Saturday, January 1, 2011

2008 First Post I Could Find...

Hey Everyone!

Here we are... One week closer to a new Miss America!!! If you didn't get the chance to see the "Reality Show" on TLC last Friday - do yourselves a favor and make a date for tomorrow night! I'm telling you - it's worth it!

Here's a brief summary of what happened last week - all the girls live in the same house and did a couple of different contests, which in my personal, humble opinion, really don't matter at all.

What mattered, were the three "celebrity judges"... A stylist, a photographer and an editor of OK Magazine. Apparently, these three people, who know absolutely nothing about pageants, are in charge of finding the new Miss America. At the end of the show, they chose a "Top 3" and a "Bottom 3". Here's who they chose:

Top 3 = Pennsylvania, Utah and South Carolina
Bottom 3 = Vermont, Idaho and Oklahoma (and if you remember, the last 2 Miss America's have come from Oklahoma!!! I think they did it on purpose --- saying "This is no longer what we will crown". Geesh!)

They made these decisions based on the girls' ability to communicate and lead - as well as their fashion sense, hair and makeup. Those with big hair and makeup were in the bottom 3 (except for Vermont, who had little to no fashion sense whatsoever). As for the Top 3 - my money says both South Carolina and Utah will make the top 10, not sure yet about Pennsylvania.

However - the best part from last week --- are the promos for this week!!!

THEY'RE ACTUALLY GOING TO CUT HAIR!!!!! We're talking Total Makeovers for some - I'm sure a little less radical for others. Now - you may not think this is a big deal.. But as I told Jimmy - You can't hardly change your shampoo without your state director's permission!!! I can't believe some of them are going to come home with brand-new, "trendy" hair-cuts!!! Plus - I understand Miss Nebraska goes from a Blonde to a Brunette!!! Can you hear my laughter coming out of the computer??? This is really dramatic stuff for Miss America!!!

Which leads me to believe that the new Miss America will be more stylish, more charismatic and down-right "Hollywood". Don't count on Talent to save anyone - this is going to be decided by who looks good on camera and who can be "engaging" in a crowd of people. Look for the one that the other girl's are drawn to… that's likely going to be someone that "regular people" will be drawn to.

OH! I almost forgot! I found this link on Facebook --- it's an interview with Miss Utah on the CBS Morning Show. She has her "new hair" and lots of pictures from her former days in Afghanistan as an army medic…. Very Captivating!

Hope you get to see it - she's definitely got personality… just depends how the new "modern judges" want to look at the "war issue" in her life (because I'm guessing that Hollywood types aren't going to to think that any war is "cool" and cerntainly not very modern).

Otherwise - Here are the times that you can catch "Miss America Reality Check" on TLC:

Friday Night at 9pm central, 8pm mountain
Friday Night/Saturday morning at midnight central, 11pm mountain
Saturday Afternoon at 2pm central, 1pm mountain
Monday Night at 9pm central, 8pm mountain
Monday Night/Saturday morning at midnight central, 11pm mountain

I'm telling you - TIVO is a great thing! You won't want to miss this episode! They'll once again be choosing a top 3 and a bottom 3… and we'll get to see what the "New" Miss America is supposed to look like. :)

You can also visit and click on "get to know the contestants" to see home-videos of the girls… I'm looking for the most spontaneous one (or at least someone who can be spontaneous) rather than give the most "predictable, pageant girl" answers.

Whooooooo Hooooooooo! What a year it's going to be!!!!!!!!!

Love Y'All!


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