Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday Prelim Winners!!!

Let me start this post by saying... 4am wake up calls come even earlier when you're giggling with you grandmother, mom, aunt and sister until midnight!!! We all gathered in a hotel room last night preparing to fly away this morning to VEGAS for this year's 90th anniversary of the Miss America pageant... so far, we haven't lost anything or anyone - and we haven't been chastised for being too loud, which is a big plus for this group!

But enough about us! Let's talk about the Winners from last night!

Swimsuit = Alabama (a correct pick!) Seriously - this girls has a Rockin' Body and is the second brunette to win Swimsuit (see previous post about no perky blonds winning the crown this year).

Talent = Rhode Island. My 'Almost' pick... but almost certainly doesn't count when it comes to the crown, so this means I'm still 50/50 (2 correct picks, 2 incorrect picks). Rhode Island sang "Smile" by Charlie Chaplin --- and this girl is a super smarty pants! She's a graduate of Brown University and studied International and Caribbean Affairs. I 'almost' picked her simply because of the fact that she should have a killer interview... but it is Rhode Island for pete's sakes which is about as much of a pageant state as Vermont. Gotta go with the gut more.

All kinds of updates continue to be available at she has pictures galore (and I'm blogging from an airport without much time to post pics)... Abby's blog is fantastic - but just remember, she's originally from Ohio, so she's a little partial. :)

Will do my best to get some research going for tonight's picks! SO EXCITED because we're all going to the Preliminary show tonight and will see it IN PERSON!!! Also - this afternoon I'll get my press passes and will certainly pass along any inside scoop I discover!

Honestly - I keep asking myself if this is really happening? Are we really going tonight? Does anyone have a way to record all the pithy yet exceptionally insightful comments were going to be making to each other while the girls walk across stage? Aren't you happy you're NOT a part of our entourage? :)

So Tired and yet - So Pumped! So Long for Now!!!


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