Saturday, January 1, 2011

Final Prelim Results for 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Here we are – the Preliminaries are complete, 6 winners have been selected… and TONIGHT starts the official Countdown to the Crown!!! If you can’t watch tonight’s TLC Special called “Behind the Curtain” then be sure to Tivo it – or kick the kids out of the house early on Saturday night so you can watch the 1 hour special PRIOR to the big show. If memory serves me – the official pageant starts at 6:00pm Mountain, 7pm Central and I have no clue what they’re doing on the West Coast (sorry SanFran Amy). Therefore, the pre-show is an hour AHEAD of the time I listed above. I know, I know… The K-State/KU Basketball game starts at like 5 Mountain… so I understand completely if you watch the ballgame and then watch the RE-BROADCAST of Miss America starting at 8pm Mountain, 9pm Central. Usually I watch the first broadcast – then I watch the whole thing again… but I understand the splitting of priorities :)

That all being said – let’s get to the results of last night’s competition!

Thursday Swimsuit Winner = Miss Oregon
A drop dead beautiful body on this gal… she wasn’t on my radar because she’s a bit short and hasn’t been getting very many photos. For the record – sometimes the swimsuit winner is given to the woman who looks the best in swimsuit… but sometimes, it’s also given to the girl who was absolutely amazing in interview. The trick is to know which is which… In this case, I would venture to bet Miss Oregon gave a good interview – but I can’t promise you that’s the case. I didn’t pick her… bummer.

Thursday Talent Winner = Miss Michigan
Now this one is tricky. I really like Michigan… she was one of my first thoughts for Top 10 – she’s very articulate, tall, beautiful and she’s not a ‘pageant girl’ (meaning she had never been to Miss Michigan before and won it on her first time). Her platform issue is also very interesting… Families Facing Substance Abuse… she’s working on her MBA and wants to be in Sports Marketing. So I was drawn to her – but she won talent last night with a LYRICAL DANCE!!! Not ballet, not a perky tap routine or clogging… but a regular, lyrical dance! No offense to the dancers in my audience, but let me break this down for you… usually – when a girl’s talent is ‘Lyrical Dance’ that’s code for “I’m brilliant, I’m beautiful, I have a great body, but I have no talent so I’m dancing”. SERIOUSLY! I have NO IDEA when the last time was a girl won Talent on a lyrical dance! This isn’t QUITE as bad as Vermont winning talent last year – but it ranks right up there!

Some may say I’m just cranky that I went 3 for 3 again this year. You might be right. Very disappointing. However – I’m not giving in and I’m not giving up. It’s the end result that counts.

OK – So here’s how this will work… I’ll send you my Top 15 list before 5pm (if you’re playing along at home, please do the same). Normally, we’d also make you choose your Top 10 and Top 5, but because this is all a little weird (I’m still not sure I understand how the whole selection will work) – let’s do this. Send me your Top 15. That’s all – Then after tonight’s show and we learn a little more about how this will work, you can send me your Top 10 and Top 5 – and of course, don’t forget to send me the WINNER!!!

So just top 15 today by 5pm Mountain… I’ve included the contestant groups to help you as well – remember, each group will have 4 girls nominated from it… so you might want to split your picks fairly evenly amongst the groups :)

I’ll get you my picks --- if they aren’t to you all by 5pm mountain, it’s because my sales meeting ran long and I promise I’ll send them asap :)

So EXCITED!!!! Can’t Wait!!!! And do you realize only ONE BLONDE was a preliminary winner????



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