Thursday, January 13, 2011

Preliminary Winners from Thursday Night!!!

We have WINNERS!!

All kinds of fun tonight! A wonderful opening number and the girls have it down pat after several days of performances! It's what i call a "Miss USA style Opening Number" - and is worthy of Network Television. I can't wait to see the final night live as well - I can only imagine the emotions and reactions of the girls who make Top 15 - and then Top 10 and finally, the Top 5. But I'm WAY ahead of myself!

Here are tonight's results!

Swimsuit = Oklahoma (an incorrect pick)... BIG SHOUT OUTS to my sister who spotted Oklahoma early on and stuck with her when I wasn't overly impressed. Oklahoma's daddy played NFL football and she originally wanted to be an Olympic swimmer when she grew up. When she hit the runway, it was like, 'BA BOOM!' She stunned the crowd when she came out because she's so long, tall and lovely. Oh, and she's blond! )

Talent = Nebraska (a correct pick!)... Get ready for Nebraska... this girl could win it all! She's only 17, but she's incredibly well spoken, super calm and has got it together! She wants to be a Supreme Court Justice one day - and she played the piano tonight without any background music. She's impressive! But she's 17. I've already gone on record with my family that she'll be the First Runner Up. We shall see...

So - Tomorrow is the "DSW Show us Your Shoes Parade" at Paris... and there's a press conference with all the Former Miss America's... and they'll announce the Quality of Life Winners. I'm looking forward to seeing the ladies in a little more 'casual mode' tomorrow instead of 'competition mode'. Plus - c'mon... Who doesn't love a parade of SHOES???

Now don't forget --- it's now time to put together your list of contestants! Top 15, Top 10 and Top 5 --- I'll post an official form tomorrow (but you don't have to print out the form - just email me a top 15, 10 and 5). And just as a reminder... I'm giving away a Vera Wang Princess perfume set to the person who gets the most points this year --- I may also include a few items of 'sparkle' straight from Vegas as well!

Again - really excited to be here!

Wish you were here!!!


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