Saturday, January 1, 2011

Second Prelim Results for 2010

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Another GREAT night of preliminaries last night --- and another set of winners from last night!

But first – let me tell you who won the Quality of Life awards described earlier this week :) Straight from the VegasDeluxe website...

“Miss Oklahoma Taylor Treat won first place and $6,000 for her platform “Engaging Students Through Service Learning.” Miss New Hampshire Lindsey Graham was first runner-up and the winner of $4,000 for “Speaking Out for Mental Illness,” and our Miss Nevada Christina Keegan was second runner-up and the winner of $2,000 for “Rape Education & Recovery.””

Fabulous! Now – back to the on-stage competition!

As you remember – I was really torn about Talent, but not too concerned about Swimsuit. How did that strategy work???

Swimsuit Winner = New York
A correct pick! That makes two brunettes who’ve won swimsuit thus far... New York is a dancer which means she has to be long and lean and a somewhat ‘safe’ pick to win swimsuit.

Talent Winner = California
One of my “Top 7” but not in my top 4 which means I missed this one. However, I’m happy to have missed it because on Monday – someone asked me for the early scoop (before any of the competition began) and I chose California. She’s currently at USC studying to be a pediatric surgeon. There were 53 contestants at Miss California this year... And only her second year competing. Not saying she’s our winner here – just saying she’s got loads of potential :)

Alright! Couple of housekeeping items.... Don’t forget – you’ll need to send in your top 15 picks by 5:00pm FRIDAY – THAT’S TOMORROW!!! The ‘behind the curtain’ special starts tomorrow night on TLC and will include 12 girls that were selected by the ladies competing. I did find out that they aren’t allowed to vote for themselves... Nice touch. One minute I think it’ll work and the next minute I’m totally annoyed by the whole system. Just give the girls who earn the right to be in the Top 15 the chance to win! I hate it when people change the rules in the middle of the game! Oh – and I’m pretty sure Clinton Kelly from “TLC’s What Not To Wear” will be a part of tomorrow night’s show! :)

Also – I’ve done a little research... The last Miss America who won the whole thing but DIDN’T win a preliminary was in 2005 (aka – the final year they were in Atlantic City before the whole ‘make-over’ in Vegas). AND – that was the year they had the dumb idea of a ‘Talent-Off’ where only 2 girls performed their Talent and then the final selection was made. Considering Talent is worth 35% of the whole competition, you’d think someone would figure out that potentially the 2 WORST talents would make the stage if you save it for the final competition. And that’s what happened. Thank goodness we didn’t crown the jazz dancer that year. Anyhoooooo -

Something to keep in mind. And honestly – I think I’m stalling on making tonight’s picks. So – here goes nothing.

Thur Swimsuit Picks = Louisiana, Rhode Island, Virginia and Illinois
If Virginia wins, she’ll be the first DOUBLE preliminary winner since Kate Shindle in 1998 (I think – let me double check that one). I’m only picking one blonde in tonight’s group... This is the middle group’s turn at swimsuit tonight... The one I told you to make sure your daughter chooses if she ever makes it to Miss America.

Thur Talent Picks = Kentucky, DC, New Mexico and Mississippi
I’m still kinda bummed that I missed last night’s Talent pick, so I’m hoping to redeem myself. All girls are vocalists – Kentucky’s platform is Autism Awareness which I think could be a very interesting National topic... The other girls all won preliminary talent at their states.

Should I get both of these picks correct – I will have my best year ever (no pressure). However, please let me state for the record that Miss Vermont is performing her talent this evening... So nothing is a given (please refer to last year’s emails regarding how my Grandma Doe can walk on the stage and win Miss Vermont).

Ok – so DON’T FORGET — Top 15 due tomorrow by 5pm! And don’t forget to include the ‘nice factor’... My sister says Hawaii has that whole ‘I should be Miss Congeniality’ vibe going for her... She’s on the LOADED night – but may pull out a Top 15 finish because she’s so stinking fun! :)

And – I’m afraid we have no winners for our trivia question sent earlier this week... You can still email me your answers along with your picks if you wish.

I’ll try to get tomorrow’s update out sooner than later – so you have ample time to choose your Top 15 before 5pm. :) Oh – and LOTS of pictures are attached to this email --- many, many more at I just chose the ‘good shots’ :)

WE’RE ONLY 48 HOURS AWAY FROM A NEW MISS AMERICA!!!!! Whooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo!!!!


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