Saturday, January 1, 2011

And the Winner Is... 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen... We have a WINNER!!!!

Whoooooooo Hoooooooooo for happy endings!!!!! :) My favorite headline is this one...

"Hoosier Miss America? Miss Indiana!" How cute is that? If you don't get it, just say it out-loud to yourself :) See, it's cute! Just like our winner - the lovely an talented Katie Stam!!!

Congratulations to Jillian Cox, Traci Cox and Katie McKenna for picking the winner before the show even began! As you remember from my email - I was emotionally torn with my picks... I had read online that "someone" had been ill earlier in the week and it affected her preliminary talent competition. I was nervous that is was Indiana and that she may not have completely recovered from whatever bout of sickness she was fighting. Turns out, it was Miss Indiana and she had some sort of laryngitis/throat infection thing on Wednesday during her preliminary competition. Nobody's saying anything - but I wonder if it was so bad that she wouldn't have qualified for the Finals if America hadn't voted her in as one of their favorites from the reality show??? Hmmmmmmmm.... You gotta love how stuff like this works out :)

Here are a couple of my other thoughts on the night... In random order...

1. We FINALLY had a Miss USA style opening number! I really enjoyed seeing Mario Lopez walking around doing the cha-cha to each individual group too! Nice!

2. My sister Cori noted that when Miss Tennessee was called into the Top 15, Miss Texas thought it was her and made a move to step forward, until she realized it wasn't her! No wonder the poor girl was crying her eyes out in the "elimination lounge"! That and the fact that the she's only the 3rd Miss Texas in the last 10 years not to make the semi finals (point of interest --- I didn't know that one - Jimmy had me look it up). Poor Thing!

3. If someone would've told me that Iowa could tap like that - I would've warmed up to her a long time ago! She seemed to have this "I'm cute and I'm blonde" thing working for her - but was quite able to communicate beyond that fa├žade. I thought her final on-stage answer was the best out of everyone. As soon as I heard it - I knew she'd be the second runner up behind Indiana and Georgia (although I didn't care for her evening gown at all!). And yes - I wrote down the top 5 before they started announcing things... From the bottom, I had Florida, California, Iowa, Georgia and Indiana (meaning - I missed California, but picked the rest).

4. I have a sincere lack of appreciation for Miss Arkansas. If you remember - she's the one I said might be "too trashy" during the prelims... Obviously, I was right.

5. Washington DC must've nailed her interview beyond my comprehension (Although I loved her evening gown). And spunky little Miss Florida just paved the way for a "non-ballet dancer" to be named Miss America in the next 2 years... Mark my words!

6. You may remember last year... The tall girl in the purple dress who was the first runner up, was also from Indiana! That's some pretty amazing placement over 2 years for a state that's never had a Miss America before 2009!

7. Future Miss America contestants will have to look more like confident, charismatic, camera-loving movie stars -- and less like doctors and lawyers. This pageant isn't what it used to be... You no longer have to be afflicted with a long-term illness, hearing impairment or been beat by your ex-boyfriend to win the's back to being cute, fun and talented. Part of me is a little sad to realize that... But you know what, a bigger part of me says "it's about time!"

Those are my general musings... All in all - I think it was a successful night and a great show. Nobody fell down the stairs, nobody rambled on and on about Iraq and geography class, and a wonderful girl walked away with the crown. Our new titleholder should be making the TV rounds this week - she's usually on Regis and Kelly early in the week (Tuesday?) and a few other morning news outlets doing her first media tour in NYC... So feel free to set your DVR if you'd like to see more of Katie Stam!

Otherwise - AS ALWAYS - I thank you for humoring and indulging me again this year. If I didn't have such fabulous friends and family who appreciated my Miss America mania, then sadly - all of my wonderful wit and wisdom would be lost on our dog, Bishop ('cause God knows my hubby can only take so much of me like this!). I love this little escape I take each year in hopes of picking a winner who cries honest tears, is truly humbled to be chosen, and knows how to wave correctly when they place the crown on her head! I do hope you've enjoyed it as well --- Please remember --- there's no reason you can't do your own research 51 weeks a year in preparation for Miss America 2010 (lol)... After all... In 2010 - even Miss Vermont may have a shot!

Until Next Year ---- When we all will sing again once more ----

"There She Is... Miss America...."



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