Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quality of LIfe Finalists...

Whew! Sorry I didn't get a post up yesterday - I was busy taking the final day I had (in good weather) to do some last minute shopping in Denver before heading to Vegas this week. I'm excited to say I've found some excellent bargains in shoes, handbags, jewelry and dresses (yes, I said dresses). In fact, I don't think I bought this many dresses since I was competing umpteen years ago (yes, there will be photos).

But I digress - It's time to 'catch up' on a few posts - so let's get this party started!

This post is about the Quality of Life Finalists for 2011. For those of you who are new to the whole Miss America Junkie posse --- The QoL award is given to the state who has "excelled in their commitment to enhance the Quality of Life for others through volunteerism and community service." In essence, every state has a 'cause' they personally choose to champion for their year as "Miss State". According to the Miss America website, the QoL winner is determined based on "depth of service, creativity in the project and the significant effects upon the lives of others." The photo is of this year's finalists - and their 'causes' include:

Miss Delaware Kayla Martell - Alopecia Areata Support & Awareness

Miss Florida Jaclyn Raulerson - Stop Bullying Now!

Miss Georgia Christina McCauley - "Let's Get it Straight" - Scoliosis Awareness

Miss Maryland Lindsay Staniszewski - Beyond Beauty: Building Self-Esteem and Positive Body Image in Girls

Miss Michigan Katie Lynn LaRoche - Bringing Awareness to Human Trafficking

Miss Minnesota Kathryn Knuttila - Inspiring America

Miss New Jersey Ashleigh Udalovas - Read to Succeed: Improving America's Future through Literacy

Miss Virginia Caitlin Uze - Uniquely You - Building Positive Self-Image

The Quality of Life finalists don't determine the Top 10 or who is likely to win on Saturday night --- but it does mean these girls have a great deal of actual substance to talk about during their personal interview with the judges. So - keep 'em in mind, but don't automatically go to the 'big dance' with one of these girls just yet! :)

More Posts to come! Have you been doing your research??? Everything you need is at one of these websites: (although, it's really slow)
Miss America Organization on Facebook (look under the VIDEO CONTEST tab!!! or just the regular wall has lots of videos and photos) (stands for 'Turn For the Judges' - look up individual states in the right year) (i've been following Abby Bollenbacher for a few years - she seems to share my level of obsession from Ohio)

OK - more pictures to come! Stay Tuned!!! :)


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