you which states received the Top 5 hits out of all 53 states... And let's face it - if you clicked the previous 2 links, you might as well click this one too!  To see the "Top 5 of 2013" just click here...   It's pretty amazing to see where the best "Junkies" in the nation come from and which states they follow :)

So - without further adieu, we'll get started tomorrow with Miss Vermont!  Stay Tuned - Another year's worth of addiction is about to commence...


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