Saturday, May 31, 2014


Ashley Massiah has been a wonderful representative for the Virgin Islands - and has finished her year out strong!  Most recently, she's been featured on News Channel 8 in the Virgin Islands giving the weekly crime stoppers report - as well as assisting in events that help feed the poor in her community.  Junkies wish Ashley all the best as she gives up her title this week!

Now, regarding this year's competition... One of our favorite ways to conduct research on Miss State contestants is through VIDEOS!  Big thanks to Miss VI for having each of their contestants produce a video this year - Just check out the Miss Virgin Islands Facebook page here at this link to see all 4 contestants for yourself!   PS - Did we mention, Junkies LOVE contestant videos? ;) 

All the best to each of this year's contestants!

LLuvia Arrendell
Chelsea Herman
Ashley Gabriel
Isabella Sylvester



Friday, May 30, 2014


Junkies are big fans of "genuine"...  And Diana Sweeney's work with the Special Olympics leads us to believe she's got 'genuine' all over her! :)

From the Polar Plunge Profile of Diana - as she prepared to take the frigid jump into the icy waters of Lake Tahoe to benefit Special Olympics - Diana says,

"The Special Olympics is an extremely important program to me. I have worked with special needs students from a very young age, and I couldn’t imagine my life without my involvement with the Special Olympics. I look forward to every single event, and I cannot wait to see all of my friends and spend time with the best people I know."

In Atlantic City, Diana was named a finalist for the new S.T.E.M. scholarship - given to Miss America contestants who are pursing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Diana's goal is to become a Math Professor - and let me just say... If Diana were my math professor in college, she would've smelled a whole lot better than the guy I had to learn from!  LOL!  It's a wonder I made it through that class!

All the best to Diana as she continues her super special work with Special Olympics and pursues her career :)

Now - Regarding this year's Miss Nevada --- There are 3 former Miss Nevada Outstanding Teens competing this year ('08, '11 and '12) - But that doesn't mean one of them will take it - Let's just say, this weekend's pageant is one to watch! 

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Angelica Bustos - National American Miss - Miss Nevada Teen Winner 2012
Alexis Hilts - NV OT '08, 3rd runner up NV Teen USA '11, NV DYW (Jr. Miss) '13
Bailey Gumm - 4th runner up in '13, NV OT '11
Ellie Smith - NV OT '12
Elisa Merino - Photogenic and Persistent :)



Thursday, May 29, 2014


We tend to post a lot of blogs from the contestants who give us their full experience AFTER Miss America was complete... Well, today we're giving you a taste of what the FIRST day of Miss America is like - courtesy of Miss Wyoming, 2013 Rebecca Podio!  Check out her full blogpost here!

Rebecca won the title of Miss Wyoming during her final year of eligibility and after several years in the program.  Her persistence and perseverance are an inspiration to everyone who still has something inside of them saying, "I've got to give this one more shot."

Junkies wish Rebecca all the best in her future plans... She's currently a Production Engineer in the Oil and Gas industry and we know she has a bright future ahead of her!

And when it comes to this year's Miss Wyoming pageant - it's certainly shaping up to be quite an interesting evening!  In fact, this might be the most competitive state pageant Wyoming has seen in quite a few years!  We're excited to see who will earn the crown on Saturday Night!

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Jessica Dyk - SD OT '09 (middle left) - Attending Auburn on full MAOT scholarship
Caitlin Bush - 2nd runner up '13 (top left)
Jessie Allen - 2nd runner up WY USA '13, sister was WY USA '12 (bottom left)
Julia Kendrix - Top 8 SD '12 (bottom middle)
Jordyn Hall - contestant at Miss Washington in '13 (top right)



Wednesday, May 28, 2014


One of the things we love about the Miss America pageant is that it draws in young women who are looking for a way to stand out in the world.  Miss Alaska 2013 Michelle Taylor, is no exception.

From the University of Alaska Anchorage "Student Spotlight"-

          "This year’s 2013 Miss Alaska, Michelle Taylor, is the first to admit she never thought she’d be competing in beauty scholarship pageants, much less be a Miss America contestant in Atlantic City on Sept. 15.
          Like many, Michelle believed the stereotypes surrounding beauty pageants. It wasn’t until she attended a competition and followed some of the most famous beauty queens on social media that she realized it was much more than beautiful women wearing tiaras and fancy dresses.

          “These women are well-rounded, poised professionals. They have great communication skills and want to be role models for young people in our nation. It’s inspiring that they take such an active role in the community, promoting their platforms and raising awareness to hot topics and issues we face in our country,” she says.
          “I wanted to be one of those women.”

We saw Michelle perform her talent in Atlantic City and watched her exude confidence on stage (this gown was STUNNING on her) - and let me just say... Not only has she become "one of those women"...  I'm certain she now has young girls looking up to her thinking the exact same thing. :)

In fact, Michelle's work as Miss Alaska is no doubt one of the reasons why there are so many contestants this year!  There are 18 girls vying for the crown - and 10 of them are brand new to the Miss Alaska stage!  That's evidence of a growing program - Congrats Alaska!!! :)  We expect big things from you in the years to come! :)

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Sarah Cvancara - 1st runner up '13
Veronica Temple - 2nd runner up '13, 3rd runner up '11, AK Teen USA '12, AK OT '09
Brooke Johnson - 1st runner up AK USA '14
Sierra Rain Begich Slade - AK OT '08
Carolyn Layne - 3rd runner up '13 
Victoria Bensel - Collegiate Track Athlete - she's driven
Melissa Kaylor - Outstanding voice - 3rd place AK Got Talent'12
Malie Delgado - Strong vocal - made it to 2nd round of the X Factor on TV (3 yes votes!)



Monday, May 19, 2014


So, here's a little secret.  One of our favorite things... is seeing who takes the crown back in Miss America's home state after she wins the big title!  Honestly!  We get super giddy about it!  It's kinda like telling someone, "Sorry, you lost.... Oops!  Just kidding!"  Although perhaps not quite THAT dramatic - it's still pretty wonderful - especially when the competition was fierce to begin with - and both girls at the top had a chance to become Miss State.

This year, the state of New York was super fortunate to get another incredible Miss NY in Amanda Mason.  Stunning and articulate with a killer voice, Amanda was the 1st runner up to Nina Davuluri and hasn't missed a beat since being named Miss New York.  She's all over social media, she's making appearances left and right, and she's forever part of the sisterhood who crowned 4 Miss New York's in 2 short years.  Don't be surprised if you see Amanda's name up in lights one day - she could've easily been a runner up/winner at Miss America if given the opportunity and we know you'll be hearing her name for years to come!  Good luck Amanda!

Ok - Now on to this year's competition!

So - one of the biggest mistakes you could make, would be to think that because Miss America has come from New York the last two years in a row, perhaps this isn't going to be much of a pageant this year...

Hmmmm... How can I say this...?

You would be WRONG!!!  Miss New York is STACKED AGAIN this year - and it's gonna be a crazy-fight to the finish!  And don't forget - if the winner of Miss New York becomes Miss America - it would be a historic three-peat for the first time EVER!  No Pressure! :)

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch: 

Julia Rae Schlucter - PA OT '08, 1st runner up at MAOT, great voice,
Desiree Wiley - 3rd runner up '13, 4th runner up '12, SS Prelim, news reporter in Buffalo
Jillian Tapper - 3rd runner up Miss FL '12, Baton Twirler
Jamie Hughes - former Miss VA competitor, Miss VA US '12
Cat Janisko - 4th runner up '12 and '13 at Miss PA, news reporter in Plattsburgh
Kira Kazantsev - Top 10 '13, Russian, stunning, triple major graduate from Hofstra
Christina Moore - Top 10 '13
Jamie Macchia - Top 11 '12
Claudette Gomez - Law Student at Columbia, 1st time at Miss NY

All the best to everyone at Miss NY!!!  Could it be 3 in a row???


Thursday, May 1, 2014


Samantha Russo has a gift.  The girl can sing!

Samantha was named the preliminary talent award winner on the very first night of competition at Miss America - which, in case you don't know, is typically STACKED with crazy amounts of Talent.  In case you missed it - here's a video of her prelim performance from YouTube :)

I told you... THE GIRL CAN SING!  And - she just started taking lessons AFTER she was named Miss New Hampshire!

In addition, we loved Samantha's "Top Things Learned at Miss America" post from her own blog... If you're a contestant this year, do yourself a favor a read it here!  Well worth the time!!! :)

We're pretty sure we're going to be seeing great things from Sam Russo over the coming years... She won Miss NH on her first try - which might now feel like a 'detour' on her journey towards a career in sports broadcasting.  In fact, she has a love of baseball that warms our Junkie hearts!  Here's wishing BIG SUCCESS to Samantha in the years to come! :)

Regarding this year's competition - Lucky for us - we got to meet a WHOLE BUNCH of Junkies from NH at Miss America in Atlantic City!  Don't think we haven't forgotten about you :)  We LOVE our NH Junkies and can't wait to see how this week's competition plays out :)

Now - Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Sarah Mousseau - 2nd runner up '12 and '13, Prelim SS in '13
Kendall Wipff - 1st runner up '13, Miss Mass OT '10, 3rd time at Miss NH
Jessica Avelar - 3rd runner up in '13
Holly Blanchard - Prelim Talent winner, Top 12 in '13
Joanna Shields - Miss CT competitor twice, lovely body

Big Shout Out to Stephanie and Nichole Iacuzio - sisters competing together at Miss NH!  And Junkies also wanna say "Good Luck" to Kat Howland who sent us some fabulous New Hampshire maple syrup plus other goodies from the Granite State (You Look Great Kat!!!) :)  


Collage courtesy of Miss America Class Updates :)