Thursday, April 24, 2014


Whenever you start to think you're busy... Remind yourself of Miss Vermont, Jeanelle Achee's schedule the year BEFORE she was named Miss VT.  According to an online article in the Hearld of Randolph, Jeanelle juggled 2 jobs, logged over 600 hours of community service, completed her third year of nursing school and pursued a minor in global studies.  Oh - and did we mention she was also named a Truman Scholar?  Whew!  The Junkies are tired just thinking of it all!

But we shouldn't be surprised... After all, Vermont has been crowning super smart, accomplished, women for decades and Jeanelle was no exception.  We look forward to watching Jeanelle in the years ahead and watching her excel in her field of choice. :)

Now - Regarding Miss Vermont 2014 - there's a wonderful group of girls to choose from.  Different states have different preferences on what they're looking for - but in Vermont, there's no way you can win if you don't have a stellar interview.  That's what makes it a little hard for the Junkies to choose a winner - because someone's interview ability isn't typically something you can research online.  However, we've done our best - and here's what we've got!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Jackie Croft - 1st runner up '12, 2nd runner up '13
Nina Merriman - 1st runner up '13
Alayna Westcom - 4th runner up '11, scholar award in '11
Ashley Bourdeau - rookie, articulate, lovely headshot, zumba instructor


Miss Vermont 2014 collage courtesy of Miss America Class Updates!  To see a larger image, just click on the photo! :)


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