Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sixth Post of 2008

Well - Congratulations! You made it! It's now officially the day before MISS AMERICA 2008!!!!!!!! Which means we'll have a new Miss America in about 36 hours!!!! Will she be the "it-girl" everyone keeps talking about? Will she be stylish, but have no talent? Or will she weigh what everyone else in America weighs instead of super skinny ('cause that would be someone I could relate to, ya know?)??? We shall soon find out!!!!

Here are the results from last night's preliminaries…. For the record, I'm 3 for 3 with Swimsuits this year and 0 for 3 for Talent. Perhaps this means I'm becoming more shallow the longer I live.

Swimsuit = Texas (all swimsuit awards went to blondes this year… and for the record - the Miss Longview, Texas blog says that Miss Texas told her directors that she had the best interview she's ever had. Look for her in top 10 - maybe even top 5).

Talent = Connecticut (NO DANCERS won talent this go-around… interesting. There was lots of "buzz" about the talent from last night… apparently it was quite competitive. Washington, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan were all listed as potential winners last night… but Connecticut came away with the win).

Which brings me to a few things I need to say…

1. I don't think Utah can make Top 16. She's on a highly competitive night and doesn't seem to have the fashion thing working. Plus, she's one of 3 girls who wore a 1 piece swimsuit instead of a 2 piece. Not a good sign for such a nice, relate-able, girl. My apologies for picking her early and steering some of you that direction. Maybe she'll be the "16th" pick of the night from all of America… but I doubt it.

2. My apologies also for some of my comments on yesterday's photos… I meant to warn you in yesterday's email, but forgot. Just my personal opinions… take 'em or leave 'em. Hope they weren't offensive (some of my favorite people were given their father's body instead of the mother's! Like me!).

3. Some of the states that have done amazingly well over the past couple of years are normally where I go for inspiration. In this case, Alabama, Georgia and Oklahoma are the obvious choices for programs that know what they're doing (3 Miss Americas, 2 second runner-ups, a 3rd and a 4th runner up between all of them over just 3 years). However - I'm not convinced that these states can even make Top 16 this year… based on what the judges are awarding, these states which are typically "safe bets" are not showing me they can make the transformation.

4. THERE'S ONE MORE EPISODE OF "MISS AMERICA REALITY CHECK" TONIGHT!!!!!!!! Use your Tivo if you've got other plans - Jimmy and I will be at a birthday party so I'll be watching it Saturday morning…. And then getting my hair done Saturday afternoon before the big event that night!!!! Talk about a whole "day of Miss America"!!!! Throw in a massage and I might be in heaven!!!

Ok - I feel better now. Thanks for listening to the thoughts rolling around in my head. :) Now - on to the good stuff!

I've included MANY photographs from last night's competition… and this link is AMAZING!!!

Click on the top where it says what he's photographing. Some of the pictures aren't of the greatest quality (I'm guessing he's up in the rafters somewhere) - but you get a good idea of what each girl wore each night of their competition. If you want to go over-board, this is the best place to do it this year. You can also click on any of the photos I've sent and expand them to a bigger size if you need to see something close-up!

Also - I'm including the individual groups that the girls commeted in. Chances are, you're not gonna have more than 6 girls come out of the same night - so if you're serious about this (and of course, YOU ARE! lol) then that means you should examine the groupings.

Finally - If you'd like to send me your personal picks - they're due before the program starts Saturday night! Then, I'll keep them and send out an update on Monday about the winner! I'm filling out my picks today - because everyone else at the office has to fill theirs out today… and I would technically have an unfair advantage if I waited until I watched the last "Reality Check" episode. THEREFORE ---- If you don't want to be biased based on my picks…. Don't look any further…

Otherwise - here are my picks!!!

Top 16
Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, Washington, Connecticut, Texas, Georgia, Iowa, South Carolina, Illinois, California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama

Top 10
Florida, Michigan, Washington, Texas, Illinois, California, Massachusetts, Georgia, South Carolina, Rhode Island

Top 5
Michigan, Texas, Illinois, California, Florida


That's what I got! Send me your picks tonight or tomorrow! Can't Wait to see if we're on target or not ----- !!!!! Should be FABULOUS!!!

Thanks again for following along this year and putting up with me and my somewhat sick and twisted commentary. Someday I PROMISE to return the favor in your life :)

You can't see me - but I'm waving at you… right now… with my fancy pageant wave!

Love You All!


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