Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fifth Post of 2010

It's here - it's here - IT'S HEREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

The first night of preliminary competition starts tonight!!! So exited I can't hardly stand it!!! I want you to know that I haven't checked twitter or any site that would tip my hand when it comes to picking tonight's winners... And BOY has it been HARD!!!

But I found the strength to somehow persevere. I know so many of you are depending on me (thanks for the responses via email) - I simply must rise to the challenge. No slacking this week!

OK - SO - here's how this works (cause yes, there are a few rookies on this list and others who are blonde):

There are three groups... And each night, one of the groups is on stage in one of three areas... Swimsuit, Talent and Evening Gown/on-stage question. So, my job is to pick the winners in Swimsuit and Talent (they don't give an award for evening gown/on-stage question). Swimsuit counts for 15% of a contestant's score, Talent is 35% of their score, the on-stage question is 5% and Evening Wear is 20%. Their 10 minute private interview with the judges that took place behind closed doors yesterday and this morning is worth 25% (and we don't get to learn much about that - unfortunately - since it's my personal favorite part of the competition and where I had a tendency to kick patootie).

Alright - I've stalled long enough... It's time to MAKE SOME PICKS!

Swimsuit: Texas, Puerto Rico, Ohio, Tennessee. This is the group that is LOADED with good girls and I’m telling you – points could get split ALL over the stinking place. Puerto Rico is a former Miss World and Miss International contestant and is getting tons of pictures taken of her. She’s gorgeous! Ohio, Tennessee and Texas all won prelim swimsuit at their states and are long, lean ladies. Moving On...

Talent: Virginia, Indiana, South Dakota and Louisiana. I could also go with Utah, but I won’t. Honestly, there’s not much talent tonight – so I’ll be disappointed if I lose this one. I’ve picked 3 vocalists and a piano player... We’ll see.

Otherwise ---- here’s the scoop on how the Top 12 (or as we have been affectionately calling them, the Top 15) will be decided --- very different from past years! At-home viewers on Friday night on TLC (during a show called Behind the Curtain) will learn the 12 contestants that the 53 have nominated to be among the final 15 on the Saturday broadcast. Then you and I will vote for our favorites. It’s my understanding that those votes will be placed in a 1-12 order. If our votes are the exact same as the judges’ votes (hardly), then the next 3 highest point getters will balance out the final 15. So viewers and judges could agree on say 11 girls, and then America would solely choose four, or America and the judges agreeing on all 12, and then the next three judges’ picks would be on deck (if you don’t get it – re-read it a few times...). BASICALLY – if a girl WASN’T chosen by her own peers in that Top 12, she HAS to be one of the top choices of the judges. I really think this is meant to screw those ‘mean girls’ who are catty, cunning and overall crappy. Considering our reigning queen Katie Stam was one of the ‘people’s picks’ last year, I’m hoping they can repeat this kind of winner. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about who might end up in the top 12. I mean, c’mon... Of course you’re going to vote for yourself... Which only leaves 3 votes going to the remainder of your 18 person group! This also means that girls who are ‘really nice’ might get in – despite the fact that they’re 15 pounds overweight and can’t sing their way out of a paper bag. Wonder if anyone at the National level thought about that! :)

So – that will adjust how you choose your top 15... AND it means your votes are due by Friday at 5:00pm Mountain Time... Cause if you don’t hand in your picks by then – you’ll know who these 12 girls are and you’ll be cheating (which is most certainly not allowed in a pageant – HA!). Mark your calendars... Your Top 15 list is due FRIDAY AT 5:00pm Mountain!!!

Whew! That’s a plenty! Tomorrow, I’ll give you the news on who won the preliminary competition and give you my picks for tomorrow night’s swimsuit and talent winners. So glad you’re following along --- Oh! On Robin Leach’s Vegas Deluxe blog, there’s some really cute pics of Miss Louisiana and Miss Indiana holding a football representing their upcoming Super Bowl teams... For the record, Miss Louisiana has had 3 ladies named 1st runner up – but never a winner. Indiana’s first winner was just last year – and they’ve also had 4 ladies named 1st runner up. Also for the record – both of these gals have a shot at being in the top 15 this year :)

Ok – The End! Go to Bed! Tune in tomorrow when we learn who our first preliminary winners are! I’m headed to twitter to see if I’m even close!!! :)

Cheers ~


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