Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1 from 2009

Ok, Ok, Ok!

So I thought I might be able to go a year without my entire "crazy-obsessive" Miss America psychosis that happens each January... After all, I do have a new job, a new child and a new appreciation for the insane amount of energy a 4 year old brings to an middle-aged woman like me ("Slow down River... you didn't get one of those young mama's you know..." ). But, it turns out that I can't get away - I can't pretend it doesn't exist - and I can't NOT make time to research all 52 girls in entirety!!! I admit, I might need a support group. But if someone was going to do an intervention... You should've done it a few years ago... Too late now!!!

YES ------ it's MISS AMERICA WEEK!!! And YES, I've been watching the Reality Show on TLC! And YES - I'm planning my weekend around the 5pm Pacific TV schedule! And YES - I will be providing my ever extensive, highly opinionated and slightly disturbing, daily updates. :)

If you haven't been counting down the days as I have, here's a quick re-cap.. TLC is running a 4 part Reality Series where all the contestants live on a boat (ok, a cruise ship) and take part in a series of team competitions and individual challenges. At the end of each episode, someone chosen by the judges, wins a "Golden Sash". I've yet to discover what the "Golden Sash represents --- they keep saying it has something to do with the public getting the chance to vote in one of their favorites... But no actual details that I can find. Anyway - the first 3 episodes saw Miss Indiana, Miss Georgia and Miss South Dakota winning Golden Sashes (whooo hooo!)

I'm watching it so I can check out all the contestants before the big night. I've got some favorites... But honestly - I've found this series has given me a picture of who I DON'T LIKE more than who I do :) The next episode is Friday night at 7 and 9pm Pacific and will be the last one before the big event. If you've missed any of the previous 3 shows, TLC will be airing a Miss-America-Mini-Marathon starting at 1pm Pacific (3 pm Central)... I'll be planning my M & M's and microwave popcorn a bit earlier in the afternoon - that way I can enjoy the whole thing :)

Two quick notes that prove it's a small world after all... My Aunt Cathy has previously rented gowns to the older sisters of Miss Nebraska (who has an outside shot at the top 15) --- and --- Miss Hawaii's father (who is also a front-runner in my book --- the girl, not the father) happens to be the independent contractor/maintenace man where we live! Just goes to prove I can't get away from Miss America - no matter how hard I try!

As always, you're welcome to forward this email to anyone else who wishes to participate - the only change is, I'll likely be sending afternoon updates instead of morning updates. Sooooooooooooooooo ---- GET EXCITED!!! And start checking out the websites.... -- look for contestant profiles -- will take you directly to the Miss America page has better contestant profiles - and some extras if you wanna waste time looking at your favorites :) Plus, with a nice headshot - you can 'crown yourself' online (don't forget to choose your favorite rhinestone earrings!)

OK - here we go!!! How will we ever make it to Saturday!!! I can't hardly wait!!! By the week's end... We'll all be singing together... "There she is... Miss America.." :)

Hugs to all -

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