Sunday, January 16, 2011

Miss NEBRASKA is Miss America 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry for not posting last night - we had a wonderful day and a very late night! The show started at 6pm Pacific - but it didn't air in Nevada until 9pm! That means we were able to go to the event, see the entire show, attend the post-event press conference, get some food AND be back in our rooms to see the final 45 minutes on TV! Such a fun, fun night!!!

In case you missed it, the new Miss America is Teresa Scanlan, from Nebraska! Earlier in the week - I posted that she would be the first runner up... but by the end of Friday, I was pretty well convinced that she could win it all! I thought it would come down to Nebraska and Hawaii - but when it was Nebraska and Arkansas at the end, I just kept thinking "They can't really crown a ventriloquist, can they?". So excited with the judges choice - and with the way she handled herself all night long...

Just a few fun facts about the new queen... SHE'S 17 - and the youngest Miss America since they instituted an age requirement in 1921... She's the first instrumentalist since Debbye Turner (who happened to be one of the judges) and the first piano player since Kellye Cash in 1987 (who sang AND played the piano for her talent. Debbye Turner played the Marimba)... She's the middle of 7 total children, 3 in front of her and 3 behind her... She was homeschooled through her Junior Year, and graduated from Scottsbluff High her Senior Year... Her hometown in Gehring, NE... her grandparents immigrated from Croatia... She was accepted into Patrick Henry College and had to 'defer' when she was named Miss Nebraska... she's be 'deferring' again now that she's Miss America... She tried to be Nebraska's Outstanding Teen 3 different times and was told she wasn't 'Teen enough'... so she entered Miss Nebraska as soon as she could... won it on her first try and went on to become Miss America... and she's not afraid to take a position on an issue... watch the press conference to see what i mean!

Additionally, here are a few random thoughts for those of you who still care about my random thoughts...

1. My love/hate relationship with North Carolina continues (see previous posts about multiple years of not doing a very good job when it comes to assessing Miss North Carolinas)... the lovely girl wins Talent and then doesn't make the Top 15. One of these days, I'll get it right.

2. In the 'Where Did She Come From' category this year --- Miss Washington. Mom asked Saturday night while we were waiting for the show to start, "Who's Jackie Brown" and I said... "I have no idea." We even saw her perform Talent on Thursday night and weren't super impressed. I hate it when someone's not even on my radar... it's a good thing I had a parade picture of her - 'cause otherwise, i wouldn't have even had a clue!

3. Oklahoma... My sister picked her out early - but by the time I saw her on Friday a the Parade, I thought "This girl is tired and has given up". I now see that she is just REALLY laid back... she was bouncing to the music when they were announcing the Top 5... that's just her. I misjudged her personality... glad Cori got it right!

4. We saw 6 of the girls perform their Talent on Thursday night - and let me say, they ALL performed BETTER on Saturday night during the live broadcast than they did during Prelims. I'd much rather have it that way than the other way around :)

5. I was LOVING the press conference with Miss America immediately following the show... Everyone in the room just started falling more and more in love with Teresa (you can see it on my Facebook page) the more she talked. She's very poised and prepared. I call her Refreshingly Capable and Confidently Independent. If I had a young daughter, I'd see Teresa as an outstanding, positive role model! :)

Hope everyone enjoyed these crazy posts --- it's my pleasure to bring you such thought provoking commentary mixed with captivating dither (LOL!) Honestly - thank you to my friends who indulge me each year when Miss America rolls around... and thank you to my "New" friends who've just discovered that I'm a bit of a kook when it comes to Miss America. Hoping we have something fun to talk about the next time we see each other! :)

If you'd like to see more of Teresa Scanlan, be sure to set your DVR's for Fox and Friends and The View for Monday -- She usually hits Regis and Kelly on Tuesday as well.

Until next year - when we crown a new queen... And we all have the honor of playing this guessing game one more time... I'll be practicing my wave between now and then... hoping you'll be practicing your vocals... so we can all sing together... "There She Is..."

Thanks again friends :)


Saturday, January 15, 2011


Oh My Goodness!!! Yesterday was a HOOT!!! There's no other word to describe it! We had a Freaking Fabulous Time at the Miss America Show us Your Shoes Parade!!! This parade was a 'first' for Vegas... and is hopefully a new way to continue the Atlantic City tradition of a parade on the boardwalk each Friday. This was a 'walking parade' rather than girls riding in the back of convertibles... but it was just as effective! The complete album is on my Facebook page - but here are a few of my favorites...

It was a GREAT Time!!!

Now - today is 'Business Day'... which means you and I need to make some PICKS!!! I've attached a form for you to use - feel free to click on the form and hopefully you can print it. If not, it's super simple... just pick your top 15, then your Top 10, then your Top 5. We'll give 2 points for each correct Top 15 finalist, 3 points for each correct Top 10 pick, 5 points for each Top 5 pick, and a 'bonus' of 10 points if you correctly pick the winner! The person with the highest point total wins the Vera Wang Princess Gift Set!!! There are 3 different ways to get your picks to me... either respond to this blog in the comments section, or send me a Facebook Message, or send me an email at I'll compile the results and announce the winner later this evening (or technically - tomorrow morning!!!).

Beyond the million parade photos i have on my Facebook page - Miss America hosted a press conference yesterday afternoon with nearly 50 Miss Americas - and the video is on Miss America's Facebook page and I've posted it on my Facebook page as well.

Beyond that - I'm not sure if there's anything else going on in the world today!?! Will try to get my picks in this afternoon --- make sure you get your picks to me before the show starts where you live (I think it's 8pm across the country) on ABC! In fact, I'll be at the Show at 5pm Pacific --- so I'll know who wins before they even broadcast it on TV out here!!! I promise I'll keep it all a secret :)

YAY FOR PAGEANT GAME-DAY!!! Get those picks in quickly!!!

Whoooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooo


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Preliminary Winners from Thursday Night!!!

We have WINNERS!!

All kinds of fun tonight! A wonderful opening number and the girls have it down pat after several days of performances! It's what i call a "Miss USA style Opening Number" - and is worthy of Network Television. I can't wait to see the final night live as well - I can only imagine the emotions and reactions of the girls who make Top 15 - and then Top 10 and finally, the Top 5. But I'm WAY ahead of myself!

Here are tonight's results!

Swimsuit = Oklahoma (an incorrect pick)... BIG SHOUT OUTS to my sister who spotted Oklahoma early on and stuck with her when I wasn't overly impressed. Oklahoma's daddy played NFL football and she originally wanted to be an Olympic swimmer when she grew up. When she hit the runway, it was like, 'BA BOOM!' She stunned the crowd when she came out because she's so long, tall and lovely. Oh, and she's blond! )

Talent = Nebraska (a correct pick!)... Get ready for Nebraska... this girl could win it all! She's only 17, but she's incredibly well spoken, super calm and has got it together! She wants to be a Supreme Court Justice one day - and she played the piano tonight without any background music. She's impressive! But she's 17. I've already gone on record with my family that she'll be the First Runner Up. We shall see...

So - Tomorrow is the "DSW Show us Your Shoes Parade" at Paris... and there's a press conference with all the Former Miss America's... and they'll announce the Quality of Life Winners. I'm looking forward to seeing the ladies in a little more 'casual mode' tomorrow instead of 'competition mode'. Plus - c'mon... Who doesn't love a parade of SHOES???

Now don't forget --- it's now time to put together your list of contestants! Top 15, Top 10 and Top 5 --- I'll post an official form tomorrow (but you don't have to print out the form - just email me a top 15, 10 and 5). And just as a reminder... I'm giving away a Vera Wang Princess perfume set to the person who gets the most points this year --- I may also include a few items of 'sparkle' straight from Vegas as well!

Again - really excited to be here!

Wish you were here!!!


Final Prelim Picks!!!

Here we go! It's time for the final night picks for the Preliminary Competition... remember, the preliminaries are the first chance the judges have to score the contestants and based on their preliminary scores, that's how we get the Top 15 who compete on Saturday night. However, I'm going to make you wait a bit for my picks... it's much more important to tell you what's happened since we arrived! :)

We've had an amazing time already - after getting our room, we headed out to grab a quick bite to eat before picking up my press passes. We hadn't sat down for more than 2 minutes, when an old pageant friend who knew my Aunt Carolyn very well, recognized my mom, then my aunt and he said "When i saw 'mama' i knew it had to be you guys!" Then of course, more folks from the Kansas system recognized us and we all were able to catch up for a bit. Crazy how the first place you go, you get spotted by people you haven't seen in 15 years!!! We were just glad they 'saw us' before they 'heard us' - if you know what i mean :)

So - after saying our 'goodbyes' we went upstairs to the Miss America trade show - where all kinds of gorgeous gowns and accessories are available for sale... Also picked up some free goodies from Artistry Beauty, got our tickets for tonight's show and were able to see some of the contestants walking by for rehearsals. We were able to chat a bit with Miss Connecticut (who i think is really sweet) and saw Miss Nebraska walking at the front of the pack - leading the group of girls to their destination (SHE'S 17, BUT SHE'S INCREDIBLE!!!). After lots of photos and giggles, we headed back to our room to rest our feet until the show tonight. Considering we were up at 4am this morning, we could use the nap time!

Alright! Time for tonight's picks!

Swimsuit = Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Tennessee.
Two blonds and 2 brunettes in this group... I think Tennessee is the most photogenic contestant in this year's pageant... we shall see...

Talent = Kentucky, Nebraska, Connecticut and Maryland.
I've chosen 3 vocalists and a piano player... If the Irish step dancer from Virginia wins, I'm going to laugh out loud!

The best news is - I GET TO SEE IT ALL LIVE and then tell you tonight if i agree or disagree with the judges choices! :)

Oh - and the videos you see posted are 'Behind the Scenes' creations from Artistry (Day 1 is at the top of the page)... looks like they just finalized Day 2 --- it's not up on YouTube yet, but you can find it here!!/video/video.php?v=184829948202493

They're fast paced and do give you a good synopsis of everything going on here!



Wednesday Prelim Winners!!!

Let me start this post by saying... 4am wake up calls come even earlier when you're giggling with you grandmother, mom, aunt and sister until midnight!!! We all gathered in a hotel room last night preparing to fly away this morning to VEGAS for this year's 90th anniversary of the Miss America pageant... so far, we haven't lost anything or anyone - and we haven't been chastised for being too loud, which is a big plus for this group!

But enough about us! Let's talk about the Winners from last night!

Swimsuit = Alabama (a correct pick!) Seriously - this girls has a Rockin' Body and is the second brunette to win Swimsuit (see previous post about no perky blonds winning the crown this year).

Talent = Rhode Island. My 'Almost' pick... but almost certainly doesn't count when it comes to the crown, so this means I'm still 50/50 (2 correct picks, 2 incorrect picks). Rhode Island sang "Smile" by Charlie Chaplin --- and this girl is a super smarty pants! She's a graduate of Brown University and studied International and Caribbean Affairs. I 'almost' picked her simply because of the fact that she should have a killer interview... but it is Rhode Island for pete's sakes which is about as much of a pageant state as Vermont. Gotta go with the gut more.

All kinds of updates continue to be available at she has pictures galore (and I'm blogging from an airport without much time to post pics)... Abby's blog is fantastic - but just remember, she's originally from Ohio, so she's a little partial. :)

Will do my best to get some research going for tonight's picks! SO EXCITED because we're all going to the Preliminary show tonight and will see it IN PERSON!!! Also - this afternoon I'll get my press passes and will certainly pass along any inside scoop I discover!

Honestly - I keep asking myself if this is really happening? Are we really going tonight? Does anyone have a way to record all the pithy yet exceptionally insightful comments were going to be making to each other while the girls walk across stage? Aren't you happy you're NOT a part of our entourage? :)

So Tired and yet - So Pumped! So Long for Now!!!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MAOT at Miss America!

I've been promising this post for a while now... time to stop procrastinating about it!

It's all about Miss America's Outstanding Teen!!!!

For those of you who don't know... Miss America only recently developed a 'teen division' the way Miss USA has Miss Teen USA (what? You mean Miss America and Miss USA aren't the same thing?). Please indulge my quick rabbit trail for those of you who have only started following along this year... it's certainly an appropriate question that deserves a solid answer.

Miss America was started in 1921 in Atlantic City. It was the finest pageant for decades - until Miss USA began because of an argument over Swimsuits. Yes - Swimsuits (long story - google it if you want the full scoop). In the '70's the Miss USA pageant began, and it had all the same 'categories' you might expect in a pageant competition - except Talent. You do not have to perform any sort of Talent at Miss USA - whereas with Miss America, Talent counts for 35% of your total score (the highest of any category). Miss USA is also the organization famous for Donald Trump, partying all night at the bars in New York, girls kissing girls, and the Perez Hilton/Miss California/Gay Marriage nightmare. None of those events are associated with Miss America - all Miss USA. Now, back to my original post...

Miss America was 'loosely affiliated' with America's Junior Miss - a Teen program for High School Seniors. However, there wasn't ever any official connection between the two programs (p.s. Diane Sawyer won America's Junior Miss way back in the day). Then, in 2005, Miss America created what is known as MAOT or Miss America's Outstanding Teen. You must be between the ages of 13-17 and compete in the same categories as Miss America, Talent, Evening Wear, Interview and Swimsuit. The current MAOT is from Oklahoma - and was crowned at the age of 16!!!


Well - this is why...

Each of these girls represented their state as at MAOT in their younger years - and now, they're competing for the title of Miss America!!! From left to right, Miss Vermont, Miss California, Miss New Mexico and Miss Hawaii. For the record - Miss California was the 1st runner up at MAOT back in 2005 :)

There you have it! I'd keep my eye on Hawaii and California - they know what they're doing and have been playing this game for a while...

Thanks for your patience! Whoooo Hoooooo for things you never knew before!!! :)

My Picks for Wednesday Prelims...

Now it's time to do another round of picks for tonight's (Wednesday) Preliminary Winners... I've been doing my research and I must tell you, every once in a while, you come across an interesting situation in regards to prelims... Tonight is one such night. Let me explain...

Last night, the cutest clogging/tap dancer you ever stinkin' saw was given a prelim award. As luck would have it - there are 3, count 'em THREE MORE tap dancers competing TONIGHT in talent. More than that - there are an additional 3, count 'em again, THREE MORE dancers who aren't Tap Dancers competing tonight (Jazz Dance, Ballet and Gymnastics Dance). Anyone see where I'm going??? Chances are, you aren't going to award two dancers, two nights in a row --- so I'm guessing tonight's winner is going to be a vocalist. Makes my life a little easier - but only if the theory holds true!

So - here are tonight's picks for you!

Swimsuit = Kentucky, Colorado, New Jersey and Alabama. These ladies are all gorgeous - and all brunettes. Three of the 4 won prelim swimsuit at their state pageants - and any of them could take the win tonight. Which brings me to something I like to remind everyone about the Swimsuit competition... sometimes, the girl who wins Swimsuit really is the girl who looks the best in her swimsuit. However, sometimes, the girl who wins swimsuit is the girl who looks really good in a swimsuit - but also happens to be one of the judges favorites from the private interview. How do you know the difference? You don't, unfortunately. At least not until you see the Top 5... Ok - back to picks for tonight...

Talent = Indiana, Utah, Idaho and Hawaii. Yes - some of you think I've lost it --- but this is the 'lacking talent' night in my opinion... so I'm branching out into some folks who are music majors in school and should at least be able to hit a note or two. Almost picking Rhode Island (another WHAT? state)... but I won't.

Otherwise - as promised, I'm going to put up one more post tonight about Miss America's Outstanding Teen... stay tuned for such!

And here's another shot of the judges from today's press conference... If you think this crowd is going to crown a perky blond, think again!

Geez - makes me wonder whose funeral they're going to! HA!



And the Tuesday Winners Are...

YAY FOR TUESDAY WINNERS!!!! I hardly ever sleep the night after the first round of Preliminary Winners - because I'm SO EXCITED to see who our Winners are on Wednesday morning!!! I can just imagine how the girls feel - as they FINALLY got the chance to be on stage after hours and hours of rehearsals and events in Vegas over the past week!

So - no more waiting... Let's get to it!

Tuesday Winners Include: Miss Hawaii in Swimsuit (a correct pick!)

What a Body! Miss Hawaii was named Hawaii's Outstanding Teen in 2005 (I keep telling you I'm going to get to the whole 'Outstanding Teen' thing for those of you who don't know what that means... PROMISE I'll get a post up about that TODAY!) and looks very grown-up now! Yay for Correct Pick #1!!!

And For Talent - our Winner is... Miss North Carolina (an incorrect pick) But check out this video from Miss North Carolina's Rehearsal... SUPER, SUPER CUTE!!!

I have this 'Love-Hate' relationship with North Carolina... I've had year after year where I never see them coming and all of a sudden, they make the Top 5 and I didn't even realize the girl was on stage! Then, I remind myself of my poor record when it comes to the lovely ladies from NC, and I choose them on purpose so I'm not left in the cold. That's usually the year when they don't make the Top 15 at all!?! However - This year, this girl is DEFINITELY in my Top 15! Freaking Adorable!

Here's a photo of the 2 of them together - after receiving their awards!

If you're bored today and want to check out some of your potential picks... go to this YouTube Link and you can see several of the contestants talent rehearsals. Remember, Talent counts for 35% of each contestants preliminary score... and this is just about the best use of YouTube I could ever imagine! :)

Tuesday Talent Rehearsals

Alright! My next task is to pick Preliminary Winners for tonight --- which won't be easy, because I'm already 50/50! Need to bring my average up quickly in case we have another 'Vermont Episode' in the near future (please see post from Day 6 2009 for further explanation of the 'Vermont Episode').

OH! And Miss America was over-loaded with people trying to stream the preliminaries last night... last word was, they said they'd record it and put it back up for people to view at their convenience, rather than trying to watch it live. We'll see how it all goes tonight...

Finally - BIG THANKS to all of you who tell me you're "Following" this blog, but don't quite know how to officially "Follow" me. :) If you'd like to 'follow', go to the very top Left Hand side of the page and click 'follow'... then follow the instructions. You may have to become a subscriber of "Blogger" - but let me assure you, seeing my Neurosis this Up-Close-And-Personal, is Totally Worth It!! :)

Stay Tuned for my next set of picks!!! And don't forget to start making your own lists for the Big Night on SATURDAY!!!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The NFL arrives at Miss America!!!

Here's a link that even the men will like!

Check this link

for photos of the Miss America States currently representing the NFL playoff Football teams! Super Cute --- except that Miss Kansas and the Chiefs aren't represented :(

Photos by Tom Donahue of

Preliminary Competition Day #1

It's Here! It's Here! It's Finally HERE!!!!!

The first night of on-stage Preliminary Competition for Miss America 2011 starts TONIGHT!!! I've been studying the individual groups as listed below (Mu, Alpha, Sigma) and it's my job to narrow the field down to 4 possible winners out of 13 girls competing. I'll do this today, tomorrow and Thursday - and while I don't necessarily 'win' anything by doing it, it helps me get into the Judges heads to see if we're on the same page or not. Each day, I'll offer my picks for the winners in both Swimsuit and Talent (they don't announce a winner for Evening Wear or the On-Stage Question)... and I usually have a bit of commentary associated to back up my picks. Typically, I get 4 out of 6 winners correct over the course of the week. A good year would be 5 out of 6 (which is what I'm shooting for this year), a 'less than average' year is 3 out of 6 (although, I'm thinking of asking the officials to place an asterisk next to the year Miss Vermont won Talent) and we'll all know I have completely fallen off my rocker if I only get 2 out of 6 correct (I mean, almost anyone can do that!).

So! Without further adieu, here are my picks for TUESDAY'S PRELIMINARIES:

Swimsuit = Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, and DC. Florida is a GORGEOUS blond and all of 5'11!!! If they let her wear her black, silver-studded, over-the-knee leather boots during the swimsuit competition, i think she would (she can be seen in several photos with them on this past week!). Also, Illinois and DC won swimsuit at their state competition - and Hawaii is a former Miss America Outstanding Teen for Hawaii (more on that later).

Talent = WOW! This is a PACKED group for Talent --- Lots of girls won Talent at their states from this night! I could miss this one - but hopefully not!

Talent Picks = Pennsylvania, California, Texas, Tennessee. Seriously - this one was HARD! These are all strong pageant states - and I'm guessing it's going to be close! Penn plays the Electric Fiddle, the others are vocalists. California made it to the Top 36 at American Idol (just missed going to Hollywood) and she was 1st Runner up at the Miss American Outstanding Teen national competition in 2005. The vocalist judge on the panel is a country music singer - so, I'm not sure 'classical vocalists' are going to win any preliminaries this year... we'll see. Georgia could sneak out and win tonight - but I'm sticking with my original 4 states.

OK! And - this just in! The Prelims will be streamed on the web tonight - starting at 8pm Pacific! Yay for Technology!!!

Finally - as soon as I get the chance, I'll put together a form for our contest this year... I'm giving away a Vera Wang "Princess" Perfume gift pack to the person who scores the most points by choosing the most finalists correctly! You don't wanna miss out!

OH! And I'm anxiously waiting until Thursday morning when I'll get to fly to Vegas to see it all in person!!! Honestly - I'm having a hard time getting my rest because... "I'm too excited to sleep!!!" :)

Must Press On! Results from my picks will be available on Miss America's Facebook page around 11:30 tonight! Whoooooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! :)


Monday, January 10, 2011

Let's Learn About Judges!!!

Whoooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooo for Competition Day #1!!!!!

For those of you who are newly introduced to this blog and/or my emails - Today is officially the beginning of the selection process for our new Miss America! How does it work? Glad you asked! All 53 contestants are divided into 3 different groups. There are 4 different categories that each contestant participates in... Swimsuit (Lifestyle and Fitness), Evening Wear, Talent and Private Interview. In order to determine the Top 10 or Top 15 finalists, the judges will see each contestant in each phase of competition and give them a score between 1-10. The Top 10/Top 15 girls with the highest scores are named 'finalists' and that's who you see compete live on Saturday night.

Private Interviews start today... and account for 25% of a contestant's total score. Other breakdowns are as follows:

Swimsuit = 15%
Evening Wear = 20%
Talent = 35%
On-Stage Question (during Evening Wear) = 5%

Why is interview so important? Well, we don't want a 'dummy' for Miss America, but more importantly, the private interview sets the tone for how the judges view you for the remainder of the competition (even though it shouldn't). If you have a bad or a good interview, they likely will remember such when it's time to score you in another area.

Now - for the most important part of the competition ---- JUDGES!!!!!!

"But why are the judges so important?" you ask... because one set of judges may have a completely different take on the winner than a different group of judges. It all depends on how THEY score you.

Click on the judges photos if you would like to read the fine print about each Judge... Important items of note include:

1. Joy Behar. Crazy glad I didn't have her for a judge. Wondering if she'll try to dominate the questioning/conversation as opposed to hearing from the girls themselves. I think the only reason she was chosen is because Rush Limbaugh judged the pageant last year and this is the response for all the Lefties who were upset about it. Look for Ann Coulter to judge next year (HA! - Wouldn't she be a hoot!).

2. Dancing With The Stars and Desperate Housewives. Obviously, ABC got to have some infulence this year, since the pageant is on their channel. Hope Tony and Mark have a clue how to judge a pageant.

3. Debbye Turner. A Fabulous Miss America who tried to win in 2 different states over several years before she decided to play the Marimba as her Talent, not the drums. She was fantastic on the drums, but let's face it - you can't crown a Miss America who plays 'wipe out' on the drums as her talent. Very glad she's in this group to guide others and offer insights on her year as Miss America.

Not that the other judges aren't important - but these are my highlights for consideration. Now, they do throw out the high and the low score on each girl, so no one judge can single handily choose the winner (giving one girl all 10's and giving everyone else 1's or 2's), but just know, if you can't charm Joy, I'm guessing you're not going to win this year.

OK - Long Post today during my lunch break --- hope you found it to be worth it!

OH - and thanks to Angela for being the second person in addition to my own sister who's officially 'following' this blog! Good to know i have 2 fans :)



Heaven's to Betsy!!! I'm over-come with excitement!!! :)

Click Here for a Sneak Peek at the Miss America Shoe Line at DSW


Sunday, January 9, 2011

For the Truly Hard Core...

Big Props to my Handsome Hubby for helping me figure out how to get this stuff to you EASILY!!! This is for those of you who are 'hard core' about this whole thing (and let's face it - i might be the only one who needs a support group, but there are plenty of you whose curiosity is just starting to pique!) - Here are several links to take you directly to a bunch of photos on the Miss America Facebook site...

Bucca Di Beppo Photos
Fashion Show Photos
Rehearsal Photos
Arrival Ceremony Photos

It's just starting to get interesting... Tomorrow we'll announce plans for this year's Miss America Pick 'Em Contest!!! It's just like The Final Four - Only BETTER!


Too much fun to walk away now!!! :)


Queens with Carbs!

I may be on a low-carb diet as I desperately prepare to fit into my favorite clothes... but these ladies dove into the spaghetti and such at Bucca Di Beppo yesterday! Full photos at Miss America's Facebook page (see photos), but here are a few of my favorites!

Speaking of Favorites... Is there a reason why my sister is the only person to be officially following my blog? Should I be taking that personally? :)

Photos, Photos and More Photos!!!

Just wanted to give you a rundown of all the lovely ladies competing for the crown!!! This is over 2 posts, because I can only post 5 photos at a time...


Photos, Photos and More Photos Take 2!!!

And here are the rest of the lovely ladies... :)

Quality of LIfe Finalists...

Whew! Sorry I didn't get a post up yesterday - I was busy taking the final day I had (in good weather) to do some last minute shopping in Denver before heading to Vegas this week. I'm excited to say I've found some excellent bargains in shoes, handbags, jewelry and dresses (yes, I said dresses). In fact, I don't think I bought this many dresses since I was competing umpteen years ago (yes, there will be photos).

But I digress - It's time to 'catch up' on a few posts - so let's get this party started!

This post is about the Quality of Life Finalists for 2011. For those of you who are new to the whole Miss America Junkie posse --- The QoL award is given to the state who has "excelled in their commitment to enhance the Quality of Life for others through volunteerism and community service." In essence, every state has a 'cause' they personally choose to champion for their year as "Miss State". According to the Miss America website, the QoL winner is determined based on "depth of service, creativity in the project and the significant effects upon the lives of others." The photo is of this year's finalists - and their 'causes' include:

Miss Delaware Kayla Martell - Alopecia Areata Support & Awareness

Miss Florida Jaclyn Raulerson - Stop Bullying Now!

Miss Georgia Christina McCauley - "Let's Get it Straight" - Scoliosis Awareness

Miss Maryland Lindsay Staniszewski - Beyond Beauty: Building Self-Esteem and Positive Body Image in Girls

Miss Michigan Katie Lynn LaRoche - Bringing Awareness to Human Trafficking

Miss Minnesota Kathryn Knuttila - Inspiring America

Miss New Jersey Ashleigh Udalovas - Read to Succeed: Improving America's Future through Literacy

Miss Virginia Caitlin Uze - Uniquely You - Building Positive Self-Image

The Quality of Life finalists don't determine the Top 10 or who is likely to win on Saturday night --- but it does mean these girls have a great deal of actual substance to talk about during their personal interview with the judges. So - keep 'em in mind, but don't automatically go to the 'big dance' with one of these girls just yet! :)

More Posts to come! Have you been doing your research??? Everything you need is at one of these websites: (although, it's really slow)
Miss America Organization on Facebook (look under the VIDEO CONTEST tab!!! or just the regular wall has lots of videos and photos) (stands for 'Turn For the Judges' - look up individual states in the right year) (i've been following Abby Bollenbacher for a few years - she seems to share my level of obsession from Ohio)

OK - more pictures to come! Stay Tuned!!! :)


Friday, January 7, 2011

I Flip for Elvis and Miss America!!!

From "Marketwire"...

"In what could easily be described as playful pancake pandemonium, all 53 Miss America 2011 Contestants got "all shook up" in Las Vegas this morning as they joined together for the ultimate pancake breakfast announcing their support of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and their upcoming IHOP National Pancake Day fundraising effort set for March 1, 2011..."

Check out these photos!!! Seriously - Who doesn't love Elvis, Miss America and Pancakes???

More posts are on their way - but I wanted you to check these out first! :)

Bring on the Butter!


P.S. - You can click on each photo to get a larger view!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Contestant Arrival Day!!!

Whoooooo Hoooooooo for the first day of introductions to the Ladies who would be Miss America! I've got a couple of photos here as well... these aren't official press photos, they're actually photos I found on Facebook from different 'fan' pages. BTW - you don't have to be an official 'fan' to see the Miss America Organization, or many of the "Miss States"... just look up Miss America, Miss Kansas, Miss Colorado, etc in your 'search friends' box and you'll be able to have a different peek at your favorite contestants (since I know all of you are desperately looking for new ways to get pertinent information before you choose your Top 15 - lol!).

Love the photo of (from left to right) Miss North Carolina, Miss Connecticut and Miss Colorado who were all on the same plane on their way to Vegas! Also - you can see all the contestants together outside Planet Hollywood for their 'Welcome Ceremony'. They were welcomed by Boyz II Men --- and if you have 34 minutes to kill, you can see the entire video of every contestant on the Miss America Facebook page (not super interesting even for me, so i'm guessing you'd have to be an insomniac to put yourself through it).

ALSO - you can start checking out videos created by the girls themselves on the Miss America Facebook page under "VIDEO CONTEST"... some are impressive, some not so much. As I've said before... Videos are a great opportunity to get a sneak peek at each girl before the whole pageant actually begins... and this is your chance to see who's well-spoken and who's a bimbo. :) Check it out here:!/MissAmericaOrganization?v=app_10442206389

So - Enjoy the Videos and start the short-list on your Top 15! We start preliminaries on Tuesday!!!

Until Next Time!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Miss America Crownings 1957-2007

This is a Fabulous Video of the Miss America crowing moments from 1957 - 2007!!! I had no idea they used to crown Miss America while she was sitting down!?! And I'm lovin the White Gloves! I've started quizzing myself on how many of the 'runner ups' I recognize - not just the winners themselves!!! :)

P.S. - The Contestants arrive in Vegas TOMORROW (Thursday) --- which means my posts will start to pick up! It's all about to get VERY EXCITING!!! :)


Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Post for Miss America 2011!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Everyone's favorite time of year is just around the corner... That special time when we all unite around a common purpose and love for all things that sparkle! Yes - it's time to Crown a NEW MISS AMERICA!!!

In multiple years past, I've compiled emails for friends and family which I've sent out daily. But this year, rather than bothering your inbox with my silly, but exceptionally thoughtful emails, I decided to officially begin this blog. Just for fun, I'm going to post some of my emails from previous years (kinda like a high-light reel for pageant people) so we can re-live some of the bright spots as well as the big upsets (can we say, Vermont and "Talent Winner" in the same sentence?). Might be a bit confusing, but I'll do my best!

Also - This year, I'm THRILLED to report that I'll be making the trip to Las Vegas, to watch the 90th Anniversary of Miss America Live and IN PERSON! Not only that, but I'll be reporting live for my radio station - which means I'm hoping to get even more inside scoop than normal! Perfect time to launch a blog --- I'm sure you'll never be the same! :)

So - get ready! The big day is January 15th on ABC! OH - and please note... this year, "DSW PRESENTS... Miss America!" Two of my favorite brands partnering together for Fabulous-ness!!! :)

Now... back to hunting down my tiara... :)


And the Winner Is... 2010

So – who is the new Miss America? Why it’s Caressa Cameron, Miss Virginia!!!!

Miss Virginia won talent the first night by singing Beyonce’s “Listen” from the movie Dreamgirls (she’s the one who looks like Vivica Fox). Upon seeing a few interviews of her after the event – you quickly see why she was chosen --- she’s very sharp and obviously talented! She worked 4 years to become Miss Virginia... Finishing at the 2nd runner up twice, 1st runner up and finally winning the title this year. Her father owns a business and is a musician – her mama is just so stinkin’ proud of her daughter you wanna hug her all over! In a couple of different interviews, I learned that her father had a drug problem years ago and she was made fun of at an early age because of her hand-me down clothing and ‘uni-brow’. Today – she’s Miss America! What a great country :)

In case you didn’t get to see the event... Here’s how the rest of the Top 5 broke out...

4th runner up – Kentucky (or as I liked to call her – Spunky Blonde)
3rd runner up – Louisiana (daughter of a Methodist minister... So sweet)
2nd runner up – Tennessee (this year’s sleeper in my opinion – gorgeous, but very ‘pageant looking’)
1st runner up – California (Jimmy thought she had a ‘weird look’ and told me over and over she wouldn’t win because Miss America couldn’t be weird looking)
Winner – Virginia :)

For the record – when they went to commercial break... I picked 5 states to be in the top 5 no (I didn’t pick the order)... The only one I missed was Tennessee — I chose Hawaii instead (so sorry she didn’t place Cori – I know how much you liked her!). Guess I’m not so awful once I know what the judges are looking for. :)

And now – for my thoughts on the show overall....

Where that Top 15 came from I have no clue. My first list had 9 of the Top 15, but my second list only had 7 of the 15. Ouch.

Colorado and Nebraska are perfect examples of what I said last year when Florida finally hit it out of the park with her Broadway style dance. Get a good choreographer – make a few high kicks – use a few props and voila! You too can dance, as a finalist, on the Miss America stage :)

The opening number was L – O – N – G . . . With a TON of dance moves that personally, I would be annoyed to have to remember. Just sayin...

The 15th finalist being chosen by the girls???? WOW! DOUBLE WOW!!! Makes me wonder if Miss America is trying to get rid of the ‘mean girls’ and make sure everyone plays nice in the future.

Guess the judges didn’t have a problem with blondes after all --- this makes me believe that many of the preliminary winners had to have ‘split’ the judges votes... Meaning, half the judges thought contestant A won prelim talent and contestant B came in second, while the other judges thought contestant C won prelim talent but contestant B still came in second... When votes spit – that means contestant B wins talent.

GO TO to see photos of the winner AND an interview with her... You’ll start to see how and why she ran away with this competition. If you’re super curious, you can become a fan of the Miss America Organization on Facebook (seriously SF Amy – you need to join Facebook) and then watch the winner’s first press conference just 45 minutes after winning the title. She has the crowd laughing and gives a wonderfully well-spoken intro thanking the sponsors of Miss America. This girl’s gonna be a hit. :)

And there you go! Another year down and another Miss America crowned! As always, I hope you had a grand old time participating in my crazy-obsession... Next year will make the 90th anniversary of Miss America and I’m toying with the idea of actually going! I figure the older I get, the less likely I’m going to want to go – so perhaps next year would be a fun time to experience the whole thing live. If you’re up for a girls weekend in Vegas and feel like buying your own Fabulous Purple dress between now and then, please let me know!!! I’ll be the one using the stair-master DAILY between now and then (lol) and searching for the most amazing pair of ‘lucky shoes’ :)

Until Next Year.... Sing Along With Me Everyone.... “There She Is.... Miss America.... “

Love to all -