Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fourth Post of 2008


Can't believe we finally made it - and more importantly, I can't believe how stinking hard it's going to be for me to pick a winner this year!!! The whole "reality" thing is making me think twice - and it's no longer as easy as it used to be!

Just as a reminder - all of the girls have been divided into 3 groups (which I've attached to this email). You can see what order they're going to be competing in and who else is competing against them on their night. Everyone had their interview with the judges either yesterday or this morning… so they've all been "seen" and initial impressions have been made. Now it's up to the judges to reward those they liked in interview with additional points in talent and swimsuit :)

Here are my initial picks for tonight's winners:

Swimsuit = Tennessee, Illinois, California, Rhode Island (the gal with the great haircut and killer body, with no charisma)

Talent = South Carolina, New Mexico, Georgia, Ohio (all of these ladies are vocalists.. And none of them are "classical vocalist or opera singers. I think the judges are going to go for entertainment value on opening night, more than raw talent).

And for whatever reason - I can't find any photos of the girls "out and about" this week… other than their initial "arrival" photos which took place on THURSDAY of last week! Maybe they're all working hard on some fabulous choreography numbers to do during the show and there's no time to eat or get pictures of them anywhere in Vegas. If you've found some in your spare time - please let me know where!

I have also included some final "Michael Urie" photos of the girls after their makeovers in California - kind a interesting to see who sticks with their look and who will change it between these photos and now (I did see that Miss Kansas has cut her hair shorter - to more like a sleek bob - with not as much fluff).

So - that's it! We'll give you the results from tonight's preliminaries along with an entirely new set of picks tomorrow!!! Enjoy!!!


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