Saturday, January 1, 2011

Picks for 2010 - Final Post Before the Big Event!

Oh - My - Goodness. It's here - it's finally here!!!!


Someone remind me again why I knowingly volunteered to emcee an event tonight... ? Maybe because I just wanted to avoid the conversation with the client... “I’m sorry... I’d love to host your event, really – I would! But you see, that night I’m going to be... Ummmm, well – it’s kind of a tradition that I always... How can I explain this... I’m going to be busy... watching Miss America...”

And that’s why I’m emceeing.

Actually – it should be a great time --- just a REALLY late night for me... It’s possible I won’t be home until midnight and will then turn on the TIVO (and NOT check twitter, facebook, texts or voicemail) to watch everything until 2am. I thought about just going to bed and watching it tomorrow morning... But I highly doubt that happens.

Also – I think I finally understand how the whole “people’s choice’ contestant thing is gonna work... I think the judges are going to pick 12 girls – then the next 3 highest vote getters from last night’s program will be in the top 15. This certainly makes a whole lot more sense than any other scenario I’ve thought through... But don’t quote me on it. I wish they would’ve explained it this way earlier --- then again, I may be totally wrong, so whatever!

That being said – i’m giving you a new Top 15 list and my final selections as well. Here we go!

New York
North Carolina

Yes – I’m going with North Carolina. That state ALWAYS sneaks up on me – and based on the amount of press she’s getting, I’m putting her on my list. She’s also got her real estate license which means she can ‘sell’ herself among other things. North Carolina has had 2 Top 5 finishes in the past 5 years... And I never see them coming. I’m hoping she doesn’t let me down tonight. :)

Now Top 5

And the Winner...

California has been on a roll recently as well... They made Top 10, 5 of the last 6 years and the year they didn’t...the girl won the preliminary talent award. I’m going with her to win the whole thing tonight.

Final Note – the reigning Miss America will be wearing something brand new tonight that she hasn’t worn all week --- Katie Stam became engaged to her boyfriend of 4 years Brian Irk last night, on stage at the Evening of Dreams gala. Pictures are at Robin Leach’s blog... So cute.... :)

And here’s the run-down for tonight’s show... It appears there’s another ‘new element’ that’s a big secret until the show actually takes place... Hmmmmm.... Straight from Robin Leach’s blog...

Here’s the running order of tomorrow night’s telecast: After the parade of all 53 contestants, Mario Lopez is introduced as host and makes his welcoming remarks and introduces the judges. At that point, look for a totally new and unexpected twist that will affect the entire show. TLC will have kept the startling, unknown segment, a secret from everybody. Immediately afterward, the 15 semifinalists will be announced, and 2009 Miss America Katie Stam is introduced for the final time, along with Outstanding Teen 2010 Jeanette Morelan.

Then come the four competition segments of Lifestyle & Fitness, Evening Wear, Talent and the onstage question that cut the candidates down to a final seven. Katie takes her final walk as Miss America, and the four runner-ups are announced. That will leave three contestants onstage, and one of them will then be crowned 2010 Miss America.

There you go! I’ll get everyone an update tomorrow afternoon in case you miss it... Or haven’t cared... :) I’ll also do my best to get a photo of the PURPLE gown I’ll be wearing tonight at the ball. And yes – I purposely left Puerto Rico OFF the top 15 list as I think she’s a total bimbo and guessing Rush Limbaugh gave her a 4 out of 10 in interview.

Until then – Thanks for making this a fun year for me.... We’ll see if California can pull it out or not... :) And Go Wildcats!!! (Sorry Nathan, Amy, Nicole and other friends of mine who have poor taste in collegiate athletic teams).



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