Saturday, January 15, 2011


Oh My Goodness!!! Yesterday was a HOOT!!! There's no other word to describe it! We had a Freaking Fabulous Time at the Miss America Show us Your Shoes Parade!!! This parade was a 'first' for Vegas... and is hopefully a new way to continue the Atlantic City tradition of a parade on the boardwalk each Friday. This was a 'walking parade' rather than girls riding in the back of convertibles... but it was just as effective! The complete album is on my Facebook page - but here are a few of my favorites...

It was a GREAT Time!!!

Now - today is 'Business Day'... which means you and I need to make some PICKS!!! I've attached a form for you to use - feel free to click on the form and hopefully you can print it. If not, it's super simple... just pick your top 15, then your Top 10, then your Top 5. We'll give 2 points for each correct Top 15 finalist, 3 points for each correct Top 10 pick, 5 points for each Top 5 pick, and a 'bonus' of 10 points if you correctly pick the winner! The person with the highest point total wins the Vera Wang Princess Gift Set!!! There are 3 different ways to get your picks to me... either respond to this blog in the comments section, or send me a Facebook Message, or send me an email at I'll compile the results and announce the winner later this evening (or technically - tomorrow morning!!!).

Beyond the million parade photos i have on my Facebook page - Miss America hosted a press conference yesterday afternoon with nearly 50 Miss Americas - and the video is on Miss America's Facebook page and I've posted it on my Facebook page as well.

Beyond that - I'm not sure if there's anything else going on in the world today!?! Will try to get my picks in this afternoon --- make sure you get your picks to me before the show starts where you live (I think it's 8pm across the country) on ABC! In fact, I'll be at the Show at 5pm Pacific --- so I'll know who wins before they even broadcast it on TV out here!!! I promise I'll keep it all a secret :)

YAY FOR PAGEANT GAME-DAY!!! Get those picks in quickly!!!

Whoooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooo


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