Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 6 from 2009 --- one of the biggest days in Miss America History...

Ladies and Gentlemen………..

We’ve been trudging our way through Miss America week with great anticipation and amazement… we’ve seen beautiful girls walk away with preliminary awards and some really bad dresses make their way onto the evening gown stage. As suggested earlier, we’ve tried to adjust my medication to accommodate those of you who aren’t quite as passionate about the yearly pursuit of the world’s most coveted crown as I am… and in the end… here’s what I have to report….

I MISSED BOTH WINNERS LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“NOooooooooooooo!” you scream…. “This isn’t possible!” you gasp… “How could that happen?” you moan while shaking your head in disbelief…

It happened. I suck. Just wait until you read what I’m about to tell you…

Swimsuit Winner = New York --- who looks all of 5 foot nothing --- and was the 3rd runner up at Miss Virginia twice before deciding to take a job in Manhattan, run for Miss Brooklyn and then she became Miss New York. Poor girl has a bunch of articles from NYC calling her a carpet-bagger (I googled her name). She is another brunette – and frankly, everyone who’s won swimsuit this year has been shall we say “petite” in form. Nobody over 5’7 --- which leaves me wondering what the judges have against tall girls!?!

Talent Winner = Vermont. Yes – I said VERMONT!!!!! For those of you who haven’t fallen out of your chair already, you should know that Vermont has never had a Miss America. Vermont has never had anyone finish in the Top 5. Vermont has never had anyone finish in the TOP 10! AND – VERMONT HAS NEVER HAD ANYONE WIN A PRELIMINARY AWARD IN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!! Let me say it another way…. Vermont is like an automatic “write off state” every year in my book because essentially my Grandma Doe could walk on the stage and become Miss Vermont! But not this year! NOooooooo --- This year, the girl sings a beautiful a capella rendition of God Bless America and it “Wows” the crowd so much that she wins the flippin’ preliminary award and ruins my record. I’m still bitter about it, but I’ll get over it. Ok. I’m better now. :)

So I’ve included photos of both for you --- including Miss Vermont walking out to receive her award. She looks so floored and overjoyed --- I decided to put together several photos of her reaction to make you smile. I’ve also included this year’s ballot for you to print and fill out should you choose to do so on your own. I’ll be sending you my picks tomorrow afternoon after watching the final episode of the Reality Series on TLC tonight and would love for you to “play along” by shooting your picks my way.

Closing comments… nope. I got nothing. Vermont won a stinking preliminary award and to borrow a phrase I heard on every broadcast from Washington earlier in the week… that means “The World Has Changed”. I need to evaluate my picks tonight and see if I can get in the judges heads… you’ll hear from me tomorrow afternoon!

Don’t forget has tons of photos of swimsuits and evening gowns… and didn’t I tell you the TLC videos from You Tube were funny????

Put your picks together!!!!!


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