Monday, May 19, 2014


So, here's a little secret.  One of our favorite things... is seeing who takes the crown back in Miss America's home state after she wins the big title!  Honestly!  We get super giddy about it!  It's kinda like telling someone, "Sorry, you lost.... Oops!  Just kidding!"  Although perhaps not quite THAT dramatic - it's still pretty wonderful - especially when the competition was fierce to begin with - and both girls at the top had a chance to become Miss State.

This year, the state of New York was super fortunate to get another incredible Miss NY in Amanda Mason.  Stunning and articulate with a killer voice, Amanda was the 1st runner up to Nina Davuluri and hasn't missed a beat since being named Miss New York.  She's all over social media, she's making appearances left and right, and she's forever part of the sisterhood who crowned 4 Miss New York's in 2 short years.  Don't be surprised if you see Amanda's name up in lights one day - she could've easily been a runner up/winner at Miss America if given the opportunity and we know you'll be hearing her name for years to come!  Good luck Amanda!

Ok - Now on to this year's competition!

So - one of the biggest mistakes you could make, would be to think that because Miss America has come from New York the last two years in a row, perhaps this isn't going to be much of a pageant this year...

Hmmmm... How can I say this...?

You would be WRONG!!!  Miss New York is STACKED AGAIN this year - and it's gonna be a crazy-fight to the finish!  And don't forget - if the winner of Miss New York becomes Miss America - it would be a historic three-peat for the first time EVER!  No Pressure! :)

Junkies Say Here's Who to Watch: 

Julia Rae Schlucter - PA OT '08, 1st runner up at MAOT, great voice,
Desiree Wiley - 3rd runner up '13, 4th runner up '12, SS Prelim, news reporter in Buffalo
Jillian Tapper - 3rd runner up Miss FL '12, Baton Twirler
Jamie Hughes - former Miss VA competitor, Miss VA US '12
Cat Janisko - 4th runner up '12 and '13 at Miss PA, news reporter in Plattsburgh
Kira Kazantsev - Top 10 '13, Russian, stunning, triple major graduate from Hofstra
Christina Moore - Top 10 '13
Jamie Macchia - Top 11 '12
Claudette Gomez - Law Student at Columbia, 1st time at Miss NY

All the best to everyone at Miss NY!!!  Could it be 3 in a row???


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