Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fifth Post of 2008

Hello Again Friends and Family!!!!

You're not gonna believe what I'm about to tell you… so you better sit down while you read this (who reads their email standing up anyway?).

I have the results from last night's preliminaries… prepare to laugh out loud.

The Swimsuit winner was Miss Rhode Island --- as I was telling someone around here, swimsuit winners are easier to pick in my book. You just do a little research, find out who won swimsuit in their state competition, find out how tall they are and if they know how to "work it" and you're done. Congrats to me - I picked Rhode Island.

Here's the crazy part.

The Talent winner... from last night… was Miss Iowa… A BATON TWIRLER!!!!!!!

I wish I were kidding.

You should have heard me laughing this morning when I saw the results! So much for a "new image" of Miss America! The only baton twirler out of 52 contestants and she wins the stinking talent competition!

Now - I had to do some extra research after discovering this dumbfounding possibility had actually occurred. So - I found a blog that is from the folks with the Miss Texas organization and they did an AMAZING job covering everything you ever wanted to know about last night's preliminary competition… . They'll tell you all kinds of details regarding what color of gown each of the girls had on, what question they were asked when they were on stage, and what song they sang for their talent! Talk about THOROUGH!

Anyway - I discovered... that apparently this is the "best baton routine" anyone in the Miss Texas organization had ever seen - and she received a standing ovation for her performance! Ending the performance with 3, count 'em 3 BATONS!!!

Here's what I know. Maybe it really was amazing. Maybe it would have been the best baton routine I've ever seen in my life as well. But you know what? Miss Iowa… was the final talent performance of the night. That means - the judges didn't like ANYTHING else they saw earlier in the evening enough to beat a freaking baton twirler!!!!!! C'Mon!!!!

Further research indicates that Miss Washington answered her on-stage question the best (in their opinion) and other potential swimsuit winners could have been California and Oklahoma.

So - I have no clue who to pick for tonight. I'm guessing that unless you have the ability to make it on American Idol, the judges aren't going to think you're a very good vocalist (since they're all "Hollywood-style" judges). None of these girls have a recording contract - so I'm stumped as to who to pick. But here goes -

Talent = California, Oklahoma, Oregon and Colorado (Colorado does an Irish Step Dance for her talent… I'm thinking if they went with a Baton Twirler, they may go for "flailing legs" as well).

Swimsuit = Florida, Michigan, Virginia, Louisiana. Truthfully, there are a lot of girls who could win swimsuit tonight - so I'm preparing to miss this one (after stating it was "easier"… now I'm at a loss!).

And I was able to locate some additional photos of the girls in Vegas this week --- Robin Leach (Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous fame) has a blog and is quite a big-wig in Vegas. . If you have "sensitive eyes" you might want to proceed with caution… it is Vegas after all and he does post many photos of minor and major celebrities enjoying themselves in Vegas!

OH! And the head judge (Robin Meade, former Miss Ohio) is keeping her own blog as well. She makes a funny comment about the Miss America contestants seemingly naming a "Mr. America" in Barack Obama! .

Soooooooooooooooooooo - we'll find out the results tomorrow morning… Hope you're still enjoying the photos and highlights… hope my personal commentary didn't get too out of hand today. And please - may we not crown the baton twirler in hopes of connecting with today's "it girl"!


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