Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Picks for Wednesday Prelims...

Now it's time to do another round of picks for tonight's (Wednesday) Preliminary Winners... I've been doing my research and I must tell you, every once in a while, you come across an interesting situation in regards to prelims... Tonight is one such night. Let me explain...

Last night, the cutest clogging/tap dancer you ever stinkin' saw was given a prelim award. As luck would have it - there are 3, count 'em THREE MORE tap dancers competing TONIGHT in talent. More than that - there are an additional 3, count 'em again, THREE MORE dancers who aren't Tap Dancers competing tonight (Jazz Dance, Ballet and Gymnastics Dance). Anyone see where I'm going??? Chances are, you aren't going to award two dancers, two nights in a row --- so I'm guessing tonight's winner is going to be a vocalist. Makes my life a little easier - but only if the theory holds true!

So - here are tonight's picks for you!

Swimsuit = Kentucky, Colorado, New Jersey and Alabama. These ladies are all gorgeous - and all brunettes. Three of the 4 won prelim swimsuit at their state pageants - and any of them could take the win tonight. Which brings me to something I like to remind everyone about the Swimsuit competition... sometimes, the girl who wins Swimsuit really is the girl who looks the best in her swimsuit. However, sometimes, the girl who wins swimsuit is the girl who looks really good in a swimsuit - but also happens to be one of the judges favorites from the private interview. How do you know the difference? You don't, unfortunately. At least not until you see the Top 5... Ok - back to picks for tonight...

Talent = Indiana, Utah, Idaho and Hawaii. Yes - some of you think I've lost it --- but this is the 'lacking talent' night in my opinion... so I'm branching out into some folks who are music majors in school and should at least be able to hit a note or two. Almost picking Rhode Island (another WHAT? state)... but I won't.

Otherwise - as promised, I'm going to put up one more post tonight about Miss America's Outstanding Teen... stay tuned for such!

And here's another shot of the judges from today's press conference... If you think this crowd is going to crown a perky blond, think again!

Geez - makes me wonder whose funeral they're going to! HA!



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