Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And the Tuesday Winners Are...

YAY FOR TUESDAY WINNERS!!!! I hardly ever sleep the night after the first round of Preliminary Winners - because I'm SO EXCITED to see who our Winners are on Wednesday morning!!! I can just imagine how the girls feel - as they FINALLY got the chance to be on stage after hours and hours of rehearsals and events in Vegas over the past week!

So - no more waiting... Let's get to it!

Tuesday Winners Include: Miss Hawaii in Swimsuit (a correct pick!)

What a Body! Miss Hawaii was named Hawaii's Outstanding Teen in 2005 (I keep telling you I'm going to get to the whole 'Outstanding Teen' thing for those of you who don't know what that means... PROMISE I'll get a post up about that TODAY!) and looks very grown-up now! Yay for Correct Pick #1!!!

And For Talent - our Winner is... Miss North Carolina (an incorrect pick) But check out this video from Miss North Carolina's Rehearsal... SUPER, SUPER CUTE!!!

I have this 'Love-Hate' relationship with North Carolina... I've had year after year where I never see them coming and all of a sudden, they make the Top 5 and I didn't even realize the girl was on stage! Then, I remind myself of my poor record when it comes to the lovely ladies from NC, and I choose them on purpose so I'm not left in the cold. That's usually the year when they don't make the Top 15 at all!?! However - This year, this girl is DEFINITELY in my Top 15! Freaking Adorable!

Here's a photo of the 2 of them together - after receiving their awards!

If you're bored today and want to check out some of your potential picks... go to this YouTube Link and you can see several of the contestants talent rehearsals. Remember, Talent counts for 35% of each contestants preliminary score... and this is just about the best use of YouTube I could ever imagine! :)

Tuesday Talent Rehearsals

Alright! My next task is to pick Preliminary Winners for tonight --- which won't be easy, because I'm already 50/50! Need to bring my average up quickly in case we have another 'Vermont Episode' in the near future (please see post from Day 6 2009 for further explanation of the 'Vermont Episode').

OH! And Miss America was over-loaded with people trying to stream the preliminaries last night... last word was, they said they'd record it and put it back up for people to view at their convenience, rather than trying to watch it live. We'll see how it all goes tonight...

Finally - BIG THANKS to all of you who tell me you're "Following" this blog, but don't quite know how to officially "Follow" me. :) If you'd like to 'follow', go to the very top Left Hand side of the page and click 'follow'... then follow the instructions. You may have to become a subscriber of "Blogger" - but let me assure you, seeing my Neurosis this Up-Close-And-Personal, is Totally Worth It!! :)

Stay Tuned for my next set of picks!!! And don't forget to start making your own lists for the Big Night on SATURDAY!!!


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