Saturday, January 1, 2011

Second Post of 2008


What a wonderful week to be watching "Miss America Reality Check"!!! Hopefully you caught last week's episode --- All I can say is WOW! What a REVEALING look at these girls!!!

In case you missed it (although I think almost everyone's officially addicted as of last week) --- the girls all came out in their competition swimsuits, makeup, hair and heels. Only to be asked questions that would show who was "Smarter than a Miss USA Girl"! They were forced to jump into the pool if they didn't answer the trivia question correctly… hence cleansing them of their hair and makeup. Once the competition was over, the girls were in their "natural state" (ha) and the fabulous makeover mavens swooped in to give their opinion's about how to fix each girls' look.

The biggest drama came when Miss Illinois REFUSED to take part in the makeover session… opting instead NOT to have 3 inches cut off her hair as the makeover men suggested (I still can't believe she said no!). And can I just say… that after these makeovers, some of those girls looked TOTALLY DIFFERENT (check out Miss Rhode Island's new pics at the Miss Rhode Island site! AMAZING!). At the end of the day - the 'expert panel' once again chose a top 3 and a bottom 3. Here are their selections:

Top 3 = Washington DC, Indiana and ILLINOIS (seriously - what kind of message is that? Selecting the girl who said "NO" to their help? C-Mon! I'd be super-confused if I were the rest of the girls!)

Bottom 3 = Washington, Alaska and Utah (yes - Utah went from the Top 3 to the Bottom 3 in one week. If she doesn't learn how to get into the Fashion Groove she won't make it beyond the top 10! Just my opinion.).

I had picked out Washington to make my top 10 before seeing any of these episodes…and I'm sticking with her for now. I'm telling you - I think there's a little reverse psychology going on here. For the states that typically do well (Georgia, Texas, California, Alabama) - I'm still seeing them in the top 15 at least (yes - this year there's a top 15… more on that later)… only because these girls are come from amazing state programs where they are going to make whatever adjustments necessary to succeed. Further - I'm counting on their competitive juices to kick in and be "on their game" come competition week.

Plus - I just don't know how convinced I am that Miss America is going to go for this whole new-image-thing. I remember when Ericka Dunlap from Florida won Miss America 2004… She was the only one maintaining her composure on stage and looking like a "lady" when several of the other girls were "raising the roof" and acknowledging the crowd after answering a current events question correctly on stage (during the short-lived "casual wear" competition they used to have). I just don't know if Miss America has it in her to crown an actual "It-Girl"…. I think they just want their appearance/hair and makeup to be more "up to date" - essentially crowning the same kind of girl, just giving her a "new and improved" outer appearance.

But we shall see… I've certainly been wrong before (heck, I hardly knew the current Miss America was even on stage last year. She never struck me as having any charisma whatsoever - so what do I know anyway?).

OK - So - There's one more episode THIS FRIDAY NIGHT (dates and times are the same as reported last week - or check out TLC's website for yourself)… I think this might be the one where Miss Colorado cries… but then again, maybe they just aired that for promotional purposes. Looks like the girls are going to be walking down the ramp doing their best "America's Next Top Model" impersonation… AND - I think they're going to tell us who the winners are for the whole stinking week. I'm considering it my last shot at getting to know the girls' personalities before competition week and using such information for my Top 10 list.

THAT MEANS NEXT WEEK YOU'LL BE GETTING DAILY EMAILS FROM ME as we prepare for the Finals on Saturday night, January 26th. As always - you can get the full scoop at , and . You might want to make some notes as you watch Friday's episode - you'll need them come next week as we announce preliminary winners in each category. :) Plus - I don't know how long each state's video will be up at… so you might want to pay attention to those as well!!!

It's so close I'm almost giddy about it!!! Just think! In less than 9 days we'll have ourselves a NEW MISS AMERICA!!!!!!! Whooooooo Hooooooo!

Miss You All! Take Care!


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