Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Prelim Results for 2010

Whooooo Hoooooo for stimulating information in your inbox! Lord knows there wasn't anything 'stimulating' on your televisions tonight! :) You gotta admit - Miss America updates are a whole lot more fun than people standing up and down clapping their hands off while we hear the same promises we heard this time last year. But I digress...

OK - so - today's email is about two things... How yesterday's prelims shaped up and what the thoughts are regarding tonight's competition! So let's get to it!

Winners from last night include...

Swimsuit = Puerto Rico
My first correct pick of the week! Seriously - this girl is totally gorgeous! I have no idea if she's got a brain in her head - but boy, she's a beauty!

Talent = Virginia
Another correct pick! Honestly - from the beginning I thought Virginia might win talent on such a poorly talented night. Virginia was the 4th runner up at the Miss Sweetheart pageant in 2006 (Remember - Miss Sweetheart is the National pageant for all the 1st runner ups from across the country... To figure out who's the winner of all the losers). All 4 years she competed in Virginia, she was in the Top 5. Quite a 'dark horse' to possibly win the whole thing.

Yay! So that means I'm starting out strong by going 2 for 2! Let's see how tonight's picks go...

Swimsuit: Kentucky, Oklahoma, New York, Arkansas
Kentucky is a gorgeous blonde, OK and NY are both ballet dancers and Arkansas is last in the whole group. This is kind of a crap-shoot... I’m not completely certain of today’s Swimsuit picks – we’ll see how it all comes together.

Talent: Florida, Ohio, Delaware, Minnesota
Originally, I had SEVEN different states listed and am truly conflicted about how to narrow it all down. Here’s telling you who’s NOT on my list – just so I can feel better about the whole thing! Texas – fabulous, but the first to perform... Really hard to win from that position. Iowa – she’s brilliant. A Harvard grad who’s in Med school now in Iowa – but I’m guessing her violin is going to be “classical” and the only “classical” things I’ve seen win talent are opera singers. California – she’s getting all kinds of photos... And is a ballet dancer... And I think if she makes the top 15, she could be in the top 5.

Now – here’s why I’ve chosen the 4 states I’ve chosen... Florida is the Irish Step Dancer... Ohio WON Miss Sweetheart in 2007, Delaware seems to have that ‘spunk’ and wants to be on Broadway and Minnesota was a Season 5 American Idol finalist. I’m gonna be annoyed if I miss this one – only because I’m putting so much effort into tonight’s talent pick. Time to Move On...

Otherwise – there are LOTS of photos at AND at (on Robin Leach’s blog, click on the right hand side of the photos to see MANY, MANY more!). Some of you have asked why I don’t do a blog about this... Let’s just say... A blog is much more ‘permanent’ and ‘public’ than these lovely emails that I hope get destroyed every year by a massive and collective pushing of the DELETE button. I trust each and every one of you with my own private obsession – no need to display it to the whole world :)

We’ll let you know how it all turns out... In fact, I’m headed to twitter right now to get the early scoop!

Thanks for your patience --- we’re one more day closer to seeing a new queen crowned right before our very eyes!!! :)


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