Saturday, January 1, 2011

Third post of 2010

Hello Again One and All!!!

I'm so glad I made time to check stuff out this weekend because the hours in my day simply don't leave much room for super-important research and reporting (or spell check as you can see from my last email). But I promise I will not stop until I give you the opinions and expert analysis you deserve from your favorite Miss America Junkie! :)

Knowing this - it's a good time to fill you in on a few things that have 'popped up' unexpectedly! I've got scoop on JUDGES!!! :)

First - for those of you who are my Miss America rookies... You need to know that Judges are the backbone to every winner. A different set of judges and you will usually find a different winner (not all the time - but especially at this level of competition). I still swear Shilah Phillips from Texas should've beat Lauryn Nelson from Oklahoma in 2007... Chris Matthews from CNN was judging that year so I blame him. Under a different set of judges - who knows what the outcome might've been.

So - without further adieu, here is your list of 2010 Miss America Judges:

From the Field of Beauty - Vivica A. Fox – Fox is an accomplished actress and producer that has appeared on both the small and big screens in every type of genre. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the NAACP Spirit Award, the NAACP Image Award and Prism Award, the Trumpet Award for Outstanding Career Achievements in Film, the Lady of Soul Lena Horne Career Achievement Award and an MTV Movie Award.  She was also named as one of People Magazine’s fifty most beautiful people.
From the Field of Community Service - Miss America 2002 Katie Harman – Since her year, Harman tours nationally and internationally as an acclaimed classical and operatic vocalist with a myriad of opera and musical theater companies, symphony orchestras, and special events.  An active cancer advocate, she serves on numerous boards of cancer organizations and hospitals and is the National Spokesperson for the Touched by Cancer Organization.  Additionally, her philanthropic efforts target women’s issues, homelessness, and arts education.

From the Field of Fitness - Shawn Johnson – Johnson is an 2008 Olympic gold medalist for gymnastics. She was named the 79th Amateur Athletic Union Sullivan Award recipient, one of the most prestigious honors in amateur sports and became the youngest ever contestant and season eight champion on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Johnson is also involved in programs that promote healthy nutrition and exercise and help build good character amongst youth across the country. 
From the Field of Talent – Dave Koz - Koz is a six-time Grammy nominee, multi platinum pop instrumentalist. Recently honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Koz hosts an afternoon radio show that’s nationally distributed on the Smooth Jazz Radio Network as well as the syndicated Dave Koz Radio Show, now in its 15th year and airing on weekends in approximately 120 markets. He has served for 17 years as global ambassador for the Starlight Children’s Foundation and is an ongoing member of the Board Of Governors for the Grammy® Foundation.
From the Field of Communications/Interview - Rush Limbaugh - Limbaugh is the outspoken, conservative and ultra-popular host of The Rush Limbaugh Show, an AM/FM radio show about American politics with an audience of 20 million. Limbaugh is involved in charities including the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation and the Leukemia Lymphoma Foundation. He is a best-selling author and was nominated in 2007 for the Nobel Peace Prize.
From the Field of Creating America’s Rising Talent – Brooke White – White is a singer and songwriter who is most known for her appearance as a finalist on season seven of American Idol. She recently released her debut album, High Hopes & Heartbreak, in which she shares with the world, her love for the music that has shaped her.

Now time for the scoop! Entertainer and Comedian Paul Rodriguez was originally chosen as a judge for this year’s contest... And for no reason that I can find yet – he isn’t a judge anymore! He arrived in Vegas, but had to ‘back out’ according to multiple reports (including Miss Indiana on twitter!). The other interesting note is the fact that only ONE of these people has ever judged a pageant before in their lifetime (the former Miss America)!

I was listening to a podcast last night from PageantCast Radio (see, there are people who are more obsessive about this stuff than I am!) and the judges chairman said the main thing he stresses all week long is the job description of Miss America. He said quote “we honestly don’t care who they choose... But whoever they choose has to fit the job description.” He then went on to say “Miss America has to be the face of the organization because some people will only see her from afar. She has to be the heart of the organization because some people will get to see her speak out on behalf of the Children’s Miracle Network, before Congress or to a classroom of children. And she has to be the talent of the organization – because some people will only see her perform. Whoever is chosen – HAS to reflect ALL THREE of those characteristics... Two out of three doesn’t count.” If you want to hear it - let me know (HA) I’ll send you the link :)

OK – so interviews started today and will finish tomorrow... And the COMPETITION BEGINS TOMORROW AS WELL!!! Oh – and I’ve found many more details regarding how the public will choose some of the finalists... But this email is already too long – so you’ll just have to wait :)

Photos are awesome – Robin Leach’s blog has lots of pics from go-kart racing last night... Miss New Hampshire was the big winner :)

Once the competition starts you’ll have a better ability to choose your top 15 (or 12).... Many, more pictures to come at that point!

OK – you guys are awesome --- it all begins tomorrow! I have butterflies in my tummy just thinking about it!

Until then – be practicing your pageant wave to the crowd... :)


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