Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 4 from 2009

Hello Again Miss America Fans!!!!

Whooooo Hoooooo for the first night of preliminary competition!!!! And Whooooo Hoooooo for extra-curricular commentary from the peanut gallery (Brian and Jimmy)!!! So glad we can all share in the joy of what this week has to offer – thanks for participating and making it fun! I’m thrilled to share with you the results from last night’s performances!

But before I do… did anybody see Miss America at the Inaugural Parade yesterday? Apparently she rode in a float and then sang the National Anthem at two of the Inaugural Balls before heading back to Las Vegas this morning. I missed it - although I’ve heard a Miss America sing at an Inaugural Ball before… ask me about it sometime! On second thought – don’t! LOL :)

Enough chit-chat already! Who won the preliminaries last night?

Swimsuit Winner = Indiana (ya for picking her correctly!)
Talent Winner = Delaware (boo for not picking her correctly!)

Delaware is a piano player on a night that saw 6 different piano players tickle the ivories in total. I would venture to say Delaware is probably the best piano player out of all the contestants… so be sure to include her in your top 15. How do I know? I don’t know. Again – I’m just guessing… but if you can beat 5 other girls head to head on the same night, you can probably beat the rest of ‘em. Also ---- Indiana was a bit of a no-brainer. The girl is drop dead gorgeous and has a stunning body. Even though I wasn’t a huge fan of her evening gown, I think this girl is gonna go far as well.

Other points to note include the MILLIONS of photos I finally found!!! I’ve included many for your review (Jules, please pass them to Issac and Craig for their expert opinions). And I’m a bit nervous about my picks for tonight. Talent could go anywhere – as it looks like the night is stacked with girls who won the talent competition at their state pageant… and Swimsuit has a ton of “maybes” as well. As a small tangent – the swimsuit competition has really “heated up” dramatically now that the girls are in 2 pieces. Plus – now the pageant is in January instead of September, so the girls have 4 more months to work-out and get themselves in peak condition. Talk about a major difference from when I competed! The swimsuit winners 10 years ago wouldn’t have a chance today (or cough, cough 12 years ago – I’m getting old)!

Ok – back to my picks for tonight:

Swimsuit = Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas and Michigan. I’m torn because I want to include Arkansas also – but I’m guessing she might come across as too trashy (don’t laugh! It’s true!).

Talent = Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Tennessee (I want to include Louisiana, but I’m not. Must limit myself to only 4 options)

Insider Observations…. Florida looks radiant. The girl is in tons of press photos and has a gorgeous evening gown. I’m not sure if she can win the whole thing – but she looks better to me all the time. Also = this is where the rubber starts to meet the road… girls who don’t win tonight start to get a bit panicked that they may not make the Top 15 and start to “over-do” it. Most importantly – I found a couple of new sites that are hopefully easier to navigate for you…

GO TO ABBY BOLLENBACHER’S website from now on… she’s done all the work downloading the photos I’ve included on this email – it’s already been done for you! J She’s a former contestant for Miss Ohio and seemingly shares my love of all things Miss America (although I picked the winner last year, and she didn’t). My other suggestion for the best place to go is – find the Miss America link and click on “polls”. There, you’ll see “U Tube” (which is the best) – followed by the Swimsuit competition.

Otherwise – keep counting down the days… the reality series this Friday night on TLC and the pageant itself on Saturday night!!! Oh – and yes – Robin Leach was the first to report the winners from last night! Miss America should hire the guy for pete’s sake!

P.S. ---- Can someone please tell Michelle Obama to stand with her legs together? The first lady should not look like a half-back.

Until tomorrow –

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