Saturday, January 1, 2011

Play by Play of My Evening...

Whooooooooo Hooooooooooooo for the Final Night of Miss America Competition!!!! :)

I realize that you’re not waiting on a play by play of my evening last night - but it’s my obsession, so I'm going to go ahead and share...

4:45pm - getting ready for Glass Slipper Ball – my Fabulous Purple dress hangs in the doorway of bathroom
5:00pm - KSU/KU game starts - I'm not even trying to watch while I figure out what to do with my hair...
5:45pm – Ready for the event, I walk downstairs... River runs up to me and says he wants to marry me (aawwww!) :)
5:48pm - get in car drive to ball - rehearsing script (out loud) as I drive
6:30pm - arrive at ball, meet people, given new script (of course) and more rehearsing takes place
7:30pm - after receiving multiple text updates about game, I go looking for a bathroom... Only to stumble on to the hotel bar - with the game on TV
7:32pm - meet K-State grads in town for the weekend at the bar. We’re all fixated on the TV – they in their jeans and me in my gown
8:10pm - I begin to wonder if my table thinks I'm lost or am trapped in the bathroom. I don't care. I'm not leaving in the middle of overtime.
8:30pm - Heartbroken, I skulk back to my table... Strangely enough, multiple people are NOW complimenting my purple dress.
8:45pm - on stage... Introducing a dance troupe who ironically, is dancing to Liza Minelli’s “Ring Them Bells” (this is for Mom, Cathy and Grandma)
9:20pm – finally eat something. I can’t eat before I’m on stage
10:45pm – saying goodbyes and preparing the leave the event. Sponsor is thrilled --- tells me I’m hired for as long as they do this event. I once again refrain from having the conversation stated in earlier post :)
11:15pm - arrive home. Turn on Tivo'd Miss America with JL by my side :)
1:00am - Miss America 2010 is crowned (on my TV) :)
2:00am - in bed - tired , but not sleeping. The girl I chose finishes as 1st runner up and my team lost a heartbreaker in overtime. Being the bridesmaid in both areas is not how I anticipated the evening would end. :(
2:25am - Mental note... next time, be sure to buy 'lucky shoes' to wear with the Fabulous Purple dress. :)

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