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Fourth post of 2010... i didn't have much time that year to find photos...

Fans, Fanatics and Fairly Amused -

Ok - so there's just too much to talk about in one email and I’ve got much studying to do before the on-stage competition begins tomorrow (interviews started today). So – you’re getting another update today (Yay!) I should take a poll and see how many of you have gone to and reviewed the contestants videos before I send this update – but I trust that you are working diligently and if you’re not, then you’re laden with guilt. Works either way for me (lol).

Ok – so here are the “Quality of Life” finalists... Side-note... They could use a bit of a branding lesson and call it something else – but because they didn’t graduate from the Jimmy Lakey school of branding, we’ll go with it. For those of you who don’t remember what the Quality of Life award is all about... This is the award given to the contestant who seems to have done the most with her platform issue. What’s a platform issue you ask? Well – it’s a specific cause that each contestant chooses to dedicate their reign to should they win. Previous winners have championed everything from Pediatric Cancer to AIDS research to Internet Safety. This year’s group has all kinds of interesting “issues”... With a majority of contestant choosing something about ‘advancing the arts’ but there’s also fun stuff like “suicide prevention” and “rape awareness”. Heavy stuff indeed... Not sure if Miss America is ready for that kind of thing – but we’ll see.

Here they are...

Miss Alabama Liz Cochran, “With Every Beat: The Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease”;
Miss Iowa Anne Michael Langguth, “Good for You! Promoting Community Service, Wellness and Engagement in the Sciences”;
Miss Kentucky Mallory Ervin, “Autism Awareness”;
Miss Minnesota Brooke Kelly Kilgarriff, “Music: The Building Blocks of Education”;
Miss Missouri Tara Osseck, “Education and Prevention of Eating Disorders”;
Miss Montana Brittany Marie Wiser, “Suicide Prevention Education”;
Miss Nevada Christina Keegan, “Rape Education & Recovery”;
Miss New Hampshire Lindsey Graham, “Speaking Out for Mental Illness”;
Miss Oklahoma Taylor Treat, “Engaging Students Through Service Learning”;
Miss Tennessee Stefanie Wittler, “Ronald McDonald House and Children’s Miracle Network Charities.”

Usually, they only announce 7 finalists for the Quality of Life award... This year, there’s 10 finalists. Another ‘interesting’ tid-bit and once again, I have no clue why. Seems to be a theme this year.

So tomorrow I start my quest of choosing the preliminary winners! Last year I was only 3 for 6 which I think was my worst finish ever (thank you Miss Vermont)... I usually finish 4 for 6 and a good year would be 5 for 6. That’s the goal for this year – 5 for 6. I’ll give you 4 ladies I think will win and then pretend like I’ve narrowed it down to 4 by giving you a couple of other ‘maybes’. Swimsuits are easier than talents to choose... And nobody ever put me up to this kind of ‘selection’... It just makes the week go by faster :) The majority of my research comes from If you care to put me to the task this year and make your own selections. :)

Oh – and I found a bit of trivia for each of you... Which Miss America is said to have the phrase “There she is... Miss America” printed on her birth announcement? If you know the answer – let me know! :) That’s more fun than listening to a podcast anyway :)

OK – Update Number 2 is through... Tomorrow is the big on-stage competition day! Whooooooo Hooooooooo!!!!!! :)


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