Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 5 from 2009

Hey Gang!

Welcome to another email from yours truly – providing all the up to the minute information about Miss America Week! We had another set of winners last night… so without further adieu…. Let’s just get down to it!

Swimsuit Winner = Mississippi (whooo hoooo for a correct pick!)
Talent Winner = Georgia (whooo hoooo for another correct pick!)

Here’s what I love about both these girls… Mississippi was the FIRST girl in her group last night – which means she stunned the judges and they didn’t like anything else better! And Georgia – over the last 4 years, has produced 2 Top Ten finalists and 2 Top Five finalists. Talk about a strong program!

One more piece of information for you… all of our preliminary winners thus far have been BRUNETTES!!! Not a blonde in the group! Now, who knows if that’ll hold true tonight – but I find it interesting to say the least. Of course, I’ve provided a few photos for you – but seriously, I’m not going through and cutting & pasting all of those swimsuits again when Abby Bollenbacher has done it for me… check out her blog if you wanna take a serious look at your potential favorites. She also has all the evening gowns as well… and apparently white lace that looks like a tablecloth is very “in”. Not my personal favorite, but nobody asked me. You can also click on the upper right hand side for additional links to photos. And I know I continue to harp on this… but has these hilarious videos from UTube – after you put the kids to bed tonight, set aside 45 minutes to an hour just to play around here. It’s totally worth it J

Ok – so moving on to tonight… Last night was “Top Talent Night” in my book --- and since they chose a piano player on night one, and a vocalist on night two – I’m going with the thought of a dancer tonight (although the flute may pull it out). Considering there’s 8 DANCERS tonight, I’m really just playing the odds (Welcome to Vegas). Regarding Swimsuit – I think they give it to another brunette tonight J However, in the interest in complete disclosure, there’s only 3 blondes and 2 red-heads competing, so my odds are pretty good here too (I would sound so much more impressive it I didn’t share all my secrets with you!) Here’s my picks!

Swimsuit = Alabama, Virginia, Kentucky, Washington
Talent = California, Minnesota, South Carolina, Arkansas

If I pick both of these competitions correctly, I’ll be 5 for 6 this year…. Which was my original goal and would be the best finish I’ve had since my neurosis began! If I miss one, then I’ll finish 4 for 6 and tie last year’s finish --- missing them both would mean I have lost my touch and you should stop reading these immediately. Perhaps even start your own crazy email cult following… because anybody with a brain in their head can go 3 for 6. (lol) – ok, sorry, that may have been a bit harsh

Now – after tonight, we won’t have any further preliminary competitions… it’s down to the real thing! That means come Friday afternoon – maybe Saturday morning, I’m going to send you my picks for the Top 15, Top 5 and Winner. I’ll also be sending you a ballot tomorrow so you can fill out your own picks – and can email them to me if you wish. I always love seeing everyone’s picks --- it’s kinda like we’re all sitting at a Miss America party in the living room together!

It’s still anyone’s game to win right now… We’ll see after tonight’s picks who’s going to be happy on Saturday night and who’s going to be eating donuts during the commercial breaks :)

Love to all –

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