Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 2 from 2009

Whooooooooo Hoooooooooo for Miss America Week! I realize the rest of the world thinks there’s something else going on… (something to do with the President?) but I’m here to make sure you have all of the up to the minute information on the contestants who would be Queen! J Today’s email – has plenty of info in the form of my attachment… I decided it might be a bit easier to read and follow – given the wealth of information that goes into each of these notes! Plus – I’ve just had my first Miss America injury ---- I broke a nail while opening my personal laptop to get this information out to you! Oh the sacrifices I make to ensure you get everything you need to make an informed choice!

Today’s email is about JUDGES! As you all know (ok, at least those of you who have been receiving this email for the past 3 years) your Miss America Judges make a HUGE difference in determining the winner. A different set of judges, means a different outcome in most cases – especially when we’re talking about this level of competition. So – who are they? Check out my attachment (and comments of course) to find out!

Also included – a few photos of the girls being introduced in Vegas and the fun things they’ve been doing prior to the official competition which started today. Four words – Race Track and Pancakes (although not together)!

Further – I’ve included the girls’ competition groupings for your perusal as well… Remember, each group will have one swimsuit winner (excuse me – “lifestyle and fitness winner) and one talent winner. When filling out your ballot (to be received at a future date) don’t forget to take such factors into consideration. After all – if you choose 8 girls from the same group, the chances of it working out, aren’t so good.

Finally – while the interview competition was today and tomorrow morning, the on stage portion of the competition will be Tuesday-Thursday… which means I’ll be sending you my picks tomorrow! Also – I’ve found the best source of information to date is Robin Leach’s blog (HA!) at However – PROCEED WITH CAUTION if you have sensitive eyes, because this is not what I would call a “G Rated” blog. Great pics though!

OH! And you HAVE to go to and check out the YOU TUBE videos of the girls that they sent in themselves! Maybe that was an attempt to get “reality” – but I saw it more as a ploy for HGTV to get in and re-decorate a few houses! Miss Nebraska’s in particular (lol)! Check it out! They give you a wonderful chance to see the girls’ individual personalities and demeanor…. Plus you can see who’s well spoken and who’s a bimbo.

So there you go! Tomorrow we’ll see who my picks are for Talent and Swimsuit and hopefully get a few more photos J I know you’re all chomping at the bit – just try to keep from breaking a nail --- one injury of this magnitude is one too many!!!

Miss You All!

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