Wednesday, May 28, 2014


One of the things we love about the Miss America pageant is that it draws in young women who are looking for a way to stand out in the world.  Miss Alaska 2013 Michelle Taylor, is no exception.

From the University of Alaska Anchorage "Student Spotlight"-

          "This year’s 2013 Miss Alaska, Michelle Taylor, is the first to admit she never thought she’d be competing in beauty scholarship pageants, much less be a Miss America contestant in Atlantic City on Sept. 15.
          Like many, Michelle believed the stereotypes surrounding beauty pageants. It wasn’t until she attended a competition and followed some of the most famous beauty queens on social media that she realized it was much more than beautiful women wearing tiaras and fancy dresses.

          “These women are well-rounded, poised professionals. They have great communication skills and want to be role models for young people in our nation. It’s inspiring that they take such an active role in the community, promoting their platforms and raising awareness to hot topics and issues we face in our country,” she says.
          “I wanted to be one of those women.”

We saw Michelle perform her talent in Atlantic City and watched her exude confidence on stage (this gown was STUNNING on her) - and let me just say... Not only has she become "one of those women"...  I'm certain she now has young girls looking up to her thinking the exact same thing. :)

In fact, Michelle's work as Miss Alaska is no doubt one of the reasons why there are so many contestants this year!  There are 18 girls vying for the crown - and 10 of them are brand new to the Miss Alaska stage!  That's evidence of a growing program - Congrats Alaska!!! :)  We expect big things from you in the years to come! :)

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch:

Sarah Cvancara - 1st runner up '13
Veronica Temple - 2nd runner up '13, 3rd runner up '11, AK Teen USA '12, AK OT '09
Brooke Johnson - 1st runner up AK USA '14
Sierra Rain Begich Slade - AK OT '08
Carolyn Layne - 3rd runner up '13 
Victoria Bensel - Collegiate Track Athlete - she's driven
Melissa Kaylor - Outstanding voice - 3rd place AK Got Talent'12
Malie Delgado - Strong vocal - made it to 2nd round of the X Factor on TV (3 yes votes!)



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